5 Weak Words to Avoid Infographic [Editor]

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My aim as an editor is to enhance your reader’s experience. Below is a helpful infographic of 5 weak words to avoid. That is a start to making a good text read well.  Also, an editor goes further in developing statements and sentences to give a greater impact to the reader.  The result is a robust text that invokes confidence and credibility.

5 Weak Words to Avoid Infographic [Editor]


5 Weak Words to Avoid Infographic

Here are some of the weak words your editor will notice and depending on the context may suggest that you change to more powerful words.


5 Weak Words to Avoid & What to Use Instead (Infographic)
Source: www.grammarcheck.net

Extra tips

A reader who is left questioning what they have just read has the flow and continuity of the passage interrupted. Comprehension is impaired.  Any further text that they stumble over would most likely result in the reader abandoning the book or article completely.

KA Editing

For this reason, KA Editing includes in the pricing of editing and proofreading, a qualified writer as an independent reader to read your text and report any sections that lack clarity.  This is priceless!

You put a lot of effort into your e-book for it to perform to expectations. Therefore it is imperative that the text does not leave the reader frustrated. You want to engage their emotions and senses as they read and have their imagination stimulated.

Hence, whatever subject you write on, it has to fulfill the reader’s original anticipation for acquiring your book. You have done your job well when a reader finishes the text with a feeling of satisfaction yet wanting to read more.

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Don’t Over Promise

There is a fine line when it comes to the cover design, book promotion, and reality.

Book promotions that over-promise and under- deliver on the content leave the reader disappointed. Disappointment leads to distrust, so the next time you present a book, the consumer will shy away.  Building trust with your audience is a necessity.

We have all experienced the post title that promises the key to blogging heaven or some e-book or free download that does not deliver and leaves us dissatisfied.

I recently experienced this.  I went to a design site offering the most wonderful free downloads. All of the download descriptions sent my expectations sky high. I wanted nearly all of them. I downloaded three and when I opened them it was so disappointing. They had very little content and a lot of advertising on the stated subjects.

So strive to find the balance between exciting your reader and delivering the material they are expecting.

As the old saying goes “under promise and over deliver.”

You have started strong, don’t let weak words and sub-standard text ruin your success.


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