Heart Cake

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Heart Cake

Spark up Valentine’s day or any other day that you want to set the scene for romance with this exciting romantic heart cake. It is healthy gluten free, grain free, GMO free.

Heart cake dec
Heart Cake


Heart Cake Ingredients

The Heart Cake main cake ingredients

  • 1/2 cup of Coconut flour.
  • 3/4 cup of almond flour
  • 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks
  • Baking powder of your choice
  • 3 eggs separated
  • 100 g melted butter
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil – extra for greasing cake pans
  • 1/2 cup raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • Stevia & Zero or your favorite sweetener
  • Water to make a good cake batter consistency

Heart Cake Method

1.  Beat the egg whites until they are thick

2.  Beat the egg yolks, sweetener, baking powder, butter and coconut oil then add the raspberries to break them up a little.

3.  Add the flour and then some water to make a good cake batter consistency.

Mixing the Heart Cake
Mixing the Heart Cake


4.  Fold the egg white into the yolk and flour mix

5.  When they are mixed put the mixture into a greased heart-shaped pan. Try and keep the top flat.   I had a small heart shaped cake pan that I made the small cakes with. If you don’t have that you could just make two cupcakes and decorate the tops with heart designs.

6.  Depending on your oven cook at around 350 F, check it after 25 minutes

7.  When it is cooked, soft resistance when touched. Turn out with the top down onto a flat surface, I use a dish towel. Let it cool and then place in the fridge while you get the jello layer ready.

Ingredients and method for the jello layer of the heart cake

500 g (around one pound) raspberries. I took the half cup of raspberries out of this amount for the cake.

Put the berries and 1 and a half cups of water and some sweetener in the blender, blend to break up the berries.

Put 2 tablespoons of gelatine (or the equivalent of agar agar) into 3/4 cup of very hot water. Stir until it is completely dissolved. Then add the water raspberry mix to the gelatine mix. Stir well and pour it into the heart shaped cake pan to a little under half an inch deep.  Let it set in the fridge.

Cooked using the flat bottom
Cooked using the flat bottom


Putting the romantic heart cake together

Take the heart cake from the fridge.

Remove the set jello from the fridge and sit the pan in fairly warm water for about 5 seconds.    Now place the cake bottom down onto the jello. That way you have a nice flat surface to work on. Holding the two together turn it upside down onto your serving plate.  So the top of the cake is actually on the bottom now sitting on the serving plate.  Gently remove the cake pan and the jello should separate onto the cake.  If it does not you could place a warm cloth on the bottom of the cake pan to encourage it to let go and the jello to slip onto the cake.

Put the cake back in the fridge for 10 minutes to get the sides firm again.

Now the fun part of making up your design.  I cut a paper stencil from the bottom of the heart shaped pan and cut out the left side shape and placed it over the jello and put a thick layer of grated dark chocolate down that side and carefully removed the paper.  The rest of the design I just piped it with cream.

When you are happy with your creation use toothpicks and cover with cling wrap, leave it in the fridge until it is time to reveal your romantic heart cake.

This is how to use the toothpick method for covering, it protects your design and also keeps the plastic chemicals from direct contact with your heart cake.


cling wrap tooth pick
Place some toothpicks around the cake
Cling wrap log
Put the cling wrap over the toothpicks preventing the plastic from coming in contact with the food.








Heart cake decorated
Heart cake

Romantic Heart Cake – Love is in the air

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