Love Link Parties – How to Benefit

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This is how to get the best out of Link Parties

How many do you do?  Yes, we are talking about Link parties.Link parties

I recently read of a blogger who did 100 link parties a week – that is a lot of work. It that floats your boat, good, go for it and enjoy.

Getting the best out of link parties

Each blogger will have different goals, and so they will have varying reasons to join link parties.  I am going to talk generally about what will help the majority of bloggers.

Reasons to join a link party

Link parties are pure gold for new bloggers.  They are ideal for experienced bloggers and everyone in between.

It gives them a platform to try out their posts, their writing skills.

We are always learning to be better communicators – link parties are a non-threatening medium to test your skills. Take note of how people react to your writing.  You can tell if your message is getting through. Do readers identify and appreciate your writing?  Are readers left a little confused?  Are they ignoring your post? Learning what works and what is not so well received.Link PartiesThick skin (1)

The diligent blogger will take notice of these things and work on expanding their skills and improve their presentations.

To get the best out of this process put your armour on ‘thick skin’ ‘big girl pants’ you know what I mean.

Now step back, stand outside your post,  be like a blogger looking for a good post to read.  If you saw your post in a party would you be attracted to click on it? When it is open, does it interest you enough to read most of it? Would you appreciate it enough to write a comment that adds value to it?

Dear blogger, we don’t get to the top of the class in one leap it takes time to stop and evaluate. Is the subject relevant/not relevant? Does your writing and communication need to improve? Is the general presentation appealing? Graphics might need to improve, the size and choice of fonts are so important for easy reading. Is there enough white space?  Etcetera.

For those willing to listen and learn all of this can be yours by entering your posts into link parties.

Link Parties for Friendships and networking

Now that you have tweaked your posts enough to be clicked on and read, it is the time to form friendships. Link parties are a breeding ground for friendships. Even introverts, who make up a large percentage of the blogging world can make friends at link parties.

I have such fond memories of the first party that I hosted. The Blog Booster Party. I was the only host with a comfortable number of around 70 bloggers each week. We became like family, the friendships that I formed there are still among my most treasured friends. I think we became a little too comfortable and needed to stretch and reach out more to learn from a wider field.

At this time, I co-hosted the Home Matters Party. An excellent example of a quality party. I learned so much from Lorelai, observing her care and discipline in the administration of that party.

Seeing the benefits of expanding, the Blog Booster Party morphed into The Blogger’s Pit Stop with three experienced bloggers as co-hosts.  The dictionary tells us that a Pit Stop is a place for a short stop on a journey for servicing, refueling, to get refreshments, use the restroom. From this analogy, you can see what we are trying to achieve as a link party.

Link parties for networking
Let’s connect

This is where we learn and improve as hosts, to make link parties a place for you to come and to make friends and form networks, working together and helping each other. Promoting each other.

Blogging is such a multi-faceted skill that we need each other as we skill up. Link parties are the ideal place to find the right people who can boost us along our journey. If you have been around bloggers for a while, you will know that it is not just our blogs and skills that grow, we grow in our personal lives too.

Meet Sue, she had retired and was feeling very lost, then she found purpose blogging and helping others through midlife.

Meet Leanne, who was struggling with most aspects of her daily life until she started a blog. The world of ‘blog’ opened up a before unknown sphere of friends, input, and motivation she could not have imagined. Leanne found the courage to break free of unhealthy bondage that had stifled her. Her writing and fresh attitude now inspire us all.

Make the most of Link Parties by making friends and networking together.

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Link Parties for finding new information, recipes, crafts

Often Pinterest is the place to go for some of these things.  More often than not you will find some wonderful surprises looking through Link Parties.  One click and all the information is at your fingertips.  Scrumptious recipes, intriguing crafts, how to – anything from blogging to self-defence.

Link Parties for valuable backlinks

Backlinks are the superfood for blogs.

There are three ways to get backlinks from a party.

1.One of the best ways to get backlinks is if your post is chosen to be featured. Features give a backlink from all of the hosts websites to yours. This can be seriously good Google juice. (Note: If they use Inlinkz to show the features then you will get zero Google Juice).

2.  Your post in the Link Party gets a lot of exposure. It may be read by someone who has an interest in your subject matter and they will put a link from their site to yours so their readers can read your post. This is another dose of superfood for your blog.

3.  The third way to get a backlink is to write a good comment on a post. This is not as strong as the first two, and it depends on the owner of the post setting their comments to DoFollow.

How to choose a Link Party

Many link parties are niche specific – only post within that niche.

Most link parties are general with family-friendly categories accepted.

Numbers alone, are not an indication of a good Link Party.  Entering a Link Party does not give you a backlink, so no advantage there. Your post could get lost in the sheer number of other posts.

Check your analytics to see if entering this party was worth the effort. Don’t judge by one week, enter the same party for a couple of weeks before you make a decision.  Getting no readers or comments or social media action from your post would indicate that a different party may be more beneficial for you.

Do the hosts interact with the posts?  If they show interest in the party then chances are that it is a good one.

I would want to see that I regularly get at least one comment or social share to make it worth my effort of joining a link party.

For those new to link parties here is a Tutorial on how to join in with your post.

How many link parties is enough?

In the beginning, especially if you are a new blogger, go to lots of parties. Get to know how they work, give your new posts plenty of exposure.  As you build up your blog, you will get very busy and it may be time to cut back and concentrate on fewer parties that give a good return.

If you want interaction, then you must also interact with others.  The habit of drop a post and run to the next party is a fruitless time waster for you and the hosts.  Learn the principal that it is better to give than to receive. The other side is that if you give you are more likely to receive.

Link parties promoting each other

This is how we promote each other at Link Parties

and this is how to get the best out of Link Parties

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How many do you do?

Do you find link parties to be profitable?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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