How to Say Goodbye to Food Cravings

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Do you really want to be free? How to say goodbye to food cravings for good.

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Do you really want to be free? How to say goodbye to food cravings for good.

How to say goodbye to food cravings

Great news and the not so great news – 

The great news first is that food addiction and/or a bad relationship with food can be changed, its power can be broken.

One man who was desperate to break his bad relationship with food took some drastic action,  he ate nothing but potato for 12 months.  Andrew was always trying different diets, losing weight and then putting it back on.  Then he realized that his weight problem was a symptom of his wrong relationship with food.  His aim was to be able to maintain his mental and emotional health without relying on food as a prop. Surprise, it worked.  He lost over 50kg and is in better mental and physical health than he had ever been.

Some people have bariatric surgery – for various reasons, the result is they cannot eat enough to maintain a bad relationship with food.

There is a much easier way to break up a bad relationship

I will expand on this below.

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Make health your goal

It is wonderful to lose unwanted weight, to receive compliments, and to fit into smaller clothes. However, it is better to set your goals far higher for long lasting results.  Set your goal to change your lifestyle in order to experience better heath outcomes. The side-effect of being healthier is often weight loss. Weight loss is not the end goal – health is!

Diabetes II

Diabetic sufferers receive so much miss information. They are being told they have a chronic disease with no cure that keeps getting worse with terrible consequences leading to death. The truth is that many are turning diabetes II into a thing of the past.

My son was taking the maximum dose of Metformin (diabetic drug). One doctor told him the sooner he gets onto injecting insulin the better he would be. My son thought that he was doing well dodging the bullets of being a diabetic, his blood sugar tests were never great but he did not feel or show the diabetic damage that is always talked about. He had a very bad relationship with food and had been diabetic for eleven years.

Examining his eyes, the optometrist said it was like looking into a window of what was going on in his body. The capillaries were breaking down and bleeding into his eyes and other tissues.

It often takes about ten years after diagnosis for these nasty things caused by diabetes to start coming to the fore. Blindness, kidney disease, loss of circulation, dementia, heart disease etc. are common nasties.

At this time, I was also given the wake-up call that I was pre-diabetic or what is called metabolic syndrome. A slow developing silent condition that involves increasing levels of Insulin and eventually developing diabetes. Higher insulin levels also result in weight gain.

Our diet change

My son and I adopted a diet that was used 100 years ago to treat serious illness, in particular, drug-resistant epilepsy. It is still used today.

We went on a lower carbohydrate diet. Therefore, our daily food is made up of 20-40mg of carbohydrate along with some protein and more healthy fats.  What we went on is called the ketogenic approach. (Not the Atkins diet.)

This is how I explain it. Following the guidelines, I set about teaching my body to use fat for energy instead of relying on carbohydrates. The body needs some carbohydrates but if you have stored up fat, why not use it for energy.  So when I use fat for energy, I lose weight. My liver is turning fat into fuel by making ketones.  My brain loves using ketones for energy making me much more alert and creative.

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Of all the diets I have been on, including eating only 500 cals a day, this eating plan is no harder to implement than any others.  I am not limited by calories, I can eat until satisfied but not to eat if I am not hungry.

Say goodbye to food cravings

Learning the ketogenic way

Do some research so that you understand the workings of the plan. How does it work, why does it work? The more you understand the easier it is to stick to. I will leave you helpful links at the bottom of this post.


Planning change

Learn what you can and cannot eat.

Clean the pantry of temptation and old cooking habits.

Go shopping with a totally new shopping list. At first, it may cost a little more to get set up but when you have the basics in the pantry this food plan will cost less.

Look up recipes, then with a little confidence you can make up or adapt your own recipes.

Don’t be caught without food to eat – prepare ahead.

Join a support group, I belong to one group with over 74,000 members and there are many other groups.

Some of the outcomes of this eating plan

Here are a few benefits from

  • fast weight loss
  • reduced hunger
  • better control over insulin and blood sugar
  • enhanced cognitive performance
  • lower risk for heart disease factors
  • reduced risk for certain types of cancer

My son first decreased his Metformin by half and then after his routine  A1C blood test, his doctor told him to go off all diabetic medication because he was not in the diabetic range. (Imagine hearing that after 11 years of bondage to food.) UPDATE: My son tells me he was diabetic for 13 years. He also has had a follow-up blood test that confirms that he is no longer in a diabetic range.

He was able to go off all high blood pressure medication. This is a common nice side-effect of a ketogenic eating plan, you can see why drug companies don’t like the diet. Ceasing the need for Cholesterol medication is another benefit. No longer purchasing these drugs is a huge saving. Although you may have to use the savings to buy some new clothes 🙂

It would take too much to expand on the eating plan in this post, it is not a one size fits all. Educate yourself on the basic plan and listen to your body to adjust it as necessary. Don’t be too quick to make changes it takes time to adjust and get used to how it works.


Summing up

A bad relationship with food can be broken. You do not have to be under the spell of food cravings.

Make health your main goal.

We have proven that diabetes can be turned around.

As listed above there are many benefits to this eating plan.

My fasting insulin dropped right back to normal, the doctor was excited and gave me a high five.

The not so great news

To those who keep procrastinating on making significant changes to bring about a healthy lifestyle, I have bad news.

My son and I did not know that our bad eating habits and lack of good exercise were causing silent slow damage. Silent damage will be happening to all who neglect a healthy lifestyle.

While I am so thrilled to have halted diabetes and reached my ideal weight, my doctor is finding other areas where damage has already been done. I can only hope that the positive steps that I am taking will at least slow, if not turn around the damage.

My son has signs of other damage also.

My take home message

Today, we know so much about the state of our health, with more being revealed every day.  Don’t procrastinate, don’t put your head in the sand, get it out of the too hard basket and take advantage to stop the silent damage. Tell your doctor you are interested in preventing damage.  Take responsibility for your own health.

The secret to learning and change is the will to change.

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