Best FlatBread [Low Carb]

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I have experimented many times with this recipe, best flatbread [low carb] it keeps getting better and we love all the different ways to benefit from its versatility.


Flat Bread Low carb Burger

Best FlatBread [Low Carb]

When I first started my very low carb diet, I thought I could not get by without bread. Now this recipe is so easy to make and it satisfies my need to have other bread.

Best FlatBread [Low Carb] Ingredients

The recipe will make 16 pieces of flatbread, depending on the size you require.

6 eggs separated

Pinch of salt

250 g of cream cheese or coconut cream – at room temperature. I find coconut cream easier to work with.

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

3 tablespoons of flax seeds (Ground) Do not cook over 300 F or the oil will spoil,

1 rounded tablespoon of psyllium husks

1 rounded teaspoon of baking powder

1/2 to 1 cup of water

Best FlatBread [Low Carb] Method

Place cooking paper on a large tray and grease it with coconut oil.

  1.  Mix the cream cheese, egg yolks, baking powder and psyllium husks.

2. Grind (blend) the flax seeds –

NOTE: When flax seeds have been ground, they are susceptible to the omega 3 oils going rancid. To avoid this grind them just before use and don’t heat them above 300 deg F.

3. Sprinkle the chia seeds and ground flax over the egg yolk and cream cheese and mix all the ingredients together well. Mix with a stick beater or a large spoon.

4. Let the mixture rest for around 30 mins to allow the chia and flax to soak up the fluids and release their very beneficial soluble fiber.

Mix flat bread low carb

5. After 20 minutes warm the oven to just under 300 deg F.

6. Beat the egg whites and salt until it is very thick.

7. Add the baking powder to the yolk mix. It will be quite thick so add the half cup of water and mix well. If it is still very thick you can add a little more water.

8. Fold the egg whites into the egg yolk mix. Don’t over mix it as you want to retain the air in the mix.

Mix egg white, flat bread low carb

9.  Place the mixture in large spoonfuls onto the tray, leaving space for them to spread.

Cooked flatbread
Cooked Flatbread

I sometimes take a swiss roll flat tray and spread some flatbread mix to make larger bread. As the mix is thinner it will cook quicker, so don’t dry it out too much by overcooking.

Best FlatBread [Low Carb] tray

10. Keep the oven just under 300 deg F so that the delicate oils do not spoil. The flatbread needs to cook at this low temp for about 1 hour. The rounded heaps of flatbread will rise when they are cooking but then flatten out as they cool.

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This is how I use my best flatbread [low carb]


best flatbread [low carb] Low carb flatbread melt


The slice of flatbread can be heated or toasted (carefully or it will burn) add a low carb topping of your choice and do a cheese melt.

Avocado on low carb flat bread topping low carb flat bread


Top the low carb flatbread with avocado, add some pepper for a nice snack anytime. On the right, I added some sugarless raspberry jam and topped it with whipped cream. That is so good.

Low carb Breakfast with flatbread

Here is a delicious breakfast using the low carb flatbread. Very few carbs in that meal.

Low Carb parfait

Cream Parfait using low carb flatbread.

Best FlatBread [Low Carb] Burger

Add low carb fillings to make a delicious burger with the flatbread.

Best FlatBread [Low Carb]
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