Plain Jane – not fancy or glamorous

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As in life, nature also has some ‘Plain Janes.’

Walking up one of my favorite roads I use for exercise I was appreciating the beauty around me. (It helps to take my mind off the effort of the exercise.)This area is like a rain forest, lots of tall green trees reaching for the sky. Adding to that there are magnificent flower trees that take turns to bloom and make picturesque streetscapes.

There is one tree that I had been watching it was laden with buds, I was so curious as to what beauty these buds would turn into. I kept waiting to see them develop.

In the meantime, I took this photo last week, we had passed the tree while driving, it did not seem too far so I walked back with my camera. Four and a half kilometers later I had my photo.

Jacaranda trees are not a Plain Jane, they are showy and delightful.

Jacaranda not a Plain Jane - As in life, nature also has some 'Plain Janes.'
Jacaranda not a Plain Jane

Then this beauty, originally from Madagascar, is definitely not a plain Jane.

Pointsiana originally from Madagascar - not a plain Jane

A closer look at the Poinciana

Closer poinsiana no plain Jane

As far as beauty goes, we can’t leave out the hibiscus or the ever magnificent rose.


Here are two more lovelies that take my mind off the mountain that seems to get steeper every time I walk it.

Two flowers


The tree heavy with buds I had been watching finally revealed its flower.

Plain Jane – not fancy or glamorous

The big reveal was disappointing, hardly noticeable pale green flowers. I called it Plain Jane.

Plain Jane - As in life, nature also has some 'Plain Janes.'

There it is, not fancy or glamorous, a scrawny tree among the other rich colorful trees, we may not miss it if it was not there. Yet when you look at it, it does have a beauty of its own, a lovely part of creation. An important part of the ecology, a role to play.  I am thankful for the shade this Plain Jane tree gives me. It is the one spot that I stop and catch my breath for a couple of minutes on my way up this demanding road.

The Plain Jane tree made me think how nature so often copies life.

I am not sure how many of us would class ourselves as ‘Plain Janes.’  Some of us are not considered among the charismatic outgoing attractive people. The ones that get the attention.

Don’t let lack of attention depress you. You are not alone, probably if we took a survey, the greater number would feel that they are plain Janes. However, we are all unique and made with a purpose.

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The media seems to value some types over others, that does not make their evaluation a true fact.

Like my ‘Plain Jane’ tree, we are all of great value.

I will leave you with this inspiring video

This song is based on a verse in Matthew 10

I hope you find some joy in my photos and in plain Janes 🙂

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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