31 day Blog Challenge – Now Free

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– Helping each other up to the next level of a better blog

– take the 31 day Blog Challenge

Challenge - 31 day Blog Challenge - Now Free

31 day Blog Challenge – Now Free

The awesome opportunity – from the ProBlogger, Darren Rowse –

31 Days to Build a Better Blog  from ProBlogger

Over 125,000 downloads of episodes in the first month

The 31 day Blog Challenge has been around for some time, but it only really came to my attention after I decided to go to the ProBlogger Training Event. Darren turned this series into 31 awesome FREE podcasts leading up to the event.

I started doing the 31 day Blog Challenge before the event, and I was hoping to keep it up doing one a day. Reality soon set in as I realized that to get the most out of this exercise, I needed to slow down. I have now set the goal to do three podcasts a week.

Each Podcast is only around 20 minutes duration and is full of very valuable information for us as bloggers wanting to take our blogs to the next level. There is a set exercise to do with each podcast that will improve our blog or improve writing or communication with our readers.

Here is an example: Podcast for day 2

Today your challenge is to create a ‘list post’ for your blog

The podcast covers – 8 reasons why List Posts work.

A warning.

3 types of list posts.

Examples of List Posts.

Here is my example of writing a List Post Social Media |All the Helps are Here

The Podcasts will also inform you of any tools that may be of help for your blogging.  In this particular Podcast, Buzz Sumo is checked out.

The Blog writing challenges are very good to expand our idea of what a blog post may look like.

Another example is from day 28

How to Write a Review Post

This Podcast discusses things like –

Why writing reviews can grow your blog.

How to choose what to review.

How to write a review so that it is useful and interesting.

6 questions every review should answer.

How to increase the lifespan of your review posts.


This is an opportunity to take our blogs to the next level.  An added bonus is that all of this is FREE, as of last month.  Join our Facebook group for support.

Your link to all of the Podcasts, see how it would be of benefit to you.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog  from ProBlogger

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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