How to Win with Exercise

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I could not win with exercise but I could win computer games!

Talk about winning! A couple of years ago I won a three-month subscription to Grokker. With over 800 videos of gorgeously fit bodies making amazing moves for me to imitate.  I asked for a beginners video, they came up with one where a demonstrator did a modified version of the exercises. It was not pretty, I really tried but it felt almost dangerous. End of story, and that attempt to get physical.


I am much better at computer games, I like to be challenged, and I like to win.

Back when our grandsons were 8 and 10 years old, I bought Need For Speed PC version. When I tried driving the cars, they crashed every few seconds. I started to improve, keeping at it and practicing until I mastered the cars and the racetracks and could win.

My friend bought me a CD with dozens of games on it, almost daily I challenge myself to play a game until I win.

It feels good to win and brain coordination exercises are beneficial but they don’t help a body that is rusting away.


Why didn’t I have physical coordination??

Up until grade three, I was in a school with a total of 14 students, pre-school up to year 8 in one classroom. With so few students and a vast age difference, we did not play much sport.

In year three, we shifted into the town.  It was a bit traumatic to now be in a big school where they played sport every week. I soon learned that I did not have any natural sporting genes. I was hopeless at throwing and catching a ball.  A running race was always included on sports day.  As hard as I tried, the consistent result for me was an embarrassing second last. During the era I was at school, there were no encouragement awards for a loser. Just losers, who were last to be picked for any team event.

A lifetime of listening to unhelpful self-talk

How to Win with Exercise - learning to change the self-talk

“Via self-talk we give our mind instructions on what we expect of ourselves and so behave accordingly. Change the instructions and we change the outcomes.”
― Sam Owen


All through my school years, I found excuses not to be involved in sporting activities. I would even get my mother to write a note to the teacher with a reason why I could not play.

The result is I believed I was unable to be involved in physical activities, too slow, too clumsy, I just did not have it.

At age 19, I met a handsome young man. He excelled at football, tennis, golf, cricket, and table tennis.  I tried golf, once, and tennis a few times. Oh dear, it just did not work for me, and I resigned to being a spectator.  Amazingly, that young sportsman and I are still together.

I limited any physical activity because I thought I was unable to do it.  I took this belief through my whole life until a few years ago.

How to Win with Exercise - the mountain

How I won with exercise

Both of us wanted to improve our health. We live on a mountain, and of course, if you walk down a road, you then have to walk back up it.  We set ourselves a walk that was 1.5 km downhill, that was easy. It was a different story to come back up the very steep 1.5 km incline.

For two years I would only venture down to the halfway mark. I just knew it was impossible for me to go all the way with my husband.  We walked our hill three times a week as well as beach walking on a couple of days.

Progress to win with exercise

Gaining confidence, I ventured an extra 20 meters down the hill.  Every couple of weeks I added another 20 meters until I was doing three-quarters of the hill. I knew I could not cope doing the last quarter.

In our apartment building, we never use the elevator and sometimes we exercise by going up and down the stairs until our legs are like jelly.

I was starting to amaze myself and my husband encouraged me.

A few months ago on our way down the hill, I decided to go all the way even if it was going to take me all day to get back up to the top.

I surprised both of us by making it to the top without a problem. Now I do the whole walk every time. I am not saying it is easy, it is hard work every time, but I can do it.

After so many years of defeat, I feel like a winner.

My husband says that what I do now, I could not have done forty years ago. The only difference is the self-talk instructions.

We may never play tennis together but we have a heap of fun planning and hiking together.

To keep the many benefits of exercise, we have to be consistent, use it or lose it 🙂

I know what I am now able to do physically is not much compared to what others do, but for me, I feel like a winner.

Are you reaping the physical and mental rewards of exercise?

Do you find it hard to keep motivated?

Do you win with exercise?

Here is a bonus that will encourage anyone who is rusty –

Struggling with mobility? Our doctor recommended this site – Turn Back Time Information and videos for the rest of us who are not as young and agile as we would like to be.

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