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The Blogger’s Lifestyle

 Making a positive impact in life’s journey

Welcome to the Blogger’s Lifestyle where we are talking, experiencing and growing in all that this lifestyle has to offer. Have you ever thought of starting a blog as a hobby or to keep in touch with friends? Maybe you have dared to dream that you could turn your blog into a full-time job, then this is the place for you.  Starting a blog can be a life changing decision.

Our aim is to encourage and motivate you to reach your potential in the context of a balanced lifestyle. Setting goals and finding the courage to make action plans to achieve them. To keep inspired, to dream and be excited about the future.


Let this be the kick-start to make your lifestyle dreams become reality.

Lifestyle building is a combination of body, mind, and spirit, in tune and optimized to reach our God-given potential.


Having purpose and making choices

The Blogger’s Lifestyle is not limited by age. The lifestyle is equally suitable for the young writer with a vision to meet a need or provide a service to their peers as it is the avenue of a fulfilling hobby or a full or part-time job that provides for the pre or post-retiree. Young or older we all need a purpose in life, a reason to get up in the morning. Each of us has an inherent desire to feel fulfilled, energetic, loved and appreciated.

To be a successful blogger takes more than the ability to write. Whatever your goal is for your lifestyle, be it blogging or some other dream that you have, these three practical issues will impact your life’s success, either positively or negatively.


For a Successful Blogger’s Lifestyle – Gain Knowledge

One – is the necessity to gain knowledge, understanding, and education in your chosen field. You will find encouragement on this site to inspire you. For bloggers, there is a growing amount of resources available. Start by looking under the Blog Helps tab.


For a Successful Blogger’s Lifestyle – Take Control of Your Finances

Don't miss this one essential for successTwo – Whatever your ambitions are, if you do not have your personal finances in control they will forever hinder you. Debt is a strangler, it suffocates your dreams, your relationships and drags you down. Many have started blogs with intentional purpose and ambition, only to find that their personal financial state has brought them undone. Read more about blogging and finances Don’t Miss this One Essential for Success.



For a Successful Blogger’s Lifestyle – Look After Your Health

Three – Is to look after your health. It is paramount to your lifestyle to have the best health that you can. To preserve the degree of health you have, and where possible increase your well-being. Look into lifestyle factors that may need attention. There is a lot of new research putting light on the diet that we did not previously know. For some making a few adjustments to a diet can make a tremendous impact on they way they feel and cope.

By nature, blogging is a sedentary occupation,  pay careful attention to avoid sitting disease. Sitting disease has far-reaching consequences that require our constant attention to avoid it. You will find valuable information here How Blogging Relates to Our Health.

By all means listen to advice, but don’t rely on others to know what is best for you. That leaves the responsibility for your best lifestyle choices up to you.


Living in the present

An important aspect of living with purpose is to practice living in the present.

This very much applies to the blogger’s lifestyle. Success takes time, don’t get discouraged by comparing yourself or your blog to well-established blogs.

So often we can find ourselves looking forward to an ideal set of circumstances, and then we will be happy. While it is good to have long-term goals, the discerning person will be living in the now making the most of this day, this minute. Having a positive view of the phase of life that you are in right now. Hardships are never really pleasant but we all face them, without them we would never grow and mature.

The same principals apply to developing your blog, if something does not work – there is your message to adjust and grow.

Make the choice to be happy now. Yes, things are not perfect now, and the hope is that they will get better. But if you wait until things are better, it is so easy to then want them even better, and so it goes on. Be thankful for how far you have come and make a choice to be happy in it as you move forward.

The blogger’s lifestyle requires a constant check on how far you have come. Be happy and thankful for your progress while moving forward toward your goals.


Allowing yourself to dream and set goals and to be excited about the future

With an attitude of thankfulness, it is healthy to dream, imagine and set goals and to be excited about the future. Nobody invented anything without first imagining it, so allow yourself to dream.

If you are dreaming about the Blogger’s Lifestyle, don’t be afraid, make a plan and put it into action. See the 5 Styles of Blogging to gain some inspiration of where you might like to aim for.

Topics Included in The Blogger’s Lifestyle

We have a section with some great Blogging helps. They are suitable for anyone wanting to learn about the Blogger’s Lifestyle or helps for new and established blogs.

How to start a blog step by step

-is a quick and easy tutorial where you can work along as we take each step one at a time.

You will see topics on general health issues and wise food choices. Not everyone needs to avoid gluten, we do, check the growing list of delicious Gluten Free recipes. We encourage exercise, general mental health and motivation. Budget tips to control your finances and book reviews to inspire you. All of these subjects relate to a blogger who has a healthy outlook and is aiming to live a balanced life.

Use the comment forms under all posts, you can use them to ask questions or make constructive comments. At the very bottom of the page, is a Contact form to send us an email.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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If you are considering starting a blog or you need help along the way, we are only too happy to share with you.


The content of this website is information and opinions and does not constitute professional advice. You will see advertisements on these pages and in some cases, we may acquire small commissions when the ads are clicked on or when certain products are bought. These commissions aid us in the cost of running this site. Any product reviews are on products that we personally use and would recommend.




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