Our JULIE SYL: What Makes this Dynamo Entrepreneur Tick?

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Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew member – Julie Syl – see what makes her tick?

Julie is a dynamic entrepreneur whose hard work has taken her from 0 to 100 in a relatively short time. She has Blogger's Pit Stop Crew Blogger's Pit Stopbeen a vital part of our Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew from our early days. She is always encouraging and motivating the rest of our Crew with her positive, upbeat attitude, and we love her for that.

However, most of the blogger’s that join our Pit Stop each week probably do not know much about her or what makes this girl rumble.

I have seen a little of her personal development as she has become a successful business entrepreneur and trainer. Her videos and podcasts are as much entertainment as they are informative. She is a popular Events speaker and a successful author of four published books. Julies latest publication is The Winning Planner.

Blogger's Lifestyle Interview Julie Syl a changed attitude leads to a new life


Julie Syl Crew Member Blogger's Pit StopInterview with Julie Syl

Q,  Julie, we know how important family is to you. Tell us a little about them.

A.  First of all; Thank you so much for having me and allowing me to share a bit about my life with your community Kathleen! Well, how long have you got 🙂 …

I am a mom of 2 beautiful beings a boy and girl. And wife to one gorgeous Dr Kalungi. I live in England and I love my life. I love cooking for my family. I do love dancing and travel ending up on a beach with a good book and a dirty banana! Between being a mom and a wife I have no idea how I find the time to be an entrepreneur. Yet I Do. I am still resisting a fur baby because my children have had allergies for years and used to come home sneezing daily from the minder who had cats and a dog bless her. I also come from a large extended family back in Africa and anyone who grew up there knows how wide and deep that particular rabbit hole can be. Suffice to say, I am highly inspired to grow bigger and serve wider so that my family immediate and extended has a legacy to look forward to.


Q. Q. You are one of the hardest working Online ladies that I know. Can you share some tips on how to get it all done and keep your perspective of life in order?

A.  Wow, thank you for that compliment…I prefer to work SMART and allow Source to have His way in how myJulie Syl Winning Planner life and business pans out.  So my deep faith in a higher consciousness that has my good at the centre or everything and is always with me, whatever the external environment allows me to go about my day knowing that as long as I put in the INSPIRED work, my success is a given.

My burning desire to succeed not just for me, or my family, but also for my deepest audacious dream to build a school for orphans keeps me showing up whatever the weather! And I mean that physically and mentally! As I was an orphan myself! Every time I feel like I can’t be asked to wake up and get to work, I remember a child praying for someone like me to help bring change to their lives… As I was! And I get up and get to work. Plus who doesn’t enjoy the impact money brings to your life?

So I Set Weekly ACTIVITY Based Goals because I can only control what I do. These goals stem from my Monthly Target (Note I say ONE Target, great for keeping me focused and not overwhelmed by all kinds of to-do lists)

Now to keep me on the ball I use a Planner and I couldn’t find one that suited my specific needs so I created one. THE WINNING PLANNER 😉

Allow me to give your readers 2 key tips to staying focused on success:

#1. I make sure I have Weekly Activity Goals broken down into Daily action steps, which are in turn broken down in Hourly activities with scheduled Breaks to take stock of what I am doing and If I am on track.

#2. The above allows me to TRACK my actions and results. I am able to note any mistakes or challenges along the way before they become hard lessons and correct them fast. I get to know what works for our business and Increases productivity for me and my team. Also, I am able to scale what works and To CELEBRATE the successes and journey, in general, every week. Because I do get to do the WORK. THE RESULTS ARE A GIVEN.


Blogger's Pit Stop Julie SylQ. Have you always been a positive, confident person, or has life taught you to be that way?

A.  OMGee are you joking me? Naaa I was once a Pity Party host of giant proportions. I could throw the best pity parties ever with See Food eat it for canapes! I complained for England nothing was ever good enough and my husband always got the brunt of my complaining. Life, Personal Development and Reading entrepreneurial self-help books have changed my mindset in a major way. The specific book that woke my inner goddess up was “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill.


