Is Blog Commenting Valuable ?

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Is Blog Commenting Valuable ? Or a Time Waster?

Comments can be both of those things, valuable and time wasters. So in asking, Is blog commenting valuable it depends on the content of the comment.

Is Blog Commenting Valuable. Or is it a time waster?

Learning to make valuable comments

Comments are important both for the commenter and for the receiver. It can be mutually beneficial.

I think I am slowly learning the art of making comments. I am not naturally good at small talk and sometimes I just don’t feel like talking at all.Talking. Is blog commenting valuable?

I used to think that taking the time to leave a comment was just further stress on my time. I was new, and I did want to learn.  I set out to learn from the comments of others.

“Great post” “Thanks for the follow, here is my Facebook ….” “Nice post, come and post on (my) Party” “My method is better and easier”  Comments like these made me feel the commenter did not have the slightest interest in the actual post.

Then there is the three links back to their content that has nothing to do with the original post where they are commenting.

What about the big comment that takes over the conversation and just talks about themselves without adding value to the original post?

Is Blog Commenting Valuable ?

In the process of learning I may have been guilty of a couple of those not so good styles of commenting.

Learning from a recent comment on my site.

“I was so excited to see I have featured on your very first Blog Booster Link up. Thanks to all you readers who read my post. Thanks for your boost Kath. Have a great weekend! ” (

This comment is an example of a blogger adding value to my post. They also added value to their blog by the show of appreciation and interest. She made it personal by using my name and even wished me a great weekend. The outcome is, I want to know more about this person, I want to visit their blog.   Other people reading this comment will think I must have a good blog party worth going to. They will see that this commenter obviously submitted a good post and  they are thoughtful and their blog would be well worth a visit.  It’s a win-win.

Is Blog Commenting Valuable ?

I want you to meet Darren Rowse, (Most of you probably have read his valuable posts) for many years I have read and learned from his Camera reviews and then his Digital Photography School as he assembles awesome photography tips. Now, I have just discovered him on ProBlogger, and now again I am learning from him. His blog is brimming with very knowledgeable tips, helps and lessons on Blogging.

In his post –

The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments On Blogs

Darren has summed up four different types of commenters.
1. Spammers – entirely irrelevant and stuffed full of keyword rich links in an attempt to rank for those words in Google.
2. Spammy self-promoters – don’t sign with their personal names.
3. The Commenter who Builds their Profile by Delivering Value “They have obviously read the post and have something of value to contribute. Their comments may not always be long or in-depth, but they add to the conversation with something that is thoughtful and relevant.”  They use their personal name and where possible use a personal avatar.
4. Darren’s fourth category is the Value Commenter Who gets nothing back“commenters who are all about delivering value but for one reason or another don’t promote themselves.” They may be shy, afraid of being labeled a spammer, or they think it will damage their Google reputation.

Obviously, number Three is what you should be aiming for.  Use the link above to read Darren’s full post.

How can you make blog comments that are mutually valuable?

How can you make blog comments that are mutually valuable? Click To Tweet

Talking. Is blog commenting valuable?1. Read the post before making a comment. OK sometimes you don’t have to read every single word, but you do need to read the majority. I read every post on Fridays Blog Booster Party, and I learn so much from doing that.

2. Make a genuine and honest comment that is value adding. You may have some good points to add but make sure that they provide value to the post. It’s so obvious when a commenter gets on their soapbox so that they can have their say with very little reference to the post. Or they may take the opportunity to voice a pet grieve, again without much relevance to the post.

3. I was recently commenting on a fashion blog. I loved the overall look of the lovely models outfit, the cap and the shoes were wonderful accessories. The top was cool, but the jeans had a huge rip in one leg. I commented on all the positives and took the risk of being honest and saying that the rip in the jeans was a bit much for my liking.  She commented back to me and had taken no offense. She told me the story of how the tear came to be so large, she had caught her big toe in it while putting them on. She was so nice to add a little humor.

4. It certainly helps to pick out a particular point from the post and comment on that point. You can politely add an extra point, that is OK. But don’t end the comment with your point, turn the emphasis back to their post to finish your comment.

5. I love to read comments that feel like a pat on the back. Yes, they heard me, they understand what I am saying. They are adding valuable comments and confirming the points.

Reading posts and commenting is time-consuming so what is the value for you the blogger

Reading posts and commenting is time-consuming so what is the value for you the blogger Click To Tweet

It does increase your presence on the Internet and may help SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to a degree. Your comment needs to be on topic and valuable to that topic. But don’t overlook the traffic that valuable comments can generate, which in turn helps your SEO.

Maybe the greatest benefit of leaving comments is building relationships. If you consistently leave well thought out comments, people will notice, and it will help build your reputation as a Blogger. Hopefully, some will go to your blog to see who this thoughtful blogger is who takes the time to read and make valuable comments. Not everyone pays back, but that is their problem, not yours. You are the richer for having left meaningful comments.

Weekly Tips

Leaving a Link back to your site

It is OK to leave one link back to yourself to let people know which blog is yours. A first name by itself means nothing.

Not all Comment platforms are worth the effort

Some Comment plugins or platforms ask for the URL of your site, and by clicking on your name readers will be taken to your site. Very easy to use.

Other platforms require you to sign in using a social media site. I don’t like these, for example, Facebook always goes to my personal page and I don’t want that associated with my blog. Others may use WordPress login, I don’t want to share that. These programs ask for my password to social media. Who is asking? Why should I share my passwords with strangers? Sometimes I persevere, I write my comment and choose the login type and press Publish. It logs me in, but I lose the comment and have to start again. Think how many comments you lose on these platforms.

When I first started blogging I wondered why I got so few comments. Then I found that in setting up the blog I had chosen for people to log in before they could comment (for security reasons). Some did and lost their passwords and then it was a hassle to get another one. Long story short it was a hopeless method.

I tried several plugins that were not suitable for my needs, so I kept changing.

I came across CommentLuv, I read many reviews and decided to try it out. As its name suggests, I luv it. It is easy for me to use, and it is easy for the commenter. The awesome thing about it is that it allows you and the blog that you are commenting on, to automatically attach a link to a recent blog post you have written. So there is no need to put a link back to your site; CommentLuv automatically does it for you.

Beneficial practices

  • A good practice in networking and making blogger friends is to go to their site after they have left a comment on your site. With CommentLuv, if the other blog is using CommentLuv this is so easy. Just click on the attached blog title link and your reading their post, and leaving a comment if you wish to.
  • Another very worthwhile practice is always to give a reply to comments left on your site. (It says thank you I heard you.) Don’t bother if it is obvious that the commenter has not read your post.

I left comments for a couple of months and then realized that the free CommentLuv does not send replies. I was very disappointed that all my hard work in answering felt wasted. I did not want to try another comment plugin, so I decided to buy an upgrade for CommentLuv. It has been worth it. I look at the upgrade as an investment in my blog and all the effort I put into it. The upgrade also comes with spam protection. It sends your reply, and again without being intrusive. it attaches a link to one of your posts. I think buying this upgrade you automatically become an affiliate.

For me, this comment platform has a lot of positives. But it is now up to me to keep honing my skills at leaving meaningful comments that add value to your posts and the world of blogging.Talking. Is blog commenting valuable?

Is Blog Commenting Valuable ? Or a Time Waster? I will let you come to your own conclusion. Basically, it depends on your style of commenting.

If you are a blogger who wants to get ahead then we can help each other learn.  You will make the effort to choose the path that leads to the best rewards for your effort. Be generous and enhance your lifestyle.

What are the things that you like or dislike about comments?

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