Niume Update get paid for your posts

Niume Update – Get Paid for Your Posts 24

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Niume Update –

Get Paid for Your Posts – My Niume update and tips

Niume is a blogger and writers collaboration platform. The audience is ready-made, all in one place. Submit your posts, share them on social media right from your post, very quick and easy.  When members and visitors read your posts, Niume now pays you. Niume has over 1 million visitors a month.

Niume Update get paid for your posts

I have now been a member of Niume for one month.

Is Niume paying as promised?

What everyone is interested in, do they pay as promised?  Yesterday was their second pay day, and all who reached a minimum of $10 did get paid. Two of my new Niume friends said that they received over $30.00 each. That sounds good to me.

Before you go off to check it out, you need to go there with a referral link.

Using a referral link does not mean that you have to join. You are not a member until you do some profile and make your first post. If you do decide to join you will get $1.00 If you use my link, I will get $1.00 To go there without a link, you will not get the $1.00   I would appreciate you using my link.

Niume update

Do I enjoy Niume?  I absolutely love it. There is a large international community of the nicest friendliest people. Honestly, Niume has revitalized my passion for blogging. I had been feeling a bit stale and starting to question if this is what I really wanted.  Then along came Niume.

What is it that makes me like Niume so much?

Maybe it brings the kid out in me; I like seeing the instant reward for my hard work and I find it a little addictive.  The dashboard shows how many have read your post, comments, and hypes (likes). How much money those views are making you. For your full up to date statistics click on PAYMENT HISTORY (upper left).

Niume has made its second payment to all members who qualified with a minimum of ten dollars in earnings. Click To Tweet

Ready-made audience

Most times, as soon as I publish a post, there is someone already viewing it. I don’t have to hunt them down to come and view my post because they are all there. On the whole, they are an entirely different audience from those in my blogging world. In fact, if I see someone from my blogging world, I get excited and want to view and promote their posts.

Niume Facebook group

This is the best large facebook group I have ever joined. All friendly and supportive.

One of the founders sometimes drops in and gives some tips to help people.

The quality of Niume posts is very good. Sometimes others will gently let a writer know if they need to lift their game and do better.  There is a big push to make sure images are all given attribution, they don’t like copyright issues. I have only heard of one spammer in Niume, and as soon as the founder heard about it, he checked the post and then banned the person from posting in Niume.

Once you get the hang of how Niume works, it’s super easy to use.

My theory to get ahead in Niume is to be patient. Share posts as often as you can, make them meaningful and interesting. As always good images (at least one) is important.

Join as many spheres (broad categories) as you like, but for now, concentrate on just three or four.  As you share in these spheres, you gain views for which you get paid. Also, you gain hypes (likes) the  hypes give you status.  As status grows your posts will be shown more often, resulting in more paid views.

This is why I say, be patient and take the time to gain status.

In my one month as a member, I have submitted 21 posts and have received 6500 views.

My Tips for writing Niume posts

When writing a post in Niume it takes me about an 1/8th of the time that I would spend writing a post on my blog. For my blog, I have a long checklist of all the things I need to check and do before I publish.

As an example, this morning I was reading a link I had followed from Facebook, and I immediately thought, that would make a wonderful post in Niume. I wrote the post, set up a photo shoot, processed the photo, placed it in the post. I checked for the usual things like spelling and grammar, read it over, and clicked SUBMIT. That took 30-40 minutes. After submitting, Niume prompts you with the social media icons to share the post without going to the social media sites. This post was not a topic that I would share on my blog, but I can share it in Niume.


  • Make your posts interesting with a full story. Example: some were writing about a recipe and saying go to my website for the ingredients and method. Don’t do this. Make your post a stand alone post, you are getting paid for views so make it worth reading. You can then link to your website for more recipes, or you can put a link to other recipes you have on Niume.
  • Yes, you can copy posts from your blog. I like to make some changes and it is usually a little shorter than on my blog. I may use a different heading. Still keep SEO in mind.
  • Five lines of text are the minimum. You will want to give your readers more than five lines. The posts with the least text are usually ones related to photography where the graphic does a lot of the talking.
  • To edit a published post. Go to the post and on the upper right corner you will see the round gear icon. Click on edit, make your changes, go right to the bottom of the page and click Update.
  • Post graphics – there is a place for a wide narrow header graphic – click the symbol on the right.  In the body of the post, landscape orientation fits the best. The first graphic in your post is the one that will be used to promote your post, not the header graphic.

