Keep Moving – to regenerate your brain

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We are talking about keeping the blogger’s lifestyle a healthy one.  There have been several studies showing that moderate, regular exercise is very beneficial to brain health.  So keep moving, the brain is one of the many parts of your anatomy you will want to take care of.

Keep Moving

Keep Moving

This is enormously exciting news that to simply keep moving can be so beneficial, and its importance seems to be coming into fuller realization.

How many times have you ‘started’ an exercise program or resolved to get fit?  Well, it does not matter!  What is important is that you keep moving and don’t give up. Wherever you are at physically, if you can move it, work at making it stronger and more mobile. You may even be surprised to find some of the muscles you thought had retired, can be coaxed back into service.

The very exciting thing about moving is that it helps much more than our mobility and bone strength. This latest research is finding that moving is vitally important for brain maintenance and sustained mental fitness. It is no secret that an aging brain without the right nutrients and stimulation actually shrinks in size and weight.

Keep on moving

From Harvard Medical School

“Even more exciting is the finding that engaging in a program of regular exercise of moderate intensity over six months or a year is associated with an increase in the volume of selected brain regions,” says Dr. Scott McGinnis, a neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School. Source: (

For many years, scientific thought was that new brain cells could not be generated. Recent studies reveal that aerobic exercise gives a boost to cognitive abilities like complex thinking and problem solving. It gets better! Exercise can help reverse brain shrinkage by the generation of new brain cells.

For those of us giving up on ever regaining our mind power, think again, and keep moving.

For those of us giving up on ever regaining our mind power, think again, and keep moving. Click To Tweet

The following quote from neurologist David Perlmutter

“Aerobic exercise has been shown to reverse memory decline in the elderly and increase growth of new brain cells in the brain’s memory center.”

This is good news, not just for seniors but also the 40 plus who are experiencing subtle signs of brain decline.  There are supplements and Medium-chain triglycerides, for example, coconut oil, that also aids in brain energy and growth.

Stretching exercises have their benefit but for a brain boost, the advantage is in aerobic types of exercise. Maybe walking or bopping to an aerobic DVD or dancing to a beat, just keep on moving. Let’s move-it every day for a biological younger brain.

The Harvard report suggested walking to raise a light sweat for half an hour most days.  Or for 1 hour twice a week.

That would be supplemented with general moving, using stairs, shopping, house cleaning etc.

A New Study

The beginnings of a new study reported Feb. 2016

“We found a direct correlation in our study between poor fitness and brain volume decades later, which indicates accelerated brain ageing,” said lead researcher Dr Nicole Spartano, of the Boston University School of Medicine.”  (Source

The concern is that there may be a link between a small brain and dementia.  (This study is a part of the Framingham Heart Study)

Encouragement for the Blogger’s Lifestyle

For some encouragement to keep up your routine join Sue in her Facebook group,  couchpotatotofabfit 

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

In the first link below you will find a test for your brain, go ahead and try it, it’s fun.

Do you feel you do enough exercise to keep those brain cells healthy?

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