Don't miss this one essential for success.

Don’t Miss this One Essential for Success

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Of course you don’t want to kill your blogging potential, you have worked hard and you want to succeed.  There are plenty of mistakes to make along the way, but we learn and pick ourselves up going forward toward our goal and living our dream. But don’t miss this one essential for success.

Don’t Miss this One Essential for Success

Don't Miss this One Essential for Success

Master your personal finances

Don’t miss this one essential for success, that if neglected, can kill your blogging potential

To answer that look at your blogging goals. To determine your direction  5 Blogger Styles – will help you find where you fit? Finding where you fit and seeing where you are aiming for, enables you to plot a pathway, setting reachable goals along the way.

Where are you at right now?

These styles are generalizations, not confined boxes that we must fit into, they often overlap. It helps to define where you are at right now and to look ahead to where you would like to be.  It can look impossible from where you sit. Like all large tasks, break it down into doable pieces, taking one step at a time. At least once a month, take a look and check if your steps are on the pathway leading to your goal.   Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals provides wisdom for general goal setting that can be applied to all goals.

Time Investment is Not Enough

When your long term blogging goal goes beyond the first style or midway into the second style, you must take charge of your finances before they strangle your blog potential.  The truth is, to have a progressive blog requires a financial investment.  Consistent blogging takes a big time investment, but time alone is not enough.  Your income budget has to include an allocation for your blogging budget.  A monetized blog will start making a small income.

Income Don't Miss this One Essential for SuccessIt is exciting to see your blog make $10 per month. At this stage invest it back into your blog. As your income increases, you will be able to break it up so that only a certain percentage goes back into your blog. This blog is your business – your investment. It will help if right from the beginning you have the mindset that your blog is your business.

As far as businesses go, blogging takes the least capital to start up and to maintain. But there is some outlay albeit not very much in comparison to other startup businesses.

The nice thing with blogging is that the costs do not come all at once; initially, it is the domain name and hosting costs. After that as the blog grows you will want to add other features that will enhance your business.

How to invest in your blog and replenish your blogging budget is a small example of blogging when you are living a frugal lifestyle.

Have you any debt and/or are your finances are out of control?

I am fortunate to have no debt but I have a limited income. 18 months ago I started a budget due to a change in circumstances

Don't Miss this One Essential for Success

Don’t Miss this One Essential for Success – master your finances

where our income changed and we started paying rent.  What is so amazing is that we feel like we live quite well. Yet when we had more, we thought we did not have much. What possibilities were wasted by not applying a budget back then!

Wasted money is just that, wasted. It does not improve our standard of living or help wipe out debt. It is gone, usually into someone else’s pocket.

Debt and money woes put huge stress on relationships

Charissa describes it as a tug-a-war  and offers great advice to alleviate the stress.  She has plenty of helps on budgets – she has been there, and she knows how to pay down debt.

Master your personal finances

Having your finances under control will give you the freedom to expand your blog. I read this gem of wisdom from Debbie in Shape

“Let’s face it: we need money for almost anything we want to do in life, don’t we?
Money doesn’t buy happiness or health, but it finances dreams and pays for the groceries. Money is not evil. The way you use it (or let yourself be used by it) is what makes the difference.”

I want to have a successful blog, and I want you to have a blog that reaches your dreams.  Don’t miss this one essential for success. Mastering personal finances are really the first step to a successful blog. Without that, you will be continually frustrated trying to follow your pathway to see your blog flourish.

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Do you control your finances or do they control you?

Do you have a blogging budget?

Have you made a plan or a pathway to your goals?

Do you take time to brainstorm either by yourself or with your spouse to find the way forward?

Please keep in touch so we can find joy in learning and seeing your progress.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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