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Pinterest Group Boards |Want More Traffic

Pinterest is renown for its ability to generate traffic for the user.  It is quite amazing how much traffic can come from your pins especially from your Pinterest group boards.

Pinterest Group Boards TrafficIf you have some boards of your own and not many followers, then your traffic is not going to be huge. Your pins may be well designed, and the descriptions are good. You value other people’s pins, and you pin them to your boards. Now take a look through your boards.  How many pins have been re-pinned? Probably not too many?

Some Pinners are very content to have many many boards and thousands of pins. They don’t have a blog or a website. They thoroughly enjoy going around collecting the best pins and putting them into categories.  If you go to their well-organized boards and re-pin a few pins, you kind of get the feeling that you are stealing from them. These people are happy pin gatherers, that is all cool, but this post is not for them.

This post is for those of us who have a blog or a website; we are purposeful with a message or a product or service or who just want to share and interact with other people. We want to see our audience grow; we would like to add value to their lives, their journey. We like also to learn from them and share interaction on this level.

If you are not getting traffic, then you are not being effective in realizing your goals.

What are Pinterest Group Boards and How do they Generate Traffic?

A Group Board is where two or more people have the authority to pin to that board.


Say you have 100 followers that may or may not be interested in your pins. You get a few more viewers if they did a search and found your board. Or Pinterest may very kindly advertise one of your boards or one of your pins. This could bring a few more re-pinners your way.

What if you could also pin your pins to a bigger Board run by three Pinners, and each of them have 100 followers. Your pin would now be exposed to 300 or more viewers. If one of them, pins your pin to their board, it is now exposed to more viewers. And so the life of that pin goes on, and you are the one getting the most benefit from it.

What if you were invited to pin on a board that had 100 Pinners with the authority to pin on it, and each of them had 100 followers – Are you starting to get the picture?  Can you see the potential traffic that you could get from a group board?

The biggest group board that I have has 2260+ who have the authority to pin. This board is quite good, but it is not as good as another of my Group Boards that has only 700+ who can pin on it.

Not all Boards are equal.

Pinterest Group Boards How to pick Pinterest Group Boards that you would like to join

Obviously, it will be in your niche. No good putting your lovely cookies on an IT board.

Take a look at the pins already on the Group Board. Are they getting re-pinned?  Look at the lower left side of the pin to see the number of re-pins. Or click on the pin and when it enlarges you will see the number of re-pins at the top right side.

Some Group Boards get a huge amount of pinning onto the board but very few re-pins.  I don’t know why that happens, but it is probably not a board that you want with your boards.  If Pinterest(The Company) like popular pins and you have a whole board of unpopular pins, it is not going to do much for you.

Choose a Group Board that has re-pins of between  2-20 re-pins on most of the pins.  You want a board that has re-pinning action.

Finding Group Boards

If you search, you will find Directories of Pinterest Group Boards

I prefer to find the boards of someone’s blog that I like, and then go through their Pinterest boards to see which group boards they belong to. You will know it is a group board by the little double avatar on the top right side of the board.

How to get an invite to Pinterest Group Boards

This is the tricky bit. You find a board and would love to be able to pin onto it, but you need the owner to give you an invite.

Once in a while, a Group Board invite is offered to you, especially newer boards. If it is in your niche, then take the invitation. Hopefully, it will develop into a good active board. If not, some would say to delete the board.

Look at the top of the Group Board. You will see the name of the board and a description. If the owner wants new contributors, they may ask you to email and request an invite. This is a good start.

  • You will have to follow the Group Board. It may be a good idea to follow all of the owners boards. If there are some boards that you don’t like you can unfollow them later.
  • Write to the said email.  Put the board name in the subject line. Trying to get their attention here.
  • Politely request an invite to their great Board (name)
  • You may add how you could contribute to it because of your experience or interest/expertise in the subject, etc.
  • You must state the email address of yours, which Pinterest use, this is very important. It is a good idea to make sure that you are emailing from that address also.
  • Leave your Pinterest URL. Get that from your page and copy it from the browser and paste it into the email.  They may want to see if your pins are suitable.

Other Pinterest Group Boards will state that if you want an invite, then leave a message on one of the recent pins.  Your message would include most of the above, and of course, everyone can see it. So, when it comes to your Pinterest email address, be sure to put it so that spiders or email farmers cannot automatically pick it up and spam you.  Put something like kathleen (at) gmail.(com)

With all of that done, you can expect that about one in ten will get back to you with an invite.  It is a lot of work, but in the long run, those that you do get an invite from will make it worthwhile.

If the owner sends you an invitation, you will get the invitation at the top right of your Pinterest page under messages, and you can click on Accept. Then that Group Board is added to your boards, and you can pin on it. (You will usually receive an email too).

Pinning requirements from the owner of Pinterest Group Boards

Most Pinterest Group Boards have regulations of how many pins a day you can pin. Nobody likes spamming. Some boards stipulate that you must not pin the same pin twice.  Some don’t mind a repeat if you have a couple of weeks between them. A lot will depend on how quick and active the board is.  If after several days, you see one of your pins that have not been re-pinned, delete it and put it on again, it will now be at the top of the page.

Another tip in finding who owns Pinterest Group Boards. The owner of the board will always be the first little round photo on the top left of the board. Click on it to be taken to all of the owners boards where you may find their website listed.  If you do, you can try contacting them with your request for an invite through their contact page. It is a good idea to subscribe to their site as well.  If you get ignored, and you don’t want the subscription you can unsubscribe. Don’t let them upset your lifestyle. Keep your eye on your goals and keep going.

Here is an easy way to get an invite

One of my group boards called Blog Booster Board is the board where party goers can pin their pins The Blogger’s Pit Stop is where we hang out.  This is the party where we try and help each other, we give each other a boost in the time spent on each others sites, and also in the number of pages visited.Pinterest Group Boards

Bloggers who go to the Blogger’s Pit Stop or to The Pinterest Party can ask for an invite to pin on this board.

This is your invitation to these events.  You will then be able to request an invite to this Pinterest Group Board, and I will answer you.

How easy is that!

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