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Why you need Alexa Free Traffic Rank Tool

It takes about 10 seconds to put this tool in your Browser. I will show you how, below. Some of you are not into the technical side of blogging, you just love the social interaction and gleaning information. However, it is interesting to see how you are doing, this is not technical or time-consuming. Check that your blog is steadily gaining popularity. Or see how your blog compares with another similar blog? Alexa free traffic rank tool is useful for you.

Why you need Alexa Free Traffic Rank Tool


It is fun to watch your rank improve, apart from that here are some practical uses.

Practical uses for the Alexa free traffic rank tool

1. Being careful with a tight budget

Blogging has many wonderful aspects to it and it is amazing the skills you acquire learning to manage your web sites. There are valuable courses and ebooks that ease the learning curve.

How can the Alexa free traffic rank tool help us choose which helps to buy?

Example: Consider purchasing an e-book or paying for a course that promises to teach how to increase followers or readers. You will be looking for instruction from someone who has found success in this area.
It is very quick and simple to check their website to see the amount of traffic that they are getting.
With a hover of the mouse, the Alexa rank tool will inform you of how popular a website is. With just one click you can see more information. This information will show you if the teaching site is as popular as yours or not.  How can they teach you to get followers and readers when they don’t have many? I continue to learn some awesome things from newbies. However, my budget is too tight to spend money on a course when the evidence to support their claims is not there.

2. Guest posting and the free Alexa tool

Doing a guest post can be fun, especially if it is on a friend’s site or doing a post exchange that helps add variety for your reader. However, if you want to do a guest post to increase the range of your reader audience, it is wise to choose a website that gets visitors to it. Writing and polishing a post is too much work to publish on a site that few people go to. It takes a few seconds to check that with the Alexa free traffic rank tool.  I took the plunge and submitted a post to a website with a very cool Alexa rank of around 100,000 and with over 1 million subscribers. It was well worth the effort. Take a look Getting the Best Price when Selling your Home,

3. Doing a survey post

Survey posts are interesting. Example: Making a survey study of well-established bloggers who have large followings. Alexa will confirm for you a website’s popularity. Then be confident that you are addressing your questions to the right bloggers. The Alexa tool saves time and effort in finding this information.

4. Check any website

Checking other websites out of curiosity or finding sites you would like to do business with. The Alexa tool makes your choice easy. Another sign that a website is healthy is to see the number of other sites linking in. The free tool can tell you that number also.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Reading the traffic numbers – to have a low number is GOOD. High numbers are POOR.

As a modest aim, look for figures below 1 million.

A site with a ranking of 2 or 3 million and above, probably does not have many regular readers.

The lower the number of your Alexa ranking the more popular your site is. If the Alexa ranking is 850,000 – that means for all the multi-millions of websites in the world there are only 849,000 more popular than yours. It seems that having a ranking under 100,000 is kind of cool and more accurate data is available.

Alexa LWSL Alexa free tool

An example of a popular site. This shows the information you can find from your browser. It shows – World ranking of 100,000. Country of origin ranking 27,690. The number of sites that link into this site is 921. How slow or fast the site opens. Click on this information bar and it will take you to the Alexa website for more information.
Get your Brower add-on – in a few seconds
Go to the link, scroll nearly to the bottom of the page, click on Get the Extension.
That is all there is to it.  Take a look around, put yours or another website URL in and see what info is available.

The Alexa Free Traffic Rank Tool keeps you informed without you having to get technical!

I like that. How about you?

Do your numbers encourage you, or is there a need for a little more work?

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