Housing Market [Get Top Price]

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In my post How to get the Best Possible Price – Selling Your House, I outline and then expand the three main points that will increase the value of your house. Thus the heading here Housing Market [Get Top Price].

Housing Market - Entry- How to get the Best Possible Price – Selling Your House

Here is an overview of some of what you can learn in the post – published on Living Well Spending Less

  • Discover some emotions that can obscure objective judgment and hinder the marketing process.
  • How important are quality photos of your property?  Can I cut costs using smartphone photos?
  • How to choose a realtor?  When is the right time to get him to view your property?
  • What are the things you should do to prepare your house for selling?
  • What part does the Internet play?
  • Should you assist the realtor when he is showing your house?
  • Is it alright to leave your wedding photos in the bedroom?
  • The things you can and should control.
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You will find the answers to these questions and more in the full post published on Living Well Spending Less with Ruth Soukup.

Housing Market up or down – Get these two free selling aids

Two free items exclusive to those who use the Living Well Spending Less site. Access them from the link at the end of the post.

Some housing markets are going well, and others are slow – either way I have written an e-book to show you how to make big money while you are waiting to sell your house.  If the housing market is slow, instead of becoming frustrated and stressed, I show you how to take advantage of the slow market and make more profit. There is a bonus at the end that for some of you, it could change your life.

For LWSL users, these items free for you

      1. An E-book – How to make big money while waiting to sell you house  

      2. A comprehensive checklist for selling your house.

Both of these items the e-book and the checklist are FREE for LWSL users.  They are accessed at the bottom of the post on LWSL

Housing Market Sold - How to get the best possible price

Housing Market [Get Top Price]

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