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NIUME Explained – Get Paid to Blog 59

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NIUME Explained –

Get paid to blog and posting your posts!

Niume explained get paid to blog


Niume explained – What is Niume?

It is a collaborative site where you can share new or older posts to a ready-made audience. The post has to contain a minimum of one graphic and 5 lines of text. It may contain links to your website or other websites, but not directly to selling or affiliate content.

As with all new platforms, you need to learn how to use it. Niume quickly becomes familiar and the finer points are learned as you go along.

Niume is two years old, it is growing by hundreds every day. From August 1st, 2016 they started paying their contributors.  The first payments went out in September. They pay out after $10 is earned.  Money is earned by others viewing your content. 1000 views = $1.00 for you.  As an example of views, I joined on 9th October and in 4 days I received 351 views of my three posts.

When you join you make $1.00 and the person who referred you also makes $1.00


UPDATE: as this post is my observations of Niume and some folks have asked for an update, I will do that. I have been posting for two weeks now, with about 12 posts. I have had over 1750 views, plus comments and shares. I have gained status, I am making new friends and starting to get  a little blog traffic. So overall I am very happy, it is a little addictive and I like to make money while I am having fun. It takes about 1/8 of the time to write a Niume post than what it takes me on my blog.

If you just want to check Niume out it will be best to use my link so that you get the $1 if you decide to join.  Just going there you will collect a cookie, then if you want to join and use the link it will not register ie they only recognize the first cookie and if you don’t have a referrer, neither get paid.



Niume has 20 broad spheres (categories). On joining you are asked to pick at least three or choose as many as you can provide a post in.


There are ways to gain status within each category that you post in. It helps to be active, keep posting and commenting on others posts. ‘Like’ others, Like is called Hype and is a thumb up or down, this is anonymous to keep the review honest.   When status is gained, it is shown by a number between 1 and 50. Example – In my first few days I gained status 3 in Literature. So now if I give a thumb up (Hype) to another post the receiver will gain three hypes and not just one.


The Niume staff pick posts to be featured. As a result featured posts get more views and the ‘featured’ contributor’s profile and all their posts will get a gold badge for one week. Then everyone can tell that this is a ‘featured’ contributor.


It is the number of views or reads that you get paid for. A view means that you click on the post and open it up, this is important.  It is possible to give a post a thumb up without opening the post.


Get recognition and be paid for your efforts.

I am happy with the results, there is more action for my posts here than I can get nearly anywhere else.

The posts in Niume that I have read are of good quality, even the short ones.

Get exposure to a new audience and meet new friends.

Contributors do not have to have a blog or website.

If your original posts on your website are longer, you may be able to break some posts into two posts to put onto Niume.  Also, you can change the titles or some of the content.

From within Niume you can share on your social media.  I notice when I tweet my posts from within Niume, that Niume staff always retweet it, giving more exposure.

It is simple to write new posts that only require one graphic and five lines of text.

Old sleepy posts wake up and work again and earn a little $.


Some are concerned that if their content is duplicated it may lose Google power. Others say that Google is smart enough to know who owns the original. You will have to weigh that one up for yourself.

Niume are not good at answering queries.

It is too early to know if any of this activity will translate into blog traffic.

Could it be a scam?

I don’t think it is a scam. I recently joined another similar site called Empowr. Within 48 hours of joining I realized it was a scam and left. They found ways to charge you advertising costs that used up everything and more than you earned.

As Niume has only been paying out since the middle of September 2016, it was hard to find review information.  I messaged one of the Niume contributors who had posted 457 posts and asked if he had in fact been paid from Niume. This is the reply.

Denis Font

Hi Kathleen, yes a lot of people got paid last month including me. It’s been an update to the platform that was introduced recently and I think it’s a great way to reward the community.”

I am thinking the worst thing that can happen is that they will go ‘bust’. If we have had payments then we are still better off.

Niume explained – submitting posts

After signing up and connected to where your payments will go, you can now submit a post.

Content guidelines.

  • Your post must be relevant to the sphere you are posting it in
  • It should have a minimum of 5 lines of text.
  • It should contain at least one form of media (image or video).
  • Your post should not be of a commercial nature (i.e: asking our users to buy or use a product or service)
  • If the content you are posting isn’t yours make sure to add a reference to the original source.
  • Your post shouldn’t be of a derogatory or offensive nature, or contain nudity.
  • Your post must be in English.
  • No blogspam: When reposting from other blogs try to copy the entire content. You should quote your sources but click baits are not allowed.



The reddish circle with the graph in it is where you click to go to your Dashboard, it will show earned payments along with with your stats on the number of pages viewed and the number of hypes (likes). The number seen below beside my name is the hypes. Spheres are listed in the line underneath. To join extra spheres – click on the sphere you want, a page will come up, put your email in and click subscribe. Now you can post to that sphere.

Create a Post

Niume Explained

Click on the blue tab in the upper right of your pages to create a post.

To put a graphic across the top of the post click on the circle at the right with the mountain in the middle.

Click on Title – Write your title.

Click on Spheres and make your choice. Note if you want to add a Sphere click on your choice on the Niume pages header.

