Poinciana a Beautiful Gift from Madagascar

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Sometimes called a flame tree, the common name is Poinciana or Royal Poinciana, a beautiful gift from Madagascar.  For this post from Blogger’s Lifestyle, I have my photographers cap on to join the many photographic bloggers.


Poinciana a Beautiful Gift from Madagascar

These beautiful trees are from Madagascar’s  west and northern areas of the dry forest. In the wild, they are considered endangered but are prevalent in many urban areas of the world. The trees have spread throughout the world’s tropical and subtropical areas.

The leaves are lacy or fern-like with clusters of red flowers often described as being flamboyant. They have different names in different countries.

“The town of Peñuelas, Puerto Rico, located about 12 miles or 19 kilometers west of Ponce, is nicknamed “El Valle de los Flamboyanes” (“The Valley of the Poinciana Trees“), as many flamboyant trees are found along the surrounding Río Guayanes, Río Macana, and Río Tallaboa Rivers.”  Source Wikipedia

Poinciana a Beautiful Gift from Madagascar red flowers

Where I live (Australia) in the sub-tropics, the streets are often lined with these flowering trees that spread out like an umbrella, making them wider than their height. They offer refreshing dense shade.

Street lined Poinciana a Beautiful Gift from Madagascar A lovely view framed with red poinciana trees.

As the flowers begin to drop they make a lovely red carpet.

Poinciana flowers

India Poinciana
The photo on the left is courtesy of Wikipedia is a bonnet macaque eating and enjoying the flowers. This is in Southern India.

Vietnam’s, Hai Phong city is nicknamed “Thành phố hoa phượng đỏ” (“City of red poinciana”) Wikipedia

I hope you enjoy these photos and information on the Royal Poinciana tree with the flamboyant red flowers, a gift from Madagascar.

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