Q.  Do you get nervous before doing a live video or Event speaking?


  • Absolu-freaken-lutely...That’s why I am always smiling like a looney and speaking at 100miles/hr… Seriously who doesn’t? I have learnt to turn that nervous energy into adrenaline and Light to propel my live broadcast till I am calm and flowing in the topic I have chosen. Then I have to stop myself from giving the shop away, …coz I so love to share! 🙂
  • For a Speaking event, I dress for posture, glad rags, put my face on an I am halfway done. I practice my lines and then promptly forget them and allow myself to go with my heart in the general direction of the event. Unless I am teaching, then I stick to the lines and tie. I have a lil mantra and routine before I talk.  I tell myself I am amazing, I am great, I am the best they ever had and everything coming out of my lips is a Diamond and everyone can’t wait to get their hands on it…! I take deep breaths In, Hold for 5, breath out for 5 and repeat 5 times….Am ready for the world!


Q.  What is your most embarrassing moment on live video or public speaking?

 A.  Hahaaaa should I tell….OMG I have a few, one grows into the role really. Still, mistakes happen even to the best of them! I smile I brrrrr them aside and keep going. Just recently I had eaten Kale and had some stuck in my teeth…I did a Live. Every time I smiled I could see it…So I pretended I’d dropped my pen and removed offending din-dins leftovers. So I still gaffe lol


Q.  What is one of the smartest business decisions you have made?

 A.  Branding myself and starting my Coaching Business hands down the Smartest business decisions I ever made. Before that, I was a sheep in a sea of Online Marketing sheep. Today I help the Business owner organize their offers, package them, target the right audience and get paid on purpose.


Q. We want to talk about the Winning Planner, but first, tell us five interesting things about yourself that we probably do not know.

A.   OMGee like, am I that interesting?… I don’t know let’s see…Hmmm

  • Crazy, but I believe I cook a mean curry.
  • I can dance all night and dance some more…
  • I can turn my eyes and look at different sides of the room…weird right?
  • I can roll my tongue and I was ambidextrous before my primary school teaches smacked my left hand out of biz!
  • I can and do write 3000 words per day. No problem!!!


Q.  You recently published The Winning Planner, it looks absolutely fabulous and even has a choice of cover colours.

Julie, tell us how this is different from other Planners? What sets it apart?

A.  The Winning Planner is an UNDATED Combination planner/journal that helps you to SMASH out your Goals in 90 Days. You will get better results by improving your focus and productivity. It comes in Red, Blue and Charcoal grey colours and a digital version is included as well.

B.  It is a Class Apart from other Planners for various reasons. I couldn’t find a diary/journal for entrepreneurs that also focused on self-care.  There is never enough space. And the general full page diaries just didn’t inspire me.

So I created a digital resource as well, where I could record my Social, Spiritual, Physical and Economic daily steps towards living a life I design!  With the Winning Planner, you can say bye bye to a lack of direction, focus and banish procrastination and its sister overwhelm!  

For self-care, you get to record and track your meals, fluid intake, personal affirmations, what you are grateful for daily and what you may need to re-focus on for the next day.

You can reflect on your day with all those things taken care of and go to bed feeling accomplished, as opposed to beating yourself up for not doing everything and thus achieving nothing!

Of course, in addition to being a 2-in-one Planner and Journal, it is also your very own Tracker tool. What I love about the Winning Planner also is you get a digital version that will blow your socks off in terms of Project Management. I cannot recommend it enough.

Benefits of using The Winning Planner:


To me, The Winning Planner is the Best Planner out there. Period.

The Winning Planner Red


The Winning Planner colour choices













Julie. thank you so much for sharing so openly with us. Your Winning Planner sounds amazing, what a bargain to get all of that at such a low price.

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