Dairy Free Nut Cream

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Dairy Free Nut Cream

It has taken a lot of convincing but I now find that I need to limit dairy. Every dessert I have has always been topped with a good amount of dairy cream, it just makes the taste of the dessert explode. Many years ago I used to make dairy free nut cream, so now I am re-inventing it. To be honest, it is the best thing, it has more flavor, even my husband has ditched dairy cream in favor of the nut cream.

Dairy free Nut Cream. Full of flavor - make in under 60 seconds


Dairy Free Nut Cream

All this goodness can be made in under 60 seconds.  Why use dairy free nut cream when there is dairy cream available?

  • They both taste good, although nut cream really does have more flavor.
  • Dairy products are considered to be inflammatory in the body. I have written about the fantastic effects of including ‘Golden Paste’ into the daily diet to help combat the destruction that inflammation does.
  • Nuts are a vital part of an anti-inflammatory diet. Dr Axe puts an emphasis on Walnuts in his top 15 anti-inflammatory foods. He states that walnuts help protect from metabolic syndrome (this syndrome results in weight gain and resistant weight loss). Cardiovascular disease and type 11 diabetes.

Dairy Free Nut Cream Ingredients

Dairy Free Nut Cream Ingredients

1 to 1 and 1/2 cups of Almond milk – I have used water and that is good too.

1 cup of nuts – I use a just over 1/2 cup of pecans and the remainder is walnuts

That is all you need to make dairy free nut cream.

 Dairy Free Nut Cream Method

I use a very basic Ninja blender, that I love.

Put all the ingredients into the blender cup using 1 cup of the almond milk.

Dairy Free Nut Cream blender

Pulse it for around 30 seconds – the smoother the mix is the better.

This will make a beautiful thick cream.

Dairy free Nut Cream Thick
Dairy Free Nut Cream that is nice and thick – it holds its form

For a thinner cream that will go further, add another half cup of almond milk. (optional to add a tiny tiny bit of organic Stevia). Adjust the amount of almond milk to your needs.

Dairy Free Nut Cream Thinner mix

An example of dairy free nut cream when the mixture is thinner. Of course used with blueberries gives an extra health boost.

Dairy Free, grain free, GMO free. Nut Cream full of creamy flavor - make in under 60 seconds. Click To Tweet

The Blogger’s lifestyle is a health hazard for some and I love to make recipes that will contribute to reverse these negative effects.

I have found that I can use dairy free nut cream in most places where you would use dairy cream e.g. for a creamy gravy.

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