IHerb Boron – [Boron Review]

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IHerb Boron – [Boron Review]

IHerb Boron
IHerb Boron
This is one of the Brands of Boron sold by IHerb   –   Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement for adults, one (1) vegetable capsule daily, preferably at mealtime, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Boron is an essential nutrient for optimal calcium metabolism and healthy bones and joints. Dietary boron intake may support a healthy prostate. Boron is a biologically active trace mineral.


IHerb Boron – Our Review

We first heard about Boron when our daughter recommended it for joint pain. We then read about the studies by Dr Rex Newnham – some of his story is related below.

We started taking IHerb Boron in September, 2013 for various aches and pains. I had suffered from hip pain for many years, mainly during the night. I also experienced lower back pain and various foot and joint pains when I first got up of a morning.

I can’t be sure how long it took but both of us noticed that our aches and pains were gone. Then at Christmas, we went away and ran out of our Boron. We were without Boron for three weeks.  A few days after arriving home, my husband kept complaining that we needed to buy a new bed as he was having a lot of back pain. I agreed as I was having pain also.

Shortly, our new supply of IHerb Boron arrived and we resumed taking it daily.  About 10 days later I realized that my aches were gone. Not wanting to influence my husband, I asked him if we still needed to buy a new bed. He stopped for a moment and looked a little shocked, saying that his back pain was gone. So we are very thankful for Boron and that we found it on IHerb, we take 6mg every day.

I see in one of the customer’s reviews that they mention new hair growth. I had developed a balding spot on the back of my head and I constantly kept trying to make sure other hair was covering it. For some time now that spot has regrown. I can only think that it must have been a mineral deficiency that IHerb’s Boron replaced.

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IHerb Boron customers – Boron reviews

These IHerb boron comments from customers can be viewed under the products on the IHerb site.

What customers are saying about Boron: Balance hormones and improve cognitive performance, strong bones, helps arthritis, osteoporosis, new hair growth…

“Boron is fantastic for dispersing other minerals such as calcium, manganese, magnesium and copper from places they shouldn’t be (e.g. joints, hair follicles, etc). Boron also helps lower high phosphorus, which then helps other minerals remain in the body. I’ve read that average diets in parts of Europe contain as much as thirty five mg of boron per day (vs a meager one mg elsewhere, e.g. USA). Regarding hair loss – not long after starting this I found I had NEW hair growing back in, and fibrocystic breasts were reduced – nothing else had worked. I began with nine mg and saw quick results. Since then, the results have been consistent. It also gets rid of brain fog – I feel more alert/awake since I started taking it and notice it when I don’t. Boron is something I’ll continue to take consistently.”


“My doctor recommended both magnesium and boron with calcium to improve absorption of calcium. My latest bone scan showed improvement over my last one so I am assuming this combination works.”


“I’ve been taking Boron for 12 months and most of my aches and pains have all but vanished and the tablets are great value.”


“According to the nutritionists it is good for bones, libido and for women after menopause. Hasn’t hurt my libido.”


“Boron is one of those trace minerals that help build bone, and helps many other functions. I notice a energy boost and more focus, everything seems to click after taking it. Do your own search and you’ll find it’s quite the little workhorse. If just for strengthening bone alone..”


“I have now been taking three 3mg capsules of Now Foods boron daily for approximately 4 years. I had extremely severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and after taking the boron for 3 months the RA had disappeared completely, and has never returned.”


My Review of IHerb [the Company]

I have written several IHerb reviews of the products that we personally use that you may find helpful

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IHerb Naturtint -IHerb Permanent Hair Color Review. I use this as a safer option.
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Dr Rex Newnham

Dr. Rex Newnham PhD, DO, ND, was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, and received his initial medical and science training there and in Australia. A teacher of Chemistry, soil science, agricultural botany, biology and geology for over thirty years he went on to study homeopathy, naturopathy and osteopathy and earned a PhD in nutrition.  Dr. Newnham’s investigations into nutrition began with a search for relief from his own arthritis, an affliction that became his primary field of inquiry.


Forty years ago I developed arthritis that made walking difficult so I went to the local doctor who gave me medicine that did not help. So I realized that there must be a reason for my arthritis and went looking for it.

At the time I had just recently moved from a home on good clay soil to a home on sandy soil, and I was teaching chemistry, soil science and agricultural botany at Fremantle Technical College, Western Australia. The clay soil had grown good quality fruit and vegetables, but the sandy soil gave a good crop in the first year but after this everything showed mineral deficiencies, as is common on many sandy soils.

So I looked into the properties of all these minerals to see if there was anything to do with bone or joints in man or animal. Nothing relevant was found, but one of the deficient minerals was boron and this was written off as not needed by man or animal; yet I knew that in the green plant boron was needed for proper usage of calcium. Bone contains much calcium so I wondered if boron could have anything to do with the calcium in bone.

I took 30 mg or less than one thousandth of a dangerous dose of borax twice a day. In 10 days the pain was less, in two weeks the swelling was going down and in three weeks all the pain, swelling and stiffness had gone.”

Dr Newnham continues. “So – in summary we can see that where there is plenty of boron in soil, water and food that there is little or no arthritis, but in places where there is little boron in soil, water and food there is much arthritis.

It has also been seen that boron will harden and strengthen bones and so prevent osteoporosis. Elderly women are particularly liable to osteoporosis, but a daily supplement of boron will prevent it because the bones are hard and strong.

Animals such as sheep, cattle and dogs also get arthritis and the boron supplement tablets will correct it in these animals.

When we compare these results with the work that has been done by Dr. Roger Wyburn-Mason and others who have followed along with his regime we can see that there are really many factors that can cause arthritis and rheumatism. Many of these causes are due to the invasion into the body of foreign organisms such as bacteria, fungi or viruses which soon multiply and then they cause many diseases of which the arthritic diseases are prominent. Many drugs have been used to counteract and kill these organisms. But then we are faced with the problem of how and why did they multiply and cause so much trouble, When there is enough boron in the body fluids these invaders are killed, but when the level of boron drops then there is not enough to kill them and the disease organisms just multiply until there is disease.

Boron is not stored in the body to any extent so it must be supplied daily in the food. The table shows that when there is 5 or 6 mg of boron in the daily diet there is very little arthritis which means that the micro organisms are under control and arthritis does not show as a symptom.

Osteoporosis is not caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses but by a loss of calcium, because it is not re-absorbed back into the skeleton after it has been lost from a bone. Boron acts on the parathyroid to ensure that this calcium is properly re-absorbed and is not lost. It is a different mechanism to the correction of arthritis. Boron has been used in the

Osteo-Trace tablets for some years now and these have helped over a million people to get rid of their arthritis.”

Read the Reviews above for IHerb Boron. There are other brands of IHerb Boron that you can search on their site. We have only shown one brand of IHerb boron here.

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