Pressing enter on your keyboard will bring up options to write or add a photo etc.

Type your post or use copy and paste.

To make a sub-heading – select the words and an option bar will drop down.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on SUBMIT.

This information will get you started. Niume will send you emails with links to their blog with helpful tips and updates.


My affiliate link, I really appreciate you using it.  You will earn $1 and so will I.

Note: Don’t go there and check it out and then use my link. If you do neither of us will receive a $1, because when you are checking it out you will pick up a cookie. Use my link to check it out, that does not mean you have to join. You are not joined until you submit your first post.

After you join, let me know so that I can support your posts and subscribe to you in Niume.

All members are given affiliate codes to use.

If you get stuck or have other questions, after reading Niume Explained, feel free to ask questions in the comment form below.

Niume is not always easy to find what you are looking for, so here are some useful links.

FAQ and Help

5 Ways to Reach Your First 1000 Readers

8 Niume Features You May Not Have Known Existed

Niume Blog & Support

On the right side of the header for ‘Niume Blog and Support’, there is a place to send a message. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a quick answer.

Post update: I am now seeing some traffic to my website from NIUME.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –


Here are links to my later updates

Are you making money on Niume?

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Niume going from Strength to strength

Niume going from Strength to strength

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59 thoughts on “NIUME Explained – Get Paid to Blog

  • Susan

    Thanks for sharing this information, Kathleen. I have heard about Niume, but also wondered about whether it was just another scam. Now I’ll go look at it again.

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Hi Andrea, thanks so much for using the link. You are not fully registered until you do your first post. When you do that, could you let me know if you get your $1. I did not when I started, I think I did things a bit out of order. I am wondering about a private Fb group where we post when we have posted in Niume and we can all go and support each other.
      All the best,

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Hi Gail, thanks for asking. The one graphic and 5 lines of text is a minimum requirement, so that is easy. To put your post text in Niume it is done by copy and paste, an icon is used to browse for your graphics, as many as you need. I trust that answers your question, feel free to get back if you have more questions.

      All the best Gail,

  • Reuven

    This is another great post, Kathleen. Thanks so much for sharing your impressions of Niume and giving step by step details on how to post. I just recently joined Niume and subscribed right now to following your posts there, too.

    I have a couple of questions: 1) You mention reposting from others’ blogs. Could you elaborate on how you would share someone else’s blog post on Niume? I’d be very interested in doing so to support other bloggers from whom I’ve benefited. 2) On your Niume posts, I’ve noticed a pin-it button in the bottom right of the images. Is this something that Niume automatically adds?

    Again, thank you for sharing such helpful content. I’m learning so much from you!

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Thanks for the subscription Reuven and will return the favor. The mention of posting from other’s blogs is in the Niume guidelines. Copyright guidelines only allow excerpts that give credit to the original writer. For me, if one wants to copy a large portion of another person’s post, they should seek permission first. Some think it is OK to take a photo and give credit is fine. It is not. Permission needs to be asked for. LOL I have a post and a large PDF on this subject. Back to Niume, I think they put the Pinterest icon there.

      If you are going to use Niume then we need to support each other’s posts. I will see how this progresses, I have thought of a Fbook group where we can let each other know about new posts and support each other. My feed is already getting crowded and it is easy to miss my friends posts.
      I hope that helps a little.

      • Reuven

        Kathleen, I will very happily support your posts on Niume. It’ll be just a small demonstration of my gratitude for all I’m learning from you and for all of the wonderful comments I receive when I link up at #BloggersPitStop.

        I think it would be wonderful for you to create and host a dedicated Facebook group for Niume. As soon as I created my Niume profile, I checked Facebook for appropriate groups to join but there really isn’t much there. I think your group would fill a tremendous void and perhaps it could be run with additional admins, much like you have additional hosts for your linky party. I’ve been moderating a large Facebook group for about a month now and would be more than happy to volunteer to help out in way that you feel would be beneficial. I think the group would be a tremendous resource for bloggers and your linky party would provide great exposure for drumming up interest in joining and participating.

        Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, I wish you a wonderful week.

  • Katrin

    Thank you for this info, I had no idea this existed. I will have to check it out, getting paid for content always sounds good, doesn’t it?

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Hi Katrin, thanks for your comments. It has been interesting learning about Niume, I am up to 600 views in just over a week. That should improve as I gain status. If you join through my link, please let me know if you get the $1.


  • Deebak

    Hello Kathleen, this article on niume is really good. I didn’t heard about niume before, it is very much interesting for me and helpful too. thanks for great information.

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      That is good Michele. I am still finding my way around. I think commenting and hyping others must build your status and then they show your posts more.


    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      If you do give it a go Charlotte and use my link, let me know if you get your $1. They will automatically give you a link for your friends to join through to make you more $1’s.
      I am up to around 600 views and that should increase as I gain status.

  • Wendy

    Again, Kathleen, thanks so much for the information! I did sign up last week with your referral link and have almost 400 views. I haven’t received the $1 yet – I hope you got credited for my signup? If you decide on a Niume FB group, let me know. 🙂 (‘Cause you know we’ve got time to add one more thing, haha!!) I have to go to your profile to see your posts (all my subscriptions, actually); they aren’t showing in my newsfeed.

