Budget Stress – Be Gone!

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Would you love the relief of saying ‘no more debt, the budget is under control’? According to author Charissa Quade, budget stress and the resulting family stress can ‘be gone!

Budgeting Made Easy a budget that works



Budget Stress

For a long time, Charissa felt like her budget was controlling her and making her look like a failure.  Then over time she learned to be in control of her budget. She applied her variable income to her budget in a particular and disciplined method that resulted in them thriving.


At last a budget that really works

Budgeting Made Easy has just been published.  The book describes the system that saved Charissa and her husband from sinking into deeper debt and despair.

A goal to graduate debt free

After they paid off their debts they kept a monthly budget that met their needs and never went back into debt.

Then Charissa who loathed the thought of debt decided they would also pay cash for her husband’s expensive schooling costs. Each semester they were able to pay cash.  What a joy to see her husband being able to graduate debt free.  All of this achieved on a variable income that could be high one month and rather low the next.  This method of budgeting is applicable to all incomes.

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For those not under financial stress.  Just imagine what dreams you could reach by applying this discipline to your income. See an amazing improvement in your lifestyle.

Budget Stress – Be Gone!

So many well-meaning couples and families argue over finances.  Charissa will show you how to be on the same page, the same team, making your goals together.

Budgeting made easy

I am an affiliate for this book.  And all of the profit made during December will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse.  This well-respected charity provides clean, safe water and sanitation in areas where it does not exist.  Unsafe water results in a little child dying every 90 seconds.


unsafe water

There is no need to let budget and debt stress ruin your family, learn how to thrive.


Budgeting made easy buy now


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