I have learned a lot more tips but this is getting too long, so I will get back with more tips and  a Niume update.

I am happy to try and answer any questions that you may have.

 When you go to check out Niume I would love you to use my link,  you do not have to join.

All members are given an affiliate link.


Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

Enjoy these interesting posts

Niume Explained

My original post and observations on Niume


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24 thoughts on “Niume Update – Get Paid for Your Posts

  • Barbara Radisavljevic

    I’m also enjoying Niume very much. I’m glad to see your progress report and also to know that people are being paid as promised. I still think we’re seeing too many instances of using the work of others without permission. Attribution still doesn’t constitute permission from the author or photographer to use their work. I’m hoping that the fact this is behavior is currently being rewarded with hypes and shares won’t bring the site down in Google. Some people don’t seem to care that they are only supposed to reblog their own work.
    Barbara Radisavljevic recently posted…Grief, Bullies, and Theodore RooseveltMy Profile

  • Amanda Nel

    Hi Kathleen, I joined Niume earlier this week, unfortunately through another link. I had no clue what to do, so you have given me the tools today! I am hoping this platform will do wonders and to get paid on top of that is a blessing! Thank you for always providing something useful.

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      Amanda, I am pleased that you got some help from my post. I will be posting more tips, in the mean time if I can help you let me know. I will be watching out for your Niume posts.

      Bloggers Pit Stop

  • Donna Parker

    This is the second thing I’ve read on this and this time, I’m writing down the name because clearly the first time I forgot (sigh). Thank you, Kathleen, this may even have been the same post, either way, wrote it down. Dropped by from #BloggersPitStop and always, always glad I did. Hope this weekend treats you kindly. 🙂

  • Reuven

    Kathleen, I’m so glad I read your post on Niume. I very excitedly joined a couple of weeks ago and then found myself stumped, trying to find enough time between working, family and blogging to write yet another post every week. As a result, I haven’t yet shared a single post on the platform. Reading your update reminded me that I could repurpose and quickly rework already existing blog posts to add to Niume.

    Additionally, I realize I can also add value to readers by writing a short post, recommending something I read on someone else’s blog and linking to that article. Not everything has to lead back to my own site.

    Thanks so much, Kathleen. I always learn something valuable when I read one of your posts and love participating in your #BloggersPitStop blog party.

    • Kathleen (Owner) Post author

      It does take time, it is not a social media site, I thought it was, sort of, but when I get traffic through to my blog, Google does not include it with social media. I think I love it because the audience is there. E.g. today I put my Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe on my blog and on several linkups etc.that all takes time. So far I have had one comment.

      A couple of hours later I put it on Niume, already it has had 557 views (that I get paid for) 53 likes that give me status. The Niume staff have just told me that they have featured my post. It gets a gold badge of approval and I get to wear a gold badge for a week (lol) if it glitters it has to be good. I know which one gives me the most satisfaction. It takes a fraction of the time to put a post on, either a new on or a version of a post from your blog.

      Do get back if you want to ask more questions.

  • Julie Syl Kalungi

    Niume sounds like its got you good Kathleen ant that’s awesome. I like Passion and I love it when one of my blogger friends is getting traffic. Esp New Visitors! I wish you every success on Niume and I would love for you to earn a regular income monthly from posting on there. Keep rocking!

  • Victor

    Hello, I joined Niume like 2 weeks and a half ago. Late Saturday entered to check the website but a message appeared that my account was banned. I contacted the support team asking for a concrete why they banned my account but they haven’t respond yet.
    I post quality posts from my personal Blogspot account (I write in Spanish and I translated them on Niume) the pictures I used are taken with my phone and I edit them. So, I don’t know why they banned me.
    So far I was there it was a great platform but I feel they banned me because I was seeing good progress there and meeting people around the world.