Post Links that Boost Your Reach

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Post links that boost your reach

Post Links that Boost Your Reach

These are happy links – they work for you

Using internal links to reach your goals –

Internal links lay the foundation for your posts to be found, read and to be promoted by search engines. They are post links that boost your reach.

They provide the pathways for search engine spiders to run through your posts to find out what they are about.  They make it easy for your readers to explore your pages.

When readers go exploring and reading you get happy analytics.  You are sending the message that this reader is having a good experience.  Good visitor experiences make search engines happy.

Post links that boost your reach Internal pathways

Using DoFollow Links to reach your goals-

They are post links that boost your reach

DoFollow links take readers to information on other websites that complements the information on your site.  You are adding value for your readers; they can follow this link for extra input.

DoFollow links in your comment section show you as generous. You appreciate readers time spent commenting on your post, and you want to on pass some ‘Google juice’ to them.

NoFollow links in the right places keep your site safe from penalties. When your site is not penalized, it is free to do well to show your content in searches for your readers to find. NoFollow links do not carry ‘Google juice’. Take a refresher on DoFollow and NoFollow links.

Using Social Media Links

They definitely are post links that boost your reach

You put links to your social media sites to make it easy and convenient for readers to promote and share your content. Put them in convenient places and make them large enough to be seen. Think about the mobile phone users with small screens trying to find your links. Make sure your links do not cover your content.  Try and get them to open in a new page and check that they do connect to your social media sites.

Check Your Shareaholic Twitter Handle

For those using Shareaholic – please check that your Twitter handle is linked.  I see about 60% of posts using Shareaholic without the owners twitter handle.  Check yours now.  Here is a very short tutorial on how to include your twitter handle.

Click to Tweet –  there are many different kinds of plugins that tweet.  It is so easy to make the links and to use them. The reader can Tweet and share your content without leaving your page.  After making your text for click to tweet, go into Preview mode and test that the Tweet is the right size.  The reader does not want to have to work at deleting words to get your tweet down to size.

Post links that boost your reach are happy links. Learn about them here. Click To Tweet

Reciprocal Links

I was asked to mention Reciprocal Links.   Reciprocal Links are when (I link to you and you link to me) As in website ‘A’ links to website ‘B’.  In return website ‘B’ links back to website ‘A’.   This is a reciprocal link the reader can then go from one site to the other via this link.

When I first owned web sites around 2003, the big thing was reciprocal linking.  Our websites had hundreds of them. We had software that made it quick and easy to do these links. We would put our URL on as many Directories as possible.  One of my websites had its pages ranked as PR4 which I felt was quite impressive. Because of the changes regarding reciprocal linking, the site has lost all that ranking. Not everyone realises that reciprocal linking has changed.

Reciprocal Links Today

These sort of links are no longer sought after, in fact, they can be dangerous.  This is taken from Moz. Tom Roberts CEO & Head of Digital Marketing at So What? Media

‘ I’d never go too crazy with reciprocal links and I’d only ever keep it to websites who are related to, have preferably worked or collaborated with you on a project.‘ 

The caution is only to link to sites that are relevant to your niche and that you have a close working relationship with. Even then do not have too many of them.

Backlinks are big players in reaching your goal

Backlinks definitely are post links that boost your reach

Backlinks are links connecting to your site from other sites.  Backlinks are very important because search engines see them as a vote of confidence in your site. Here is a glossary definition of backlinks.  There is much written about backlinks which I will not go into here.  Suffice to say backlinks are very important and the higher the quality of those backlinks the better it is for your site.

Quality backlinks place your website higher in the search engine searches that bring readers to you blog.

By way of example, if your post is featured in the Blogger’s Pit Stop it will give you a backlink from all of the hosts websites. It is DoFollow backlinks that carry the ‘Google juice’.

Google juice is a colloquial term for the value sent to or from links that may influence your search engine optimization.

“Links improve your visibility, increase your reputation, place you in front of new audiences, and increase your name recognition and branding power.” (Source:

I am sure none of you associate with bad spammy sites – this word of caution is that links from spammy sites can hurt you. If the link comes from a site that you would not be comfortable on, it probably is not a good backlink.

Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are the highlighted clickable words that hyperlink those words to other content or another site.

When you make a link you use an Anchor Text. Some techies make a science out of anchor texts, we won’t go there.  An in-depth guide to anchor texts can be found here.

In a nutshell, make your Anchor Texts look natural.  Mix it up and use a variety of methods.  If you hyperlink the words ‘click here’ make sure the keywords are right next to ‘click here’.  Don’t always use the full URL name as the Anchor. Use descriptive text like the one above. Mix it up and make it look natural.  It is a bit useless to link to a person’s first name if there is no keyword next to it, it is just a waste.

On images, the alt text is your anchor text.

Be careful especially when you are doing tutorials like crafts and recipes, that you vary the alt text. Do not put the same alt text on all the images on the post as it will make your link profile spammy.

Google and other search engines build a link profile of your site. They can see if your links are popular.  They can then see if they look artificial or look like spam.

Quality links of any sort are happy links that will boost your reach.

If you have questions that come out of this – post links that boost your reach, please ask and I will search out an answer for you.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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