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There is a plugin for just about everything. The trouble is there are so many and I just don’t know they are there. This is why I love reviews of plugins to make me aware of them and what they can do for me. 10 plugin reviews for you.10 Plugins to RockYour Blog

Here are 10 plugin reviews that I have tested and find very profitable to use.

They are in alphabetical order, not by preference. But I am going to start with one that is out of order. It is a tip-off from a post shared from Coach Debbie Runs.

This is a quote from her post.

“Check your sharing tools. If your twitter share app does not include your handle, stop reading right now and go fix it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. This is so important, yet I find that so many bloggers have not done this simple thing. Simply go to the settings of whichever plugin you use, and fill in the space where it says “Twitter User Name.” So simple I’ll bet you’re wondering why you didn’t do this before.”

I read a lot of posts, and I love to promote them on Twitter. After Debbie had made me aware that the blogger’s Twitter handle was often absent, I started taking notice. I would guess that at least 50-60% of sites have not set up all of their social media Twitter apps with their personal handle. Lots of them will have the app owners handle, and not the post owners handle. So often readers could be tweeting your posts, and you don’t know and can’t respond to them because you are not notified.


I have just re-installed   Shareaholic,  previously it would not work on my site as it would disrupt external links. Since the plugin has been updated it now works.   Here is where to change the settings. Go to App Manager. Then down a little you will see Edit Share Button Settings. Click on that, then on the top line you will see  @shareaholic  delete that and replace it with your Twitter handle.

Ads by datafeedr.com  (free)

I love this plugin for ads. I use this for advertising my popular posts. I can have as many ads for my posts as I like and then designate how many ads to show at a time. For example, if I want to show three at a time the rest that I have made will then rotate randomly every time a page is loaded. This plugin has many applications to use in sidebars or posts. You can see mine in action on the left sidebar.

Not having these next two, shouts ‘I am a newbie’

You may have been working hard on your content and working towards a goal of generating some revenue or establishing a following. Without these next two issues being attended to, instantly, you can give the reader a feeling that you are a newbie. Their absence can take away from your professionalism, your image and authority as a blogger.

 All in one Favicon  (free)

A favicon is a little symbol that is at the start of your page title in the browser.  You can see mine above is a little group of building blocks.  It is immediately recognizable as my page.  If you have six different sites open in your browser, you will recognize right away which page is mine because of the favicon.  Here is a tutorial how to make a Favicon for WordPress.  Some themes have a place under Customize Global settings to install the favicon, so you won’t need a plugin to do it.

Weekly Tips

 Avatar  (free)

This is the profile photo that comes up when you go to social media sites or when you make comments.  An ID photo gives you a avatar 10 plugin reviewslook of authority and helps spread your Internet presence.  Going around the internet with a generic avatar does not make you look like a professional. There are plugins that allow you to customize your avatar for different uses.

Or the more common is to use Gravatar or Globally Recognized Avatar.  The same profile photo follows you around, and it saves a lot of time and effort once it is set up.  Also, if you want to change your profile photo, you only have to make one change, and it changes them all.  Go to the link for more help and information.

Anti-spam by CleanTalk  (paid)

blackA Baddie
Don’t let the Baddies in

I cannot talk highly enough about this plugin, it is awesome. I had so many spam problems when I first started out, it took loads of time and stress deleting them each day, I almost dreaded going to my site. If you enjoy the blogging lifestyle, spam can ruin it.

I tried a couple of plugins that helped but did not catch all of the spam. I started to use CleanTalk, and it was like a miracle, all of the spam just disappeared. No more spam signups, comments, contacts, ping-backs they are all gone. I don’t like to pay for anything but after the initial spam problems I had I tried their 14-day free trial. The relief to be spam free was so great that I paid the $16 per year and that covers my three websites. Another advantage is that I do not have to moderate comments on my site. There is no need to use those frustrating captchas.  Make it easy for your readers to comment.

I did give Anti-spam Clean Talk a 5-star rating, and they gave me another six months free on top of the year I paid for.

Click To Tweet  (free)

How good is this Click to Tweet!  So easy to use. So convenient for you or your readers to Tweet and they don’t have to leave your site. It gives you some control over what others tweet about your posts.

Better Click To Tweet (free)

I am now using this Better Click to Tweet – it uses a darker print and the tweet within your post stands out more.

10 plugin reviews to rock your blog. Reading reviews takes the pain out of looking for plugins Click To Tweet

CommentLuv Premium (free or paid)

I tried many comment plugins, and I was not happy with them. I researched reviews, and the one that came up more often was CommentLuv. I installed this, and it was a dream. It is good for you and good for the commenters. It gives them and you a link withIs Blog Commenting valuable your comments. It is a nice habit after someone has made a comment to go and visit their site. CommentLuv makes this so easy as it attaches a link to their last post. I did not realize for some time that when I wrote replies, the commenter was not notified of my reply. I was just talking to myself.

I tried a plugin that gave notifications; it did help. However, I contacted CommentLuv about their plugin not giving notification of replies and found that I would have to buy the Premium version to get the extra benefits that CommentLuv Premium offers. I said thanks but no thanks. They asked me what I would pay for it. Due to having a very limited budget, without even looking at their actual price I offered what was around one-third of the price. They accepted my offer, so now I use the Premium and I do love it, I have never had a problem. See the post Is Blog Commenting Valuable?

EZ InLinkz linkup  (free)

If you host or co-host wp parties, this plugin is like gold.

Yoast SEO  (free)

What in the world would I do without this plugin? It takes so much stress out of writing an SEO (search engine optimized) friendly post. When your post is written, this plugin will let you know how you have done in making your post SEO friendly. It will then tell you what to do to make it better. I won’t write more on this plugin, so much has already been written. Just go and check it out, if you are serious about promoting your content you can’t live without it. There is so much information that they give you to help you with SEO, and most of it is free. It also takes care of your XML Sitemaps for search engines.

To check out these 10 plugin reviews further, go to your add new plugins page and copy the name of the plugin from this page and paste it into your add plugin page,  you can then read more about their range of helps to make your blog rock.

What plugins do you like?

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