Probiotic Ice Cream

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Probiotic Ice Cream

Probiotic Yogurt raspberry ice cream - made with goat's milk yogurt

The probiotic ice cream is made from homemade goat’s milk yogurt. The recipe could be made with your favorite plain yogurt.

It is the a most refreshing ice cream with no mucous after effects.  On a hot day, our probiotic ice cream is just the best for cooling down and enjoying a low carbohydrate dessert. Of course, it is also Gluten free and grain free and GMO free.

Ingredients for probiotic ice cream

Icecream ing

  • 3.5 cups of goats milk yogurt
  • 250g frozen berries (or fresh strawberries) I find that frozen strawberries are too watery when they are thawed.
  • Sweeten to taste, I use a combination of Stevia and Zero, both natural sweeteners.

Method for probiotic ice cream

Probiotic Ice cream blender

This is so easy, just add yogurt, berries and sweetener to a blender and blend.

Ice cream trays for probiotic yogurt ice cream

Leave the probiotic ice-cream out of the freezer for 10 minutes before serving to bring it to a nice consistency of frozen.  For variety, you could return it to the blender to make a soft serve probiotic ice cream.

If you are not familiar with the natural sweetener Zero, there is a review of it here – Zero

probiotic ice cream

All ready to cool you down and make your tummy happy – probiotic ice cream

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