Making Bulletproof Coffee |Affogato

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Making Bulletproof Coffee | Affogato

Two tutorials to make two awesome types of coffee. Making bulletproof coffee and affogato.

Follow along and be an expert coffee maker.

  1. Bulletproof Coffee     2. Affogato Coffee

What better way for the lifestyle blogger to start the morning!

Coffee Espresso Please Making Bulletproof Coffee | Affogato

  1. My method of making coffee Bulletproof 

– taken from the original Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee for two

Coffee B esp
1. Double shot espresso

What you will need

Coffee press, Coffee machine, drip filter or whatever is your favorite method to process beans.

Organic coffee beans, the coffee machine does a fresh grind of the beans right before the coffee flows.

Mixing jug and stick blender

1 tablespoon of organic, grassfed, unsalted butter.

For those who like their coffee hot, boil some water and heat the cups and the jug before you start.






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Method Making Bulletproof Coffee

1.Make two double shot espresso coffees. This will make two cups of bulletproof coffee.

Making Bulletproof Coffee with butter
2. Add the butter

2.  Pour the espresso coffee into a jug.

Add a tablespoon of organic, grassfed, unsalted butter.

Coffee Making Bulletproof Coffee mixing
3. Blending the hot coffe with the butter

3.  Using a stick blender, blend at high speed for 10 seconds.

I have made Bulletproof coffee in a jug type blender. The result is the same with extra clean up. The stick blender is a lot easier.

Coffee Making Bulletproof Coffee creamy top

Notice the nice frothy creamer on the top of the coffee.  Add more butter if you want it creamier.

To kick-start your metabolism add 1 tablespoon of MTC oil. It has no flavor. Some add coconut oil, but it will alter the coffee taste.

This is the way to start the day very well.  Bulletproof coffee is  very satisfying and you may find that you are not so hungry during the morning. You really need to try this coffee to appreciate how good it tastes.

You really need to try this coffee to appreciate how good it tastes. Two tutorials -two coffees Click To Tweet

Making Bulletproof Coffee Quote


2. Affogato Coffee

You will need some ice cream for this coffee.

The coffee for when you want an amazing treat. It is a coffee and a treat all in one.

I wrote about our budget Affogato at MacDonald’s, having a treat when we are out and about.

This is having a treat at home.  Some restaurants have affogato on their dessert menu, so impress your dinner guests with affogato coffee.

1.Start with a double shot espresso coffee. Adjust the amount of water in the espresso according to your taste. Most would have it with very little water and just have a short shot.

Double shot coffee for Affogato
Double shot of coffee for Affogato
ice cream for affogato
Ice cream in the glass cup
Pouring the coffee onto the ice cream
Pouring the coffee onto the ice cream

Place a scoop of ice cream into the coffee cups.




Now pour the espresso over the ice cream.

Affogato ready to enjoy
Affogato ready to enjoy

Below is an alternative method, start with the espresso in the cup have the ice cream on the side. Then add the ice cream to the coffee.

Espresso and ice cream on the side
Espresso and ice cream on the side

Making Bulletproof  Coffee or Affogato, two coffees that will meet your coffee needs. Sit back and enjoy. Follow the tutorial to become coffee making experts. I think we could impress George Clooney.

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