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Hi Debbie, If you check it out go there through my link or else neither of us get the $1 because you will already have a cookie on you. To use the link does not mean you have to join. Niume does take time, like everything it becomes easier as you get to know it.

      It is sort of exciting to see your views and status go up, I have been there 11 days now and my posts have had 811 views, this should increase as I gain status. I am starting to make some new friends. I think shorter posts often do better, it is so easy to make up a post just using part of an old post, maybe a new heading or emphasis.


    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Thanks Mary, so far I am loving it. I think some of the attraction is seeing some reward for what we do and not having to do much to find a large audience. I am planning on doing an update soon.


    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Thanks Nicole, I am loving it so far. It could be seeing reward for my work. My dashboard shows the number of people reading my posts and then the amount I am earning is updated according to those views. I love not having to work so hard to get an audience. I am still learning and will do an update on my experience soon.

  • Helen

    Hi Kathleen, I am using Niume and have been copying some of my blog posts there. I am not so worried about making money, but I hope to drive some traffic to my blog. I don’t seem to have received any referrals from Niume so far, but I am glad my blog posts are getting read in Niume and I am getting subscribers. I am, however, concerned about the duplicate content affecting my SEO, but I can’t seem to find any further information about this. If you ever do find out more, I hope you can update the post with this info. Thanks, Helen

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Thanks for your helpful comments Helen. I am loving Niume more and more. I am getting a trickle of traffic to my blog. Concerning duplicate content, I try and make some changes to my posts when I put them on Niume, although not every time. I sometimes just put a part of the post on and then refer to my blog. To do this properly the content on the Niume post has to be enough to add value, it needs to be a stand-alone post but there is more info on my blog to add more value.


  • GiGi Eats

    Interesting concept. I feel like I have seen sites like this but I find extras to be very time-consuming in this already rather “time consuming” world – ha ha! That being said, I guess I will just check it out to see what’s up! Ha!

  • dgkaye

    I enjoy that site Kathleen. I wish I had more time to spend there, but I make it a point to drop by a few times a week and shall be adding more posts. 🙂 I do have to say though, they are terrible at replying to messages. There is no support. 🙁

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      I am loving Niume, the more I use it Debby. They are getting stricter on copyright issues, which is good to hear. You are right about the support. There are two ways to contact them. One is the message button on their posts, this does NOT work if you want attention to an issue. The second is by email this is where you are more likely to get attention. Do keep adding posts when you can.

  • Julie Syl Kalungi

    Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks for sharing your experience of Niume. I have seen the name in a cope of places and never thought twice about it. I see you are happy with your results thus far and that is the whole point right! Congrats on being featured at the Pit stop! 🙂
    Julie Syl

  • Katie Jenkins

    Definitely pinned this gem of info! You have explained Niume so well. And hey, a dollar is a dollar! It all spends. I am planning on setting up my profile by the end of this weekend. I mean, the posting process doesn’t seem like more than I can handle! It’d be silly NOT to!

    Im super excited to hear about you starting to see some Niume traffic on your blog! Blog traffic would be one of many things I’d love to see as a result of posting on Niume. Making some blogging buddies would be another bonus!

    Kathleen, I want to apologize for not acknowledging that my blog post was most clicked last week!!! I hadn’t visited my blog in a while so I didn’t know I had received that honor. I am so, so very sorry! My health has been on the fritz for the past few months, so some days, I just can’t seem to do much.

    On top of that, for some poopy reason, I no longer get notified via email when receiving a comment. That combined with my issue from a couple months ago– the comment category on my WP dashboard displayed zero new comments pending (when I actually had quite a few!), I, for sure, need to figure out what’s going on in the comment department!!!

    Thank you so much for everything Kathleen! I always appreciate you putting your time and energy toward the Blogger’s Pit Stop. And thank you for all your effort in making all of us bloggers feel special. Not just anyone possesses such an awesome quality☺️

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Thanks for your kind comments Katie. I don’t know if you have seen but I did another update in this week’s Blogger’s Pit Stop.
      I just love Niume, I like the new lot of friends that I am making. I have set up a small Fb Niume group who support each other. I would have to say that the traffic to my site is a constant trickle, not huge. I don’t always link to my site from my Niume posts. I love to see the instant rewards and gaining status as I go. Let me know if you get up and going.

      I am so sorry that your health has not been too good. I hope you are getting help and feeling better.


    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      That is lovely, Oriel. I am so glad that you let me know about you joining Niume. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I will be watching out for your posts.

      Kind regards,

  • Treathyl Fox

    Very good explanation. Recently started posting at Niume. I like the way you say wake up your old sleepy postd and share them again. Never thought of it that way. I’ve got lots of “sleepy posts”. Publishing at Niume is easy. It’s a plus that the community is encouraging too! There is a very active group on Facebook called the “Niume Writers Community”. Consider it an extra layer of support. It has been very helpful. Your post has been very helpful. Thank you. 🙂
    Treathyl Fox recently posted…Niume Promises to Help You Promote Your BlogMy Profile

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