Chocolate Surprises

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How good is this little treat! Smooth chocolate with a surprise in each one accompanied by a good Doppio. For those who are not into coffee, a Doppio is a short black coffee. It is two shots of espresso with very little extra water added. So it is very strong and delivers a good caffeine hit.

Chocolate Surprises

Chocolate surprises

Chocolate Surprises – Ingredients

  • 8oz dark organic chocolate (any good quality chocolate will do) at room temperature
  •   1/2 cup whipping cream not low fat. (I use A2 cream as most people can tolerate that)
  •   Vanilla
  •   Stevia Three of the tiny measures for powdered stevia.
  •  For the centre surprises, I used naked ginger, hazelnuts, raspberry jam and some peppermint oil to flavor some of the chocolates.
  •  Coconut to roll the chocolates in.

Chocolate Surprises – Method

1.  Break the chocolate up into pieces and place in a bowl

2.  Heat the cream to just under boiling

Chocolate mixing


3.  Pour the heated cream over the chocolate pieces and let stand for a couple of minutes

chocolate & cream

4.  Add the vanilla and stevia and stir well

5.  Place in the fridge for at least two hours. I left these ones overnight and the mixture was good and stiff to work with.

6.  Use a teaspoon size of the mixture and start to roll it into a ball. Push the surprise into the centre and then heal the hole over, roll in coconut

7.  Do this with all of the chocolate surprises.  With the jam centre, I did that with half a ball, I put the jam in and then added the top half of the ball. If you like peppermint flavor add the oil to some of the chocolate mix.

8.  Place the chocolates surprises back in the fridge to chill them before serving.

9.  Make your Doppio and indulge in some comfort food. It usually tastes better shared with a friend.

Chocolate surprises. Gluten free and delicious, indulge in some comfort food preferably with a friend. Click To Tweet

Chocolate surprises ready to eat

Enjoy your Chocolate Surprises, I am sure that they will not last for long.

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