Christmas Caesar Salad Gluten Free

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This is the quickest easiest Christmas Caesar salad, it is gluten free and GMO free.  Make it with cold or leftover chicken or turkey. A recipe bursting with flavor using my secret sprinkle to top off this delicious meal.

Christmas Caesar Salad

Christmas Caesar Salad Gluten Free GMO free - easy and delicious

Can you visualize this colorful dish sitting on your Christmas table ready to tantalize your guests taste buds?

Christmas Caesar Salad Ingredients

Ingredients Christmas Caesar Salad

1 Cos lettuce – washed and torn into pieces (I added some sugar peas chopped to 1cm)

2 slices of gluten free bread

2 hard boiled eggs cut into four quarters

2 slices of bacon (nitrate free if possible) cooked and broken into pieces

1/2 cup of dried cranberries (organic) (read product description and customer reviews)

Caesar dressing gluten free

Cooked chicken or turkey sliced or broken into pieces

The Sprinkle

  • 2 tablespoons of pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
  • 8 pecans
  • 1/3 cup Parmesan finely grated cheese

Put the pepitas and pecans into a blender and blend well.

Add the blended mix to the Parmesan cheese and stir together.

This is the healthy sprinkle bursting with flavor for the Easy Christmas Caesar Salad


1. Toast the two slices of gluten free bread, spread with butter and cut into cubes.

2. Combine the lettuce, cubed bread, hard boiled eggs, cranberries

3. Add the sprinkle mix and stir through, add the bacon pieces and then the chicken

4. Add the Caesar Salad dressing or serve it on the side.

You now have this very quick and easy Christmas Caesar Salad gluten free and GMO free.

Christmas Caesar Salad a healthy and joyfully colored dish, so easy to make. Click To Tweet

Tips: I always like to do any preparation I can, the day before. With this recipe, prepare the gluten free toast, the boiled eggs and cook the bacon pieces before the day. Also,  prepare the sprinkle ahead of time.

With these things pre-prepared you will be able to put this Christmas Caesar Salad together in minutes.

Ready to eat Christmas Caesar Salad

Love a healthy and joyfully colored dish to serve either with Christmas dinner or serve with leftover turkey the next day. Either way, it will look and taste great and impress your guests.


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