Opportunity is Waiting for You(2)

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Opportunity is Waiting for You(2)

Do you write posts on Blogging or Personal Finance or General Health?

Opportunity is waiting for you

I am looking for bloggers with drive and enthusiasm. You must have the heart to help others. If so, an opportunity is waiting for you(2), could be just what you are looking for to help expand your current reach.

The other requirement is that your Alexa Ranking is somewhere around 500,000 or below, the lower, the better.  Read more on Alexa Ranking here.

This is not just an opportunity to help others, it is an awesome avenue that will reap rewards for yourself and your Blog.

The Blogger’s Pit Stop is looking for Pit Stop Crew members to host the Blogger’s Pit Stop on their site.

The Blogger's Pit StopCrew members have the option to produce their own newsletter when the Blogger’s Pit Stop goes LIVE. The letter then encourages their followers to access the Pit Stop through their site – bringing the traffic straight to them.

Your posts can get priority in the Linky – that means weekly links on all the other Crew members sites along with your social media connections.

Some of your ‘evergreen’ posts could go into our Resources page and be available 24/7 for bloggers to access.

A great opportunity to get exposure to a range of bloggers that you may not otherwise meet and benefit by growing your own social media.

The Blogger’s Pit Stop is still developing, and this is your chance to get in while growth is taking place.

If you are interested please leave a comment or question below.

Do you write posts on Blogging or Personal Finance or General Health topics, an opportunity here Click To Tweet

If you decide that you want to take this expansion offer, I look forward to hearing from you. Opportunity is waiting for you(2)


The Blogger’s Pit Stop is LIVE Thur from 9 pm ET(US Thur) 12md(AUS Friday) and Closes 3 am Monday ET(US) 6 pm(AUS)

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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