Biological Age

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You have a birthday every year and you know how many birthdays you have had since you were born. But do you know what your biological age is?

What is your biological age

Biological Age

For those who are embracing the Blogger’s lifestyle, it is very important that you pay attention to your health.  Here is one reason in this powerful post about how blogging relates to your health.  Now read on and take the tests to get a good indication of where your biological age is at.  Take the results and use them as motivators to improve. Positive lifestyle changes make a huge difference to your quality of life.

You may notice on the news when someone has achieved a goal or caused an accident or they fell off a ladder, their age is always mentioned. That is supposed to give us an indicator to assess their abilities to fulfill the functions we would commonly expect of them. Of course, it is not just news items that refer to age.

We are constantly being reminded of our chronological age or birth age. Every time you apply for a bank account or a membership you will be asked what year you were born. It is a security question even for utility accounts.

For those over 30 years old, you will be starting to feel the effects of ageism in society, especially if you would like to apply for a new employment opportunity. For example, you would probably be far too old to apply for a managerial position at McDonalds, unless you had prior experience there.The founder of a large  electrical and furniture franchise made a statement that if a person had not made it by the time they were 25 years old then it was too late.

An interesting side note regarding age was observed in the newspaper yesterday. The item explained how a man applied for a job as a console operator at a Woolworths fuel outlet. During the application process, he was asked his age and gender. He was allegedly so offended at being asked such questions that he pursued the matter under anti-discrimination legislation.  The tribunal found in his favor and ordered Woolworths to pay him $5,000.

Biological Age

Biological age could be described as your inner age or the rate at which your organs, cells and brain are ageing. Or how well the body and brain are functioning. An indication of your present and future well being.  Or puts it this way


“Biological, or physiological, age is a measure of how well or poorly your body is functioning relative to your actual calendar age.

For example, you may have a calendar or chronological age of 65, but because of a healthy and active lifestyle (avoiding longevity threats like tobacco and obesity), your body is physiologically more similar to someone with a chronological age of 55. Your biological age would, therefore be 55.”

The first question to ask ourselves is – Is our birthday age the same as our biological age?

There are tests that claim to be able to tell you the answer to this question. For now, if you want a bit of fun and would like to find out some home truths about your physical condition, I will put some links to different sites that may give you an idea of how you are going.

Biological Age – Take these tests

The three tests above all got my biological age within 3 years of each other.  Good to see the results so similar with the different tests.

I have one more for you to measure the age of your brain. I just took this one and it is fun. The aim is to get a brain age score that is younger than your birthday age.  Take this one twice as the first time round you are learning what to do. It really is fun.

The second question to ask yourself – Do you feel younger or older than your birthday age?

In the UK Telegraph report (15th Dec, 2014)

         “Researchers at University College London followed more than 6,000 people for eight years monitoring their happiness levels and health.

They found that those who felt younger than their actual age, by three years or more, were 41 percent less likely to have died in the follow-up period.” (8 years).

If you want to, read the full report is here.

Here is a little more incentive to make, or to keep up positive lifestyle changes. In another study reported in the UK Telegraph –

        “In 1979, 2,500 men were asked to follow five simple rules – eat well, work out, drink less, keep their weight down and never smoke.

Nearly four decades on, just 25 pensioners have managed to stick to the plan. But they are all far fitter and healthier than the volunteers who gave up.

Those who stuck to the plan have dramatically cut their risk of cancer, diabetes, heart-attack, stroke and dementia.”
Link to the full report

As mentioned at the beginning of this post we are constantly being reminded of our age. The temptation is to conform to the stereotype of what society think we should be doing, thinking or achieving for our ‘age’.  We are not a slave to the thinking of society. Tap into your inner self where you feel much younger and try some lifestyle changes to make that feeling an everyday reality.

Working toward a younger biological age, gives the incentive to make changes to your lifestyle Click To Tweet

Working toward a younger biological age, will give you the incentive to make changes in lifestyle. As you start to feel the effects of these changes, you will also feel empowered and energized to do more. Those pursuing the blogger’s lifestyle can take positive steps toward being more active due to the sedentary nature of the job.

Take the tests and see how you go. Find incentive for change?

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