Google Analytics |Not Giving up (2)

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Google Analytics |Not Giving Up (2)

A re-cap – on Part 1 Google Analytics |Don’t Give Up

Google Analytics |Not Giving up (2)

For now as bloggers, apart from the overall number of visitors and sessions, we can just pay attention to three uncomplicated categories, and these three are connected to each other.

Google Analytics |Not Giving up (2)

The Bounce Rate, the Number of Pages visited, and the Average Session Duration

The Bounce rate – this is when a visitor comes to a certain page on a site and leaves from that same page.

The Number of Pages visited – If visitors engage with more than one page it will lower the Bounce Rate % and send a positive message about the site.

The average session duration: If after a time on the first page, visitors go to a second page – Google can now give credit with correct timing for the first page.

If you need to refer to Part 1 see it here Google Analytics |Don’t Give Up!

Easy things we can do to boost our analytics and our blog

The Bounce Rate:

A free plugin is called Reduce Bounce Rate. It sends a ping to Google every 10 seconds that a person is on a page so that Google can now calculate more accurately how long people stay on a page and reduce the bounce rate.  Pretty cool and all legal. I am not sure how effective this plugin is, but it may help.

Average pages viewed, the average session time and the bounce rate.

To have a lot of Categories on your top tabs can be good. The question to ask is – Do all these Categories relate to the theme of my blog?

To demonstrate that they do all relate try and put at least one link from each blog page to another blog page that is referring to much the same subject. Try and do it naturally like at the top of this page we refer to part 1 of this post. The Googlebots or spiders (What Google uses to search websites) will follow these links. Linking pages like this gives a connected cohesive feel to the blog.

Having links at the end of Blog pages to give visitors an option of where to go to next. e.g. You may be interested in . . .  These links encourage visitors to click onto that very important 2nd page.

Here is a cool way we bloggers can help each other increase the pages viewed, the session times, and reduce the bounce rate.


we bloggers can help each other increase the pages viewed, the session times, and reduce the bounce rate. Click To Tweet

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Tips when visiting posts

Go to a post that interests you, leave a comment if you appreciate it.  Don’t leave from that page, either click on another page or an ad e.g. a Google ad that attracts you, and then leave the site.

Why leave in this manner?

  1. By all means, if you see an ad that interests you click on it, and the post owner will be thankful for the donation.

     2. Clicking on another page to leave the site.

Google Analytics – not giving up. Giving up can be so tempting – but it has no rewards – no feeling of accomplishment. Giving up has a negative effect on your lifestyle. In particular your bloggers lifestyle.

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Google Analytics |Not Giving up (2)

I trust from these three posts on Google Analytics that you can see that it is well worth learning these easy steps to understanding.

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