Don’t Lose Any More Weight!

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Did I read that correctly? ‘Don’t lose any more weight.’  I have never heard those words in all of my life. Never. I have always been considered overweight. At 5 ft 10 inches tall, doing BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations I came in as overweight to obese. I hate that word obese.

Don’t lose any more weight

Don't Lose Any More Weight! Seek health first. You will get both.

I reached my goal weight

Here I am a grandmother and I got to this goal for the first time. It is hard for me to believe that.

Here I am a grandmother and I got to my weight goal for the first time. Don't leave it so late! Click To Tweet

I went to websites with BMI calculators just to check if I had really arrived.  The result, normal weight.  I found a more up to date calculator that takes age and gender into consideration as well as height and weight. They ask other related questions and calculate your result along with comment and advice. This is where I heard those magic words, ‘don’t lose any more weight.’

Doctor’s warning

Four months ago my doctor found my fasting Insulin tests had gone way high, indicating pre-diabetes. Insulin is the ‘fat’ hormone, if you have lots of Insulin either made in your own body or injected, chances are you will have excess weight.  My blood sugar was still normal, so it seemed like early stages of pre-diabetes.

I set about doing researching and I am so thankful to have found a doctor in Canada who is having enormous success at reversing diabetes without drugs. His videos explained so much about diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight gain that was logical and simple.

I took his advice and followed it. Here I was chasing improved health results and in the process, I reached my ideal weight. Another health benefit is that I no longer take any blood pressure medications.  I had taken these for over 20 years.

I was chasing improved health results and in the process, I reached my ideal weight and no more blood pressure meds. Click To Tweet

It was hard at times but I was motivated to not fall victim to diabetes.  The US is so good at keeping statistics, better than most countries. We learn from their statistics that 50% in the US either have diabetes or are pre-diabetic.(Source:  Most do not know it. Some of the trouble is that doctors only look at blood glucose levels when they should be checking fasting Insulin levels.

Here I am at this ripe old age and feeling wonderful. I wish I had felt this good when my kids were young and I needed more energy, I was often tired and just not feeling well.  I tried most ways to lose weight. It always ended up with the yo-yo effect, up and down.

I wish that I had felt this good when my kids were young and I needed more energy. Click To Tweet

Maintenance for my weight control

I have now made myself a maintenance plan and I keep within 1 kilo of my goal weight. This also helps me to maintain my health goals.

For myself, I do not like liquid meal replacements, somehow they all leave me hungry and unsatisfied.

One thing that I do go to several days a week is Quest Bars. I think the act of chewing gives me more satisfaction than drinking.

There is a host of bars on the market. They are called healthy but to read the ingredients you are left wondering how they can be healthy at all. I did a lot of research to find these bars that I had confidence in.

As an example, my lunch is light and may consist of Coffee or tea along with a Quest bar. Homemade crackers with cheese or almond butter.  Sometimes it is cheese and almond butter 🙂 That keeps me well satisfied until my much larger main meal.

I have eaten these bars for several years now and I am an affiliate for them. I would never recommend them if I did not value them myself.

“Description (from the company) Quest Nutrition

20g Protein Per Serving

6g Net Carbs –

22g Carbs – 15g Fiber – 1g Erythritol = 6g Net Carbs

No Sugar Added

Less Than 1g Sugar – 15 g Fiber – Gluten Free Per Bar

They said that this protein bar couldn’t be made, but we finally did it. It’s delicious food packed with protein that makes no compromises. Just read our ingredients and you’ll see.”

Don’t lose any more weight – maintenance

Don't Lose Any More Weight! Quest bars. Gluten free, low carb, high fibre
I love the pieces of white chocolate in these White Chocolate Raspberry bars.

I love the pieces of white chocolate in these White Chocolate Raspberry bars.

There are at least 21 flavors, I do not like a few of them myself.  My husband who does not need to lose weight also enjoys the bars, especially the Chocolate Brownie bars. Now if you compare them to a Snicker bar, you will be disappointed 🙁

My favorite has been White Chocolate Raspberry, this is quite sweet and I have always loved anything sweet. These days, I am actually finding that they are too sweet for me.  If you like sweet, another one is Cookies and Cream. My present favorites are Vanilla Almond Crunch and Mixed Berry Bliss.  I have not tried all of the flavors and everyone has different ‘likes’. It may help to read the reviews under each flavor.  Click the above image to take a look at the Quest bars (Change the currency from AUD to what you need).

This seems to have turned into a review of Quest Bars. They are a part of my maintenance plan and I am concerned that others read the labels of their protein or other bars.  In fact get into the habit of reading the labels of all foods, especially anything processed.

I am not saying that Quest Bar ingredients will greatly enhance your health

They have valuable fiber and protein, that I could get elsewhere. The beauty of the Quest bars is that they don’t have a lot of negatives, they are convenient to take anywhere for a snack.  They make you feel like you have eaten and prevent the temptation to eat outside of your eating plan.

Don’t laugh, but when I travel I go to McDonalds for a tea or coffee and eat a Quest Bar. Not only is it cheaper than a burger and fries, but I grow stronger when I have resisted the urge to splurge.

Your body has enough to deal with in the environment without deliberately consuming toxic ingredients.

Many will love to hear those words ‘don’t lose any more weight’ but they are empty words if you are not healthy as well.


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