How to Join a Linky Party

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This post is to help bloggers to join a Linky party like the Blogger’s Pit Stop.  How to join a Linky party will be the same for all parties using the Inlinkz platform.
This is how you will recognize an Inlinkz party or blog hop.

Technically there is a difference between a party and a blog hop, but the two names seem to be being used as one. So we are calling it a Linky Party.

Reasons to Join Parties

  • You are placing your post on a board showing the best posts of other bloggers.
  • You are showcasing your Posts
  • Being in a party is exposure that goes outside of your usual contacts – it is extending your reach – free advertising for your Blog
  • Commenting on other bloggers posts helps you to get to know other blog owners, and they get to know you.
  • Those who blog mainly for the social interaction love it. Blog parties enhance the blogger’s lifestyle.
  • Serious bloggers with growth goals find the extra traffic and comments help them, and they also like the social interaction.
  • Those who see the value of search engine traffic and analytics, benefit in several ways.

An update on reasons to join link parties titled Love Link Parties – How to Benefit

Inlinkz is not the only party platform so if you go to a number of parties you will find other formats. I like Inlinkz as it is easy and quick to use.

Link Parties Pit Stop Logosml

Each party has an open time, and close time. You can read posts any time that they are displayed, but you cannot post a new post outside of those times.

Always check the open time as it is advantageous to get in on the first page of posts. Sometimes if you are at the end the majority of other bloggers have been and gone and so they don’t get to see the end posts.

Each party will have a host or several hosts.

Some parties have a list of requirements before you can post.

All parties have Rules or Posting Guidelines.

After you have posted, you will be asked to look at other posts and to leave comments if you appreciate the content.

It is very unfriendly not to abide by the rules. It is unfriendly not to visit others blogs and to encourage others.

When bloggers do not do the right thing, the quality of the party erodes.

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How to Join a Linky Party

Submitting a Post

How to Join a Linky Party
Start 2 How to Join a Linky Party
Step 2










1. Step one -To submit a post, click on the blue button ‘Add your link’. You will be taken to the next page –

2.  Step two – a) Open the post you want to share in another of your windows and Copy the URL and paste it into the top space of page 2 called ‘Link.’

b) Click the next line, ‘Link title.’ The program will bring up a link title from your post, you can edit that if you wish. There is a limit of how many letters you can have in a title. The Blogger’s Pit Stop allows 75. It is important to have a link title that captures attention and represents what your post is about.

c) Your email will be in line 3.


How to Join a Linky Party

Step 3



3. Step three -The program will bring up a variety of graphics relating to your post. If you don’t like the photo that it chooses, you can change it. Just click ‘Select’ on one of the other graphics.  If you have another graphic that is not showing click on ‘Upload’ then the orange ‘Click to upload file.’  If the graphic needs cropping, click on ‘Crop’ and adjust it from the corners. When you are happy with the selection, click ‘done’ under the graphic. Some people pre-prepare a graphic at around 300×300 pixels, and it fits just right.  Click ‘Done’ in the lower right-hand corner.


Your choice
Step 4
Start 5 How to join a link party
Step 5









4. Step four –This page in step four gives you the option to, on the left – Go back to the Linky Party or the tab on the right, click to submit a second post.

If you have been to other parties, the friendly Inlinkz frog remembers what you have submitted.  Just click on ‘History’ -top right.

5. Step five -You can then see in step five all the thumbnails that represent your posts from previous parties. It is very quick just to click the thumbnail of the post you want, click Use, and the form will fill in for you. You can change the wording if you wish.  Click ‘Done’ and you will be back to the page giving you the choice of, returning to the party, or  submitting another post.

How to Join a Linky Party
Step 6
Step 7
Step 7

6. Step six  -is back to the Linky Party to view all the other posts. Do some visiting and you are done.

7. Step seven – is to show you a close up of a post thumbnail. Hover  your mouse over the graphic of your post, and in the lower left you can see the social media share icons.  In the right-hand corner, there is a rubbish bin. If you find that you have made a mistake, click on the rubbish bin, you can delete your post and resubmit it if you wish.



Note: There are some link ups that require a Pinterest pin URL instead of your post URL.  To find a pin URL go to your Pinterest board and click on the pin you want to submit. Copy the URL that is in the address browser. It will look something like this  Paste this in where it says ‘link’ .


Most parties ask that you put their party banner on one of your pages, I find having a ‘Link Party’ page helpful. This is where I place all the banners of different parties. I am still working on how to make this page look tidy. They come in many shapes and sizes and are hard to place. I did have them centered and one under the other and that works well, but the page is so long.

Here is the Blogger’s Pit Stop Banner, for you to practice on.


The Blogger's Pit Stop


Copy the code ensuring that you collect it all.  Paste it on your html or Text page.  Now update your page before you look at the preview.  Sometimes if a code is troublesome, just check that there is a break between what you are adding and the code before it. This is one way to code a line break       Copy and paste that before you place the new code.

When a party is Live, you can click on the banner and it will take you to the blog page where you can find the Party.

I hope you have found this post How to Join a Linky Party, helpful.

Finding parties that fit with your posts

I often look through other bloggers ‘Party Pages’ to find interesting parties, I can then go and check them out. Most parties will make it clear what post subjects are acceptable.  Some may be just Recipes. Or just Health related. Whatever their specialty it is good to respect that. Many allow quite a broad variety of posts. The Blogger’s Pit Stop: “Post anything family friendly that makes up your lifestyle, family life, hobbies, work, blogging, health, recipes, social media. etc.”

Some parties will state the things that they do not want to be posted. It is wise to respect this.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for things I have not covered.

If you would like a reminder to come to the Blogger’s Pit Stop, put your name below in the comment form.
Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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