Pinterest Shock

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Pinterest Shock

Pinterest Shock

This information, Pinterest Shock, will be a help for your Personal Boards as well as Group Boards.

When I first started on Pinterest, I read what others were advising, it seemed like the main thing was just to keep pinning.

My initial learning advice

1. To keep one board, usually the first board for your own generated pins.

2. The rest of the boards should consist of about 80% other people’s pins. The advice was to pin even 100-150 pins a day.

3. The other advice was to get on as many group boards as possible.

I am not saying that the above is not good advice. I just wondered if there were alternative methods to get ahead.

Number one. For me, I do keep the first Board for my pins. I like being able to see at a glance what I have to share.

Number two. I like pinning other people’s pins; I like that it is a help to them. What I can’t do is pin 100-150 pins a day. I will only re-pin pins that I think are good and valuable information.

Number three. I did manage to get on some Group Boards, that was not as easy as it sounds. But I soon noticed that not all Group Boards are equal. Some Boards I get awesome traffic from, and others I can put the same pins on them and they just sit there. Other boards are very busy being pinned to, but very little re-pinning is going on.

Then I came across this post by Sarah Titus called  9 Reasons You Should Be Deleting Your Pins. Well that sounds a little controversial. It sounds like Pinterest Shock to me.  I highly recommend that you read this post. The comments under it make interesting reading too.

I will highlight a couple of the points from this post as I want to apply them to our Group Blog Booster Party Board.

Pinterest likes popular pins

Sarah’s point that Pinterest want popular pins. That makes sense. Why wouldn’t they? They are in the very competitive business of social media. Of course, they want your pins to be popular.

When you look at your boards objectively, what do you see? How many times has each pin been re-pinned? When you look at your boards, do you see a board that other people love to re-pin from? Does your Board make your pins look popular? Would Pinterest want to advertise your Board?

When I look at my Boards, I see lots of pins that I have re-pinned but have never been pinned again. Some may have one or two re-pins. When I look at them objectively, it is not pretty. By pretty I mean they don’t look popular.

Sarah says we should not waste our readers time looking at uninteresting pins. Readers want to see the best most interesting pins. When you see a pin with 30-50+ re-pins you can be sure it is popular and interesting.

Pinterest shock -Deleting pins

This is when Sarah starts deleting pins. You should read her account of deleting pins for yourself.

I have started deleting pins from my Boards that have no re-pins. To be honest, it hurt to delete them. But in another way it felt good to remove what was bogging me down to look unpopular. I have a long way to go, but I am deleting the ones with no re-pins. I am also deleting most of those with only one re-pin.

On Group Boards, I look back at what I have pinned in the past, and if it has had no re-pins, I delete it. I take a look at the pin to see if I could improve it or change the wording to make it more appealing. Then I re-pin it on the same Board; it is now up where more people are likely to see it. Deleting old pins takes care of the fact that some Group Boards state that you cannot pin a pin more than once.

Our Group Blog Booster Board

The whole idea of Fridays Blogger’s Pit Stop and the Group – Blog Booster Board is to help bloggers achieve their blogging goals and dreams. That is why I say this party is for those who want to get ahead, at the same time they also need to be willing to help other bloggers.

[Tweet “This party is for those who want to get ahead, and be willing to help other bloggers “]

Making our Group Board look and be popular

To be included in having the authority to post on the Group Board you just have to contribute to Fridays Blog Booster Party or The Pinterest Game twice, then you can ask for an invitation to the Board.

The following is what will make this Board a traffic magnet –

Pinterest shock -traffic
Traffic magnet

1. Post onto the Group Board regularly – when you have a good post, put it on the Board.

2. After you pin, try and re-pin at least three other pins from this Group Board to other Boards on which you have access. Or write a meaningful comment on someone’s pin.

3. After about two weeks if those pins you re-pinned to your Boards have not been re-pinned by others, then at your discretion delete them.

4. Before you re-pin any pins, click on ‘read it’ to make sure that you land on the page featured on the pin. It would be nice if you then practiced leaving the site from another page. Or it is OK to leave via an ad that you want to check.

Concerning making sure that the pin connects to the right page,

I have had Pinterest contact me and say that they have removed a pin from my Board. It was a beautiful flower; I had not gone to the site to check the source. Pinterest did, and removed my flower. Some pins can take you to not very nice sites, and you do not want those connections for your readers.

5. For Pinterest, try and make your pins longer than they are wide.

I have a tutorial on a method to achieve this when using landscape photos or graphics. Pinterest Pins |Problem Solving.

6. If the pins you put on our Group Board have had no re-pins after one or two weeks, please remove them. See if they need improving and then re-pin them on our Board. Your pins will now be at the top and more likely to get re-pinned.

Weekly Tips

Let’s work together to make a traffic magnet out of Blog Booster Board

Sarah says after she ‘cleaned’ her boards she started getting higher re-pin numbers. She also went to having 100-200 new followers a day.

Sarah says that she re-pins about 20 of her pins and 20 of other people pins each day.

Here is a quick way to do your daily re-pins of other people’s pins –

The Pinterest Game:

The Pinterest GameThis is where you can pin up to three of your pin URL’s.  Each week three (3) pins are randomly chosen to be winners. These three winning Pins are FEATURED the next week where everyone has to re-pin your pins.

Not only could you win, but here in the game is a collection of beautiful pins that you can re-pin to help your daily quota of re-pinning. This is awesome, it is like the pins come to you without you having to search for pins to re-pin.

The game opens Thursdays 9pm ET(US) We would love to see your Pins.

Pinterest Shock

Yes, deleting pins is only logical when you look at the big picture. When you delete a pin that has not been re-pinned, you can re-pin it to the same board.  It is now in a better position to be noticed.

Remember to achieve your blogging goals and dreams takes a synergistic approach. There is no one silver bullet that will make it happen. It is following and doing many things that work together to make it happen. Even one viral post only gives a temporary boost if it is not followed up with other awesome content.

You make pins, and you submit posts to parties – Do what it takes to get the most benefit out of your effort.

Does that make sense?

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