Exercise? Track and Field at 77!

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ExerciseExercise? Starting Track and Field at 77!

There is an update to this extraordinary exercise story at the end of the post

Olga Kotelko, who is now 95 competes in high jump, hammer throwing and the 200 meter run. She holds 26 world records.

How old are you and I right now? What is our attitude to exercise?  Well Olga just started into track and field at the age of 77. Maybe there is hope for us to get into the “Keep Moving” culture and reap the benefits for quality of life.

Journalist, 47 year old Bruce Grierson became intrigued by Olga and her physical accomplishments and of course her age.  He saw a huge contrast between Olga’s and his own physical state.

“Whatever was happening with her,” he writes in the prologue of his latest book,“was the opposite of what was happening to me.” If he could identify the reasons she was aging so well, perhaps he could reset his own course.

Was it just good genes of longevity or was it diet? Or perhaps temperament? “Research on twins suggests that heredity accounts for only about 25 percent to 30 percent of longevity  . . tests show she (Olga) lacks at least one gene associated with longevity.”

Among the potential anti-aging elixirs Mr. Grierson explores, exercise appears most potent. This old standby doesn’t just keep hearts pumping and muscles strong; studies suggest it may protect the mind, too, by promoting the formation of neurons in the hippocampus — a part of the brain associated with memory. “For building cognition, Sudoku is a shovel, and exercise is a bulldozer,” Mr. Grierson writes.

This is an update on this amazing lady who started into track and field at the age of 77.

Here is a link to one of many videos on  Youtube showing Olga exercise in action

You will love her sweet personality and sense of humor.

Olga died in June 2014 at the age of 95 from a cranial hemorrhage.

She had been competing just the week before.

“In her last years, she won hundreds of medals in events such as the high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin, hammer and discus throws and the 100-metre, 200-metre and 400-metre sprints.”

Source The Globe and Mail (Canada).

Evidence is all around us that a few changes in lifestyle can have an enormous influence on our quality of life.

Bruce Grierson’s book about Olga is called “What Makes Olga Run?”

What Makes Olga Run?: The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives

Perhaps this is just what we need to get us all off the couch and to seriously get out and exercise and enjoy ourselves. In the process wouldn’t it be good to make our brain healthier and increase our quality of life.


Keep Moving where ever you are at
If you are able to move it Keep on Moving

Let us know ways that you find to exercise and to keep moving.

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