NoFollow DoFollow links -Sink-Swim

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Google will penalize you if you don’t get this right.  NoFollow DoFollow links -sink or swim. To sink means that Google either removes you or drops you down in searches, affecting the numbers of potential readers to your blog.

NoFollow DoFollow links -Sink or Swim

NoFollow DoFollow links -Sink or Swim - Bloggers get this right!

Let’s try and keep it practical with applications that will turn on some lights to make your blog better.  If you already know this stuff, stick around, you are sure to pick up a crumb or two. The previous post was on Internal links  while do and no follow links are usually incoming or outgoing.

To prevent you going crazy reading this I am going to make the word dofollow greensee green it is dofollow.

The word nofollow will be orange – see orange it is nofollow.

You would have heard lots of chat about ‘nofollow‘ and ‘dofollow‘ links and you are probably still wondering what it is all about.

NoFollow DoFollow links - Bloggers get this right! Links made practical - learn how Click To Tweet

This is how I work with – rel”nofollow”

Basically, all sponsored or affiliate links and banners in the sidebar.

1.  I put nofollow links on all paid or affiliate links that I could get finance from

Reason: Websites sometimes pay for links to help get them [**Google juice] to make them higher in the search engine searches. Google sees this as cheating, so I don’t want to look like I am being paid to have these affiliate links on my site.  I am letting Mr Google and others know that the link juice stops right here, I am not passing on any Google juice. The link juice stops here because I added rel”nofollow” to the code. The search engine robot spiders will not follow this link.

2.  I make a rule that any external links in my sidebar are nofollow links

Reasons: For example:  When I make a banner for The Bloggers Pit Stop, it will have a nofollow link. To protect you and me.

If it was a dofollow link and a blogger put it in their sidebar that would make every page on their website link a dofollow to my site. Making it look very unnatural to have one website linking with a dofollow link to my site with 500+ links.

Check the banners you use, they should be nofollow.  (Unless they are pointing to your site. That is, the banner on your site is directing traffic to your site making it an internal link). If a banner in your sidebar was a dofollow link it would send out a link from every page you have, to another site, because sidebars attach to every page.  Also, you do not want one site sending a dofollow link from every page on their site to your website.  Check your banners.

3. What about party and link ups?

The only platform that I have experience with is Inlinkz.  All of your submitted posts are nofollow links.

Reason:  They have to be nofollow so that the sites that host the parties do not look like link farms. That would be detrimental to the host and to anyone who submitted a post to the party.

What about Features on the party?

I can only talk for The Blogger’s Pit Stop.  When I make a FEATURE of your post it will have a dofollow link going out from all hosts ie. Pit Stop Crew’s sites pointing to the featured site.  If that is your post getting featured then you are getting good Google juice flowing to your site. Don’t take these FEATURES lightly, they are doing you an honor and adding value to your post and your website.  Yesterday, This is How we Roll Thursday party honored me by featuring my last post on linking Internal Links. I feel very fortunate to be featured on their sites.

What about comments?

Why do we make comments on other sites? You have to answer that one. I sometimes make comments to be polite or because I want to join the conversation. I think I can add value with my comment. I want to encourage the blogger.  I do prefer to comment on sites that have their comments set to dofollow.  If I can get a little Google juice back for my effort of adding value to their site, it seems reasonable.

I see nofollow on some very large sites that get hundreds of comments on each post.  I get the feeling that the site owner has not got good spam control or they are a little unfriendly and don’t want to share their juice, I know some feel it dilutes their SEO. It is up to the individual. Even smaller sites I see make their comments nofollow, that is their choice.  Myself, unless I find a good reason to change, I like to be generous to my commenters. Good commenting takes effort so if I can give back a little, I will.

How to make a link a nofollow link

A link will be a dofollow unless you or someone makes it a nofollow link.

I love IHerb and I am an affiliate with them because they are so efficient, generous and stock quality health products. I don’t want Google thinking they pay me for having their ads on my website so I a make sure that my links to them are nofollow.IHerb Boron Review

In text or html view a link will look something like this.

<a href=”″ target=”_blank”  rel=”nofollow”><img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-5870″ src=”” alt=”Iherb $5 off” width=”558″ height=”239″ /></a>

Code needs to be exact, it is safer to copy the code rather than write it yourself, paste it into the code.  I usually put the rel”nofollow” right after the word blank (as above). Leave one space and then put it in.

Caution: I am not a code expert, but as soon as I publish this page (it could be just my font) the speaking marks ” will become curled instead of straight. For code, they need to be straight. To make a little code like rel”nofollow” – go into your code page you will soon see some of these marks. Copy and paste the straight ones into the code you are making. For a code that you use often, I paste it into a handy document so that I can grab it when I need it.

A quick tip for you: It can be daunting to go to the code page and look for a particular link. Here is how to find it. On the visual page,  you can see your link. Just before the link write something like 22222 just as a marker. Go back to the code page and you will locate it easily with your marker. Don’t forget to remove the marker when you are done.


Yes, there are several plugins that will do this for you. It is so important to get this right, I prefer to do it manually and then I know it is done how I want it. Once you understand the principles of when to use it, it is not difficult at all.

I did a trial on the plugin called Ultimate Nofollow it was one of the few that had been recently updated. I used it on a difficult code, that I was not sure where to place my nofollow.  The plugin showed me so I learned from the plugin where to place it.  This is also a good way to make a good copy of the rel”nofollow” code.  I have now deactivated the plugin as it sometimes had a mind of its own and wanted to make every link nofollow. I just feel it is safer to manually place and check when I want a nofollow link.

Blogger: Has a checkbox to make a post nofollow.

Are you concerned?

If you are concerned that your blog is losing traction, Kissmetrics has a post detailing 50 reasons you may be getting a penalty, including NoFollow and DoFollow links.

How do you check another sites links?

Do a search for ‘how to check dofollow and nofollow links’ and you will find browser add-ons that will show all the links on your posts and on the pages that you visit.  You may get some surprises.

  • Take some time to absorb this and get it right. Write down a list for yourself as a reminder when to do a nofollow on your website.  Basically, it will be all sponsored or affiliate links and banners in the sidebar.
  • Make a sample rel”nofollow” and have it ready to use when you are writing posts.
  • Check banners
  • Check the links in your sidebars
  • Add a link checker to your browser

Are you going to sink or swim? NoFollow DoFollow links

Here is a short video from Matt Cutts – head of Webspam at Google –

**Google juice is a colloquial term for the value sent to and from hyperlinks that may influence your search engine optimization.

I know this can be heavy, I have tried to make it simple and practical for the blogger.  Do feel free to ask questions if you are not clear and I will try and find you answers.

In the next post I cover reciprocal links and the important anchor text, and a general round up of blog links that boost your reach.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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