How to Invest in your Blog |Budget

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How to invest in your Blog on a tight budget

Like many of you, I am blogging on a tight budget, and live frugally. How to Invest in your Blog is an important question. When we spend on our blog it has a defined purpose. That is why it helps to have defined goals. To get direction for goals my post 5 Blogger styles will assist you.

My blogging budget depends on the few dollars earned on the Internet, usually paid straight into my PayPal account.

I will show you where I have invested these dollars, also I will share three ways I saved on my purchases.

The information will help you to evaluate any investment you are considering to upgrade your blog.

How to invest in your Blog on a tight budget

To achieve my blogging goals I need two main things, apart from good content.

1. I need a Host where I can have my blog on a server that will facilitate my blog.
2. I need ways to network and promote my content.  It is no use having great content if nobody knows it is there. People can’t find a secret or a needle in a haystack of 60 trillion plus pages on the Internet.

Three ways I have saved on my purchases

1. I paid my host for an add-on that did not perform as expected. The host returned my money.
2. On one purchase, I negotiated a better price. I saved 60%
3. Being an affiliate for the products gives the potential to earn back the cost of the investment, and to replenish your budget.

I don’t typically write posts with a lot of affiliate links. They are inherent with this type of post. That said, I would appreciate you kindly using these links when checking items out.

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The four blog investments

1.  Server upgrade

Outcome: My site is not having extended down times and being super slow

In line with my goals, the blog needed to be self-hosted. I bought the cheapest hosting that I could find. After a few months, I started having problems with the site becoming very slow. Then at times the site was down. On contacting the host, they would assure me that things would be back to normal very soon. The frustration of knowing that readers cannot access your site is common to all of us who have faced this situation. I guess we get what we pay for. At least, it was an inexpensive way to get me started blogging and to be self-hosted.

As my blog was growing and to function efficiently, I upgraded to a better server with fewer sites on it. I paid for three years to make the monthly fees less. The cost was more than I wanted to spend, but I have not had a problem since.

My advice to those who see the obvious value of self-hosting is to start with the cheaper package which is around $70 a year. At no extra cost, you can add extra domains to this low-cost package.  When your blog is settled and you have found your direction you may want to think about upgrading. I was advised to upgrade when receiving around 100 visitors a day.

2. (a) CommentLuv – Building relationships

Outcome: It makes commenting fun and valuable

The next blogging asset I spent money on was CommentLuv for commenting. It has advanced anti-spam built into it. I would class this investment as one of the best for reaching out and socializing. A one-off purchase, not a monthly fee. I had started with the free version of CommentLuv. It attaches the bloggers last post to their comment. This is a win-win outcome leaving a link for you and the other blogger. It is now so easy, with one click I can hop over to the blog of the commenter and return the compliment. The free version does not send your replies back to the author. The paid version resolves this. I am so thankful for the advantages of CommentLuv.

(b) Inlinkz for parties and link ups

Outcome: Link-ups are quick and easy

When I started my Blog Booster Party, I paid for Inlinkz. What a great and easy to use platform with an inexpensive yearly fee. When I go to parties I love to see them using Inlinkz because it is so quick to use.

(c)  “Hello world, I just published an awesome post!”

Outcome: Pages indexed, increased traffic, improved Alexa ranking, keeps advertising my Posts every 3 days

I will spend a little more time explaining this fourth item as many may not be familiar with it. When I first purchased my hosting package I paid a little extra to have my site submitted to search engines. After nearly a year, I found out that Bing, the second largest search engine did not even know my site existed. Bing also does Yahoo search. When I pointed this out to the host, they returned the money I had paid for that service.

If search engines do not know you are there, you are hidden somewhere in the 60 trillion pages.
Another blogger alerted me to free services that will ping your pages to the search engines. I checked out several of these services, and it seems that Pingler is the best.

It is simple – Put in the page URL, then the title or keyword. Choose up to 3 categories, fill in a Captcha code and press Ping. Ping 5 pages a day for free. You can repeat the same page after three days.

With over 800 pages, It was time-consuming submitting pages every day, I decided to get a premium subscription.

I paid $40 for a year; I can add up to 50 pages. Each page is pinged to various search engines every three days. These search engines can now be aware of my pages existence. You set and forget, Pingler does the work. I just have to add my new posts to the list to be pinged. It is also a good way to let the world know if you have updated an older post.

Check Pingler’s free service. For the paid subscriptions, click on Prices then if you want a smaller package click on the large left arrow. To check a package you are interested in click Order, and you will see the discounted prices.

How to Invest in your Blog |Budget

You can see from the screenshot that I added a post on 24th Sept. it has been pinged to different groups of search engines every three days. I can see that it has been pinged 16 times.

Browser plugins. I have it on Firefox, I can add a page from anywhere without going to the Pingler site.  On Chrome it gives me an icon to get to my Pingler page quickly.

It is hard to quantify the benefits. I know that Bing has now indexed over 600 of my pages.  Looking at traffic stats.the main change I see is that Direct traffic has doubled. The blogger who put me onto pinging said that her Alexa ranking improved.  I would say that is true for me as well.

How to invest in your blog on a budget. That is the four investments I have made in my blog for better function, more efficiency, and to aid me in meeting needs and adding value for readers. The good part is that with the affiliate programs my blogging budget can be replenished for future Blog investment. They have made my blogging lifestyle a little easier.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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