5 Blogger Styles - Where do you fit?

5 Blogger Styles – Where do you fit? 22

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5 Blogger Styles – Where do you fit?

You write a new post and publish it – it joins another 60 trillion plus pages on the world wide web.
That is what bloggers do every day. What are the 5 Blogger styles?

This post is general observations about the different types or styles of bloggers. I don’t mean the niche they write about, but a description and appreciation of what gives them their blogging drive and direction.

Finding where you fit will help you define your goals as a blogger as you take your blog forward. It will also give you a better understanding of where other bloggers are coming from.5 Blogger Styles - Where do you fit?

5 Blogger Styles

Five groups are described.  The reader will probably identify themselves with one group more than the others. You may start in a certain style and as you learn more and define your strengths, you may direct your goals at one of the other styles.

Can you identify your style?

      1. Small group of friends

They are content with the friends and readers that they have. They feel no need for a wider reach. They love to express themselves through their writings that are often personal. They don’t need to have ads on pages.

     2. Social and Relational

This large group of Bloggers are a little more ambitious; they put importance on relationships. Most don’t care if search engines find them or not. They promote their pages through various social networks. They give and take, they love interaction. It is a nice comfortable group to be around. They like getting lots of comments and enjoy being popular.  Some will use advertisements and affiliation to generate income. Many are time poor and can only blog part time.

  3. Large Blog and Social   Followings

Blog Like 5 Blogger Styles - Where do you fit?

5 Blogger Styles – Where do you fit?

The next group of bloggers has a desire to be very social and to make income from their blog. The ones that make it have large followings on social media and extensive numbers of blog subscribers.  They are smart and quite determined bloggers who meet a need in their followers. They keep an eye on their Alexa Ranking to gauge their popularity. They don’t bother very much with optimizing their sites for search engines. For the time being they are doing well without them, but this may change as time passes and ambition grows.

4. Ambitious and Technical

Blog dollarThey are immensely ambitious, technical bloggers.  They write long and valuable posts in their areas of expertise. They are smart and know how to market themselves. This group put a lot of emphasis on search engine optimization; they also have a technical approach to social networks. Many have huge 6 or 7 figure blogging incomes.

5.  A Combination of Groups 3 and 4

These bloggers have some of the characteristics of groups 3 and 4. They meet needs. They are social. They are smart and know marketing. They use SEO and keep a close watch on Analytics in order to learn from them. An example of a group 5 blogger who most of us know would be Darren Rowse, from ProBlogger. He is clever, a giver, a teacher, he appreciates others. As a very smart marketer, he makes an  enviable living from blogging.

The style of blogger you are will determine the characteristics that you depend on to grow and develop your blog. Click To Tweet

As individual bloggers, with some variations, our style and goals will roughly fall into one of these five groups. Of course, for each group, there will be bloggers at various stages.  You may aspire to group 5, that does not mean that right now you have a lot of income. You may have very little income and still have a bloggers drive and direction to group 5.

I would hope that seeing and understanding the different blogging styles will assist us to respect and accept those who have a different motive and method of blogging than we do.  

I read a lot of blog posts, and I read the comments on them. Writings that appear to be non-acceptance of other bloggers styles, make me think that the writer has not had the opportunity to consider the big picture and variations in our blogging family.

For example, some will say the only thing that matters is relationships. Or having lots of traffic is useless if we don’t have interaction with them.

These are well-meaning comments, and I am sure that they do not wish to cause others to feel bad if they have another view. Personally, I don’t know any blogger who does not love and appreciate the friendships they make while blogging.

When you think about it, relationships are not the only attribute worth having.  Example: Over the last couple of weeks I had a 5 Blogger Styles - Where do you fit? Charthuge increase in my traffic. One recipe alone received 1600 hits; that is more than usual for me. I have had traffic spikes like this before; they don’t last, but I am not complaining. Most of this traffic I would class as low quality, in that it was mostly hit and run. No comments and no relationships were formed. It made my Google graph look incredible. But because of the hit and run nature of the traffic my Alexa ranking temporarily deteriorated.

Did this traffic spike have any real value?

I need some income from my blog to be able to keep blogging. What that traffic did for me was to increase my Adsense income by about 400% for those weeks. That was a good thing, the hit and run traffic can come whenever they want. Hopefully, it will not be my only type of traffic.

Another area where I see some intolerance is the distraction of ads on a page. I am an offender all down the left side of my pages. Many bloggers need to have ads or affiliate links on their pages, either to survive or to make a full living.  These income earning aids need to be displayed and used in a tasteful way. Readers won’t stick around if it becomes offensive to them.  I have got to admit that the blogs without ads, look awesome.

The style of blogger you are will determine the characteristics that you depend on to grow and develop your blog.

5 Blogger Styles – Where do you fit?  Seeing the big picture will help you define your goals and to work toward your strengths. If you see yourself in one group but you are inspired to be in another group, don’t just think about it and hope it happens.  Write down a goal path from where you are now to where you would see yourself in the future. As you move forward check and update this pathway.

Seeing the big picture can also encourage us to support and to have more understanding of each others style of blogging.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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