Pinterest Pins |Problem Solving

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Pinterest Pins |Problem Solving Tutorial

By far the most pinned Pinterest pins are in Portrait view and not in Landscape view. For optimal advantage the width should be around 735 pixels wide and at least 1000 high.

Nearly every photo that I take is in the ‘landscape’ view.  For me when I use ‘portrait’ it is fine for taking portraits of people but I find when I take photos of articles or food photos, the part that I want is at the bottom of the photo and what is at the top is a distraction.

Pinterest Pin Problem solving

Pinterest Pins |Problem Solving Tutorial

Here is a photo for my gluten free recipe of the most delicious Tiramisu.  I want to make this landscape photo into a long portrait pin to pin to my Pinterest board as well as to other group boards that I have access to.

Tiramisu - landscape


As you can see when I have cropped the photo to come down to focus on the dessert, it is landscape orientated. This is not ideal for a Pinterest Pin.

How I solve this problem – designing my Pinterest Pins. I use Canva to create my pins.  If you need a photo they have lots of free images and also many that can be purchased for $1.00  I usually pay $10 and they give me 11 photos. If I use a $1.00 photo it calculates this as I download my finished creation.  The only reason I say Canva is that I use it and I am happy with the results. Other programs may be just as good.

I will walk through what I do.


Pinterest Pins |Problem Solving Tutorial
Canva choosing your canvas size

This is the front page where you select your canvas size.

Click on Custom Dimensions W 750 X 1200  I usually make it a bit longer and if need be I will crop it later.

Click on Design – you will be taken to a new page with your blank canvas.

 A new page with your blank canvas.
A new page with your blank canvas.

On the left, click on Upload and then you will see the large green bar called Upload click on that to find the photo you want to upload. Or if you need an image, type in what you would like and search. Canva images are $1 each or free.

Select your image and drag it onto the blank canvas. You can change the position as you design.

Download image for Pinterest pin
Select a background

On the left, click on Background. Now I want to choose a background that will compliment my photo. The top background choices are free and if you place the mouse over the others the $1 sign will come up.

Selecting a background
A free white background

I try a white textured background, I can see that does not do a lot for the Tiramisu.  Then I change it for a grey texture but I want to make it dark brown like chocolate.  Just click on the round color swatch, then click on the + and you can try out different colors for the background.

Changing color

See the slider under the color circle, slide this to increase the depth of color.

Choosing a darker background

I am thinking that the dark brown brings out the photo of the Tiramisu. It gives the pin a bit of pop. Anything that matches chocolate has to be good.

Pinterest Pin - selecting the text type
Selecting the text type

On the left, click on Text. You can now drag (Or double click) over the size that you want to use. When it is selected you can change the position of the text. Click outside the canvas to deselect an item.   The top selection if for Headlines. The next is more general and then there is a smaller one. I tend to just use the Headline and the next size down.   Change the Font or the Font size.

Tutorial-How I solve the problem with 'Landscape view' photos- designing my Pinterest Pins Click To Tweet

I am learning to make better descriptions for my Pinterest pins because it makes a huge difference to the re-pinning numbers.

It is a good practice to have 2 or at the most 3 fonts that you use when designing your Pinterest pins.  By using much the same style of pin each time, and as your pins become more popular, you will be recognized for ‘your style’.

Don’t forget to put your brand name on pins and photos. Use the transparency slider so that it does not intrude or distract from your pretty pin.

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Above are three ideas to make your Pinterest pins into the popular Portrait view.



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