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I write about aspects of the blogger’s lifestyle, an important part of this is blogger’s relationships. To Google that phrase there are a wealth of  posts and information about building relationships with bloggers – with popular bloggers – with influential bloggers – All right and all important. But what are the important relationships for the blogger?

Blogger’s Relationships |Important Ones

Blogger's relationships

My readers are important to me, and I love their comments on my posts, I learn a lot from them, and in turn, they often express that my posts have been an encouragement or help.

This post has been sparked by a thoughtful comment left by a valued reader. She was commenting on how I describe the blogger’s lifestyle.

She obviously works very hard developing her blog. She finds that while she will ask others how their job is going, these same non-bloggers, never ask her how the work on her blog is going. It would seem that her husband does not quite understand either, as he indicates that she is addicted to her laptop.

As any blogger who dreams of making blogging their work knows, there are a lot of time-consuming elements to blogging.

I would think that what this blogger has expressed here, we can all identify with. I know I can, for many of us, this subject is at the very heart of the blogger’s lifestyle.

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What are the Bloggers important relationships?

The most important Blogger’s relationships are the people closest to them. I am talking about those that they live with; it may be their spouse, children or other close family members and friends that are important in the blogger’s life. Blogging is hard and these important relationships are beneficial to the success of your blog. The encouragement of loved ones, although not essential, will be an asset to you as you set up your blogging business.

Ways we can cultivate these relationships

By way of example, we will presume that we are talking about a husband.


– what a blog is, assuming he does not know.

– where you got your inspiration from, an article, a book or from a friend.

– explain your dream or goal of developing it into a full-time job which means you expect to generate income from it.

This part may be even harder than explaining what a blog is. It will take time for him to see the possibilities here. Let it lie, and work on explaining more as you develop your business and he can start to see the rationale. Realistically, this could take two years. Hopefully, over this time, he will gain understanding. Given all the work you will have put in, even that first $100 from ads may not impress him. In a blogging sense, this is why you may be tempted to value the relationships with other bloggers more, after all, they understand where you are coming from. Be patient – cultivate understanding – it will be worth it.

Explaining your blog to a non-blogger

Explaining a blog or blogging to a non-blogger can be difficult. I am sure we have all felt that kind of helpless feeling as we endeavor to elaborate on what we do. With some of my friends who don’t know much about the Internet, I have to confess that I found it easier to change the subject.  Hopefully, your husband is a little more knowledgeable in his understanding.

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Learning to explain what your blog is about

Go to your front page and take 20 seconds – from what you see, can you tell what your blog is primarily about.

Imagine someone who has never seen your front page before, would they at least, have a good idea what your blog is about?

This exercise below will be the best thing not only for explaining your blog to others, but it will clarify your focus too.

The biggest help I have found is from Darren at ProBlogger, his first Podcast encourages bloggers to create what he calls an elevator pitch. It is a short, concise couple of sentences that sums up what your blog is about. He has nine simple tips on how to write this pitch.  The podcast is only about 10 minutes and is well worth a listen.

Darren is saying that when you are asked what your blog is about you will have this succinct couple of sentences to quote. What an excellent exercise to help you focus and see what your blog is about. Does it have a theme that runs through and holds all your posts together? Most of us have some work to do right here; I know I have.

With the pitch clear in your mind, use it on your husband and be ready to follow up with answers to his questions. This is wonderful, you have managed to start a dialog with him about blogging.

Try the pitch out while talking to friends about your work. It will open up the way for a more interesting conversation about your blog.

Here is where having a business card to leave with the person can be productive. They now have the means to go and look at your blog, you may even gain a regular reader.

Tips on time management

No. I am not going to tell you how much time to spend on social media. We are talking in the context of important relationships. You will already know that a blogger’s work is never done; you are always busy, and there is never enough time to do it all.

Going back to the scenario of the husband.

He is going to notice that every spare minute you are on your computer. He may ask, ‘What are you doing now?’ Don’t be tempted to say that he would not understand. Instead, try your hardest to draw him into what you are doing. You could say that you are writing a tutorial on ‘How to get the best price when buying a washing machine.’ Explain that you have been searching for an alternate word to use that means ‘knowledge’. Now you have piqued his interest in what you are doing.

Show him your basic analytics chart of visitors to your blog. Point out one of your peaks. You show him that on this day, one hundred people came to see your website. He thinks that is impressive. You could share with him your goal is to make that one thousand a day.

See what I mean about starting to include him in what you are doing. He can’t be interested if he does not know what you are trying to achieve on a daily basis.

Too busy

I have learned that when my husband talks to me and I am at the computer, (busy as usual) I stop what I am doing and turn away from the computer to talk to him. He is important.

He wants you to go with him on an errand for a couple of hours. You have to explain that you are in the middle of something, and you can’t go. That is OK. He goes alone, but he misses your company.

The trap is, if you say ‘no’ too often, he will learn not to miss your company. He will even stop asking you to go with him. You are just too busy.

This is a very important relationship, don’t blow it. Take a couple of hours off, your blog won’t miss you.


If you have little children, you have my respect, I would not know how to fit in a blog as well as doing everything else.

Older children can be taught that this time you spend at the computer is your work. This office corner is not their play room. They will learn to respect your time and your need to get your work done.

Be creative and plan things for them to be doing while you are working. Have a timer and explain when this hour is up we will have a snack together. Encourage them not to interrupt your work during that time. Let them see the timer and rejoice as the hour gets closer to snack time.

You will come up with all sorts of ways to give yourself some peace to work. The important thing is your attitude to the children, just like the husband scenario, draw them into your work. Share little goals that you are aiming for. Let them be happy with you when you reach a goal. What awesome training for them to see you setting and achieving goals and they are a part of it.

For a blogger with children, they are a top priority relationship.

The last thing you want is them resenting your time on the computer to the point where it becomes a battlefield for your attention.

Cultivating these relationships takes energy. The same strategies, to some degree, can be applied to your friends who want to soak up your time. Don’t ignore them but at the same time, just because you work from home does not mean that you can always drop what you are doing to be with them. If you respect your work, so will they.

These are the blogger’s relationships that are important. Value and nurture them.

Not forgetting the very important online blogging network of friends that are also vital relationships. That subject is for another day.

Summing up

  • We defined who the bloggers important relationships are.
  • Ways of cultivating those relationships in the context of being a blogger.
  • Practical help on knowing and explaining what your blog is about.
  • Time management without alienating your loved ones.

Can you add some ways you are achieving these things?

What ways have you found to draw your important relationships into your blogging world?

Can you share other ways to gain respect for your at home blogging work?

Share some little tips for work at home bloggers with children.

We would love to hear from you and to learn from you.

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