How to easily use Alexa Power

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How to easily use Alexa power – adding mutual benefits among blogging friends. Have your group install the Alexa browser extension and see your ranking improve.

How to easily use Alexa power, group benefits of Alexa browser extention

How to easily use Alexa power

Take advantage of the information below and use it to be a smarter blogger.

What is Alexa ranking?

“We show estimated metrics based on traffic patterns across the web as a whole. We identify these patterns by looking at the activity of millions of web users throughout the world.” Source –

Alexa is owned by Amazon.

Like all social media platforms, Alexa keep their algorithms to themselves.  It would seem that the primary method of gathering data is through Alexa extensions for browser add-ons. Then they adjust the metrics to account for those without the browser add-on.

The metrics are a constant average over the previous three months of visitors to your site. This average is estimating daily. The advantage of the averaging system is if you have one or two dreadful days it is not going to dramatically affect your metrics. They take into account page views and time on the site.

It is interesting to see where your site ranks in relation to all the websites in the whole world or where it ranks within your country.

Here is what the browser extension information looks like. Whatever site you are on, click the Alexa ‘a’ to see the information.

How to easily use Alexa power

The light blue square on the right expands when the Alexa ‘a’ is clicking on the Alexa browser extension, this is on the site of RazorSocial.

Alexa tells us that the site is ranked at 36,250 in the world. In Ireland, it is ranked as 11,273.  Main sites linking into RazorSocial are 1,019.  You can search and find the search queries that send traffic to the site. The site took 2.82 seconds to open – 82% of sites are faster than that.

It should be noted that Google Analytics is somewhat accurate; Alexia is more like a survey. They have different uses and functions to help the website owner.

The lower your Alexa ranking number the more popular your site is

If your Alexa ranking is 850,000 – that means for all the multi-millions of websites in the world there are only 849,000 more popular than yours. To have a ranking under 100,000 is kind of cool and more accurate data is available.

It really is interesting to see your ranking number drop as your site gains more visitors. It becomes a source of encouragement or if the numbers go higher it is a signal that you need to work smarter.

Do a quick check to see what your Alexa rank is

Alexa  go here and find the form that says ‘Site Overview‘ Put the site name in and search.

After you put in your website URL –  Alexa may or may not have information on your site. For newer sites or those who have not built up traffic, the information may not be there, Alexa may not know about your website’s existence.

Claim your site on Alexa

Now you can learn how to easily use Alexa power.  There are paid subscriptions for big business, you will want to have a FREE subscription.

Scroll down the page to the blue button Edit Site Info  Click on it to reveal Claim This Site  Free subscriptions have two options. The easiest for WordPress websites using the Yoast SEO plugin is Method 2. Copy just the numbers. Go to your plugins, on the left under SEO go to General, you will see a place to put the code under Alexa Verification. Save.  Go back to the Alexa site and Claim Your Site to verify ownership.

There is another WordPress plugin called Alexa Certify.

Alexa has instructions for those not on WordPress.

You can now put in some details about your Website. The information free subscriptions can access is limited but still enough to be interesting.

How to easily use Alexa power

1. Guest posting

One of the main reasons bloggers write guest posts is to increase their reach and to obtain valuable backlinks. To achieve either of these benefits of guest posting, the guest post should be on a site that is more popular than yours. If it is not more popular than your blog, you would be better off publishing your hard work on your site and promoting it yourself.  (Unless you are doing a friendly post swap or want to guest post to gain experience).

With your Alexa browser extension, it is easy to compare your site with the site you would like to write a guest post for.

2. Being careful with a tight budget

Example: Considering to buy an e-book or paying for a course that promises to teach how to increase followers or readers.
Do a check before parting with your dollars to purchase information. You are looking for instruction from someone who has found success in this area.
To find this information go to the site and click on the browser ‘a’ icon to see the ranking.  If the teaching site is not as popular as yours, how can they teach you to be popular? I continue to learn some awesome things from newbies. However, my budget is too tight to spend money on a site when the evidence to support their claims is not there.

3. Doing a survey post

Survey posts are interesting. Example: Making a survey study of well-established bloggers who have large followings. Alexa will confirm for you a website’s popularity so you can be confident that you are addressing your questions to the right bloggers. Alexa can save you time finding this information.

4. Check any website

With Alexa, you can check any website and anyone can check your site. They can see how popular the site is, the number of significant links that point to the site. The viewer gets an example of 5 of those links. They can also see if readers are engaging with the site.
When you are wanting to take your blog to the next level use the Alexa information to identify what blogs are in that next level that you are aiming for.

5. Looking for business

Some bloggers would like to attract businesses to put e.g. a paying advert on their site. Alexa is where business goes to check the site’s popularity. The business may have noticed the bloggers massive social media following. They will then check Alexa information to find out if the social following translates into website readers.

How to easily use Alexa power – adding mutual benefits among blogging friends

One of the best ways of lowering your Alexa rank numbers is to encourage the bloggers in your groups to install the Alexa browser extensions. Then when you do your normal blog visiting you are adding rank to your friend’s websites and they are adding rank to yours. It is a win-win.

Remember that the lower the rank number, the higher your Alexa ranking is.

For those not on self-hosted sites, the browser extension is still going to give you valuable information to make you a smarter blogger.

The Alexa browser extension for Chrome is here, look on this page for other browser extensions.

Once your free Alexa account and verification is set up there is nothing more that you have to do to reap the benefits of information.

It is quite simple how to easily use Alexa power to be of great value to your fellow bloggers and in turn, they will be of great value to you.

Get your friends to install the Alexa browser extension and see how your ranking encourages your blogging efforts.

Do you have the Alexa browser extension?

Would you get it for the mutual benefits among your friends?

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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