How to Host an Awesome Link Party

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How to Host an Awesome Link Party

Is hosting a link party right for you?  Learn how to host an awesome link party.

Find out if hosting a party is the way for you to go. With so many Link Parties available for us to enjoy and to link up to – hosting must be easy. . .How to host an awesome link party. Is hosting for you - find out here

Reasons to host a Link Party

I often hear it said that the best reason to be a host is the traffic a Link Party generates, I used to think that too.
Having an Alexa add-on in my browser, I noted that even in large parties, the hosts did not show a lot of traffic.

How to Host an Awesome Link Party - traffice

When you think about it a Link Party with 250 posts entered by 200 bloggers and there are four co-hosts, that is traffic numbers on average of 50 for each host. 50 visitors in one week is not massive traffic. So you need more motivation other than traffic.

Hosts get to meet bloggers on a regular basis

The great thing for the host is that they are in a position to meet and read posts from regular partygoers week after week. An awesome opportunity to really get to know people and to appreciate their posts and the insight and work that they put into them. I don’t know many other ways to have this privilege.

I have met the loveliest of bloggers by being host to Link Parties.

As a host you often have the opportunity to help and promote others, this is a great joy to me. Everyone in this business knows it is a lot of work requiring many skills, and those skills are often learned on the job. Many people have helped me along the way and I love to find ways to encourage and boost others on their blogging pathway.

For those who just want to attend and participate in parties make sure you are getting the best out of link parties.

Valuable exposure for your blog

As a host you have the opportunity to also show your brand and bloggers get to know you as you get to know them, that is a win win.  In a link party and in the advertising for the party your blog is getting valuable exposure.

To be the host of a party is a big commitment

  • The party needs to be prepared every week and to be published on time.
  • Link party codes are sent out to the co-hosts in time for them to check and prepare for publishing.
  • Notify the bloggers who are going to be featured.
  • When you have featured posts either chosen by the host or co-hosts or from the most clicked – it is quite time-consuming to prepare these features.  Especially if they are featured with DoFollow links that passes search engine favor to the blogger.
  • You will probably collect the emails of regular partygoers so that you can send an email reminder when the party is live. The email has to be written and scheduled to go out at the appropriate time.
  • Advertise the party.
  • Commenting and social promotion of the posts in the link up.
  • Keep the co-hosts informed.

Considerations when starting and hosting a Link Party

Choose your preferred platform.

Link parties run on platforms or software programs.

 I love using Inlinkz because it is easy to use for the host and the blogger submitting posts.

Will you have co-hosts

If so how many?

Have a criteria for choosing your co-hosts. e.g. if your party theme is ‘weddings’ a co-host heavy into IT may not be suitable.

Will your party have a theme?

I have found that parties with a very narrow theme are not easy to join in. I may have a couple of posts that go with the theme and then I have nothing more to share.  While a group in the same niche may enjoy a small intimate party for sharing their posts.

Recipes, crafting, budget, homeschooling, parenting are a few of the niches that have a wide range within each category.

Others leave it more open to any categories that are family friendly.

Every Link Party has some rules or guidelines

Most have a family friendly rule.

Some have a wide category range with exceptions e.g. no direct selling.

Some require the blogger to visit at least two other posts and to leave comments if they appreciate the content.

What to do if bloggers keep breaking the party rules

This is a hard one, but you need to think about it.  One of the rules often broken is the Family Friendly rule. You have an obligation to the other partygoers to keep the linky Family Friendly.  Just an email explaining that should be enough, if it is ignored you always have the option to delete the post.

The other rule that is often ignored is the request to visit one or two other posts before they leave.

Often the reason bloggers come to a link party is to get to know others and to have their own post read and appreciated.

How is that going to happen?  Where is the logic in linking a post and running off, hoping others will not do the same?  They are hoping that others will do the right thing while they ignore the guidelines. It does not make a lot of sense!  Or do they just rely on the host to read and comment on their posts?  This is very disheartening for the host of a link party.

Anyone who has hosted a party will know what a time-consuming job commenting and social promotion is. It is so nice to get a little comment of thanks along the way :).

How to Host an Awesome Link Party

Here are a few extra tips for hosting an awesome link party.

  •  It is a good idea before you launch your party to do a post announcing what your party is about. Offer to send a reminder when the party is live.
  • Make some Pinterest pins to advertise your party with theme and times.
  • Share your intention on all your social media sites.
  • If you have co-hosts encourage them to share as well.
  • Appreciate your guests that come to the party.
  •  Keep it family friendly
  • It has more effect sending out a notice each week when the link party is live.  If it is sent before it opens, it is easily forgotten.
  • Please date and time your party, don’t just put a number on it.  Remember all those confusing time zones, state where the basis zone you take your times from is. That makes it easier for bloggers to adjust to other time zones.
  • Check your links in emails and on the party that they go to the right place. (red face here).
  • Aim for quality.
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If you decide that hosting a party is for you, then go for it.  It is a very enjoyable part of blogging.

Link parties promoting each other - How to Host an Awesome Link Party
Link parties are to promote each other.

How to host an awesome link party.  I would say that you could share some tips that would help us all. Go ahead we are listening.

What do you like about link parties? What annoys you? Would you like to start a link party? Do you need help setting the linky up?

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

Enjoy these great linkies

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How to get the best out of link parties
How to get the best out of link parties

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