Review of Jewelry Styles on the Red Carpet – