Does God Love Coffee?

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Thankfully you can always find a research paper that says coffee is good for you. Authority Nutrition found  13 Health Benefits of Coffee, Based on Science. So does God love coffee?

Does God love coffee

I have been doing some posts on Budget Matters and that is where coffee comes into it.

After working in a non-profit organization for a lot of years, I have spent time living month to month budgeting. Then sometimes it is more like one week to the next. There were several years where the budget was a one day to the next day.

No Coffee!!

It was during this latter time of day to day living the pantry was low and the coffee situation was quite critical. I had thought to myself what can I do, I can hardly buy coffee when we really need food for our family of five? That very day a beautiful lady called Tess knocked on my door with the largest jar of coffee I had ever seen. She said it was left over from a social gathering the night before and could I make use of it. That blew me away. Does God love coffee? Coincidence?

More to be thankful for . . .

Another day when the pantry was low we were sitting down to our meal using up the last of the spaghetti and a sauce made from home-made pickles. Actually, it was quite delicious, my dad had made the pickles and given us a few jars. There was a knock on the door and it was a young couple that we had met a couple of times. They said they were moving house and did not want to take their pantry supplies with them, and could we use them. So, our pantry became wonderfully full.  Coincidence?

Out of coffee again!

No coffee! Does God love coffee

There was another time when we were checking under the cushions and in pockets for loose change so that we could go and buy our coffee. At the time we bought straight from the company that roasted the coffee. They had a scheme of buying a certain amount and then get a free bag of coffee. My husband had just enough money to buy one small bag.

The roaster man said that we had not yet spent enough to get a free bag. Then he said he would give it to us anyway. Now we had two bags of coffee. Then the roaster man said he had just introduced a new blend of coffee and would we mind to try it out for him. We went away with three bags of coffeeCoincidence?

Does God care about the little things? We went away with three bags of coffee. Coincidence? Click To Tweet

More recently as we continue to carefully administer our budget, my husband went to the supermarket to buy our coffee. He was pleased to see that it was on special. The cashier put it through at the normal price and not at the special price. The store policy for their mistake was the coffee is free.

The next week he returned to buy coffee.  Amazingly the exact same thing happened and we were the happy recipients of another free bag of coffee.

So I ask the question, ‘Does God love coffee?’

Actually, I can’t answer that question, but we sure love our coffee.

It is a joy to us that God cares and provides for the little things in life and not just for our bigger needs.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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