Copyright Tips [A Bloggers Guide]

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Why write Copyright Tips A Bloggers Guide ? I started looking into copyright and plagiarism issues after the shock of seeing my ideas and almost identical word for word points on another blog.  I did not know what to do. It hurt a bit to see this blogger taking praise for my ideas.  This blogger had been on Copyright Tips [A Bloggers Guide]my site and even left a comment, within a week my concepts  had been reproduced.

Copyright Tips A Bloggers Guide

I have a Guest Post published on Mostly Blogging on this subject.

  • How Copyright and Plagiarism can impact your website/business when the unscrupulous come stealing your material.
  • How you need to take care and be discerning when using material that does not originate with you.  Avoid the copyright bounty hunters, knowing that ignorance is not a defense.

I have made you a PDF. It is 100% FREE. Over 8 pages packed with practical tips and vital information.

I will send it to you to read at your leisure, but do not neglect this important area of blogging.  It covers subjects like explaining the Copyright trap that left a blogger $7,500 out of pocket.  This is happening to bloggers like you and me.  Many are too embarrassed to admit they have been caught.


Included in the PDF

  • A link to a copyright site that has free advice on what to do if your material is stolen.
  • Choose from 78 Copyright banners to display on your website.
  • Case studies of bloggers who have been caught out. What we can learn from their mistakes.
  • Free tools to check the origin of photos, help in avoiding the traps that are costing bloggers $1000’s.
  • The PDF is packed full of information and tips so you can be informed and protect yourself.

Copyright Tips A Bloggers Guide


Copyright Tips A Bloggers GuideCopyright – The legal right a person has to their works, physical or intellectual.  Copyright is inherent in the creation of works and does not have to be published or registered.

Plagiarism – is to pass off someone else’s works as your own.

How copyright relates to images found on the Internet. Is it alright to copy Google Images?  I have done searches on Google for ‘free images’ and google comes up with a collection of images under the heading of Free Images. Does that mean I can take and use them?


My Scary Research

While researching for this post I met a blogger who had been fined for using a copyrighted image, she later meticulously went through her site using the tool to check origins of images and she deleted quite a number of images of unclear origin and ones that may not have a free to use copyright.  Two years later a certain ‘company’, that I do not want to name here, started pursuing her for damages for two images.  These two images had been deleted for two years, but they still wanted their money. (This same company is taking damages from hundreds of bloggers).

As I was checking some of my earlier images I found two from this same company. (I had read that they were free to be used, but I did not read the fine print.) Anyway because of the above I decided to delete not just the images but the whole post. I have no idea if that offers more protection or not. Sad 🙁 because this post was daily accessed through search engines.

Does an image disclaimer on your site protect you?

The PDF will give you vital information to protect yourself. You will find answers to many questions that you have.

I talk about the recent emergence of deliberate traps set to catch someone who is tempted to copy. We see from examples that ignorance in not a defense.



Don’t ignore this important subject – it is relevant to us all.

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