Goat’s Milk Yogurt

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Goat's milk yogurtGoat’s Milk Yogurt

I must confess that I am not an authority on homemade goat’s milk yogurt making. On the other hand, I make the best goat’s milk yogurt!

I turned to the Internet for my yogurt making education. I learned a lot but the goat’s milk yogurt did not come out very well.

I used the crock pot method and that was just watery with no body. I tried in the oven and endeavoring to keep a constant temperature. That resulted in slimy, stringy yogurt, from that I turned it into goat’s milk yogurt ice cream so that it was not wasted. I used different plain organic goat’s milk yogurts as starters.

Then I perfected it, I think it is a combination of good starter and a good method.

Goat’s Milk Yogurt – Ingredients

2 liters of pasteurized goat’s milk
1 cup of starter, I use Meredith dairy natural goat’s milk yogurt. (No added preservatives, no thickeners or milk powders.)

Why not raw milk? It would be nice to use raw milk but it is too easy for it to become contaminated between the farm and my table. Here is a recent story of how a toddler died and four other children became seriously ill after drinking unpasteurized cows milk.

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A nice thing about goat’s milk is that it is naturally homogenized, that is the cream does not separate from the milk and so does not need to be homogenized. It is said to be less inflammatory than cow’s milk.

Goat’s milk yogurt – My Method for making

Yogurt milk

1. Put the goats milk into a saucepan, using a thermometer heat it to 180 F (82 C)

2. Remove it from the heat and let it cool to between 110 – 115 F. If you want to speed up the cooling sit the saucepan of milk in a little cold water.

3. Scold a spoon and the container that the yogurt is going into. Some people boil them, I find scolding is fine. The reason is that you do not want bacteria in your yogurt that does not belong there. You just want the beneficial bacteria to incubate and not have them competing with stray bacteria.

Goats milk yogurt starter

4. When the bowl is cool add 3/4 cup of the starter yogurt and then 1 cup of the goat’s milk and mix them together.

Now add the remainder of the milk from the saucepan, the temperature would be around 110 F

Cover yogurt with foil

5. Cover the yogurt, I use foil

6. Heat the oven to 200 F (93 C) and turn the oven off.

Wrap in a thick towelYogurt wrap






7. Use a thick towel to wrap the bowl of yogurt in

8. By the time you get the wrapped bowl into the oven it will have dropped the temperature a little, but is still hotter than most would have it. At this temperature, it will never heat the yogurt that is wrapped in the towel so don’t worry that it will over heat.

Shut the oven door and do not open it until the desired incubation period is up. It is said that leaving it for 24 hours any lactose in the milk is gone. I tend to leave mine for 21 hours and that is about the right amount of yogurt tangy flavor for me and the probiotics have had plenty of time to multiply.

Thick Goat's milk yogurt
Thick Goat’s milk yogurt

The goat’s milk yogurt is quite thick without using any thickeners. I tend to make half of it into ice cream because we love it. The other half is for eating on other things or in our breakfast mix.

I could save some yogurt to use as starter for the next batch, but I would only do that for one time and then I go back to the store-bought yogurt as starter. The reason being that I do not want to use contaminated starter, which can happen by using it over and over again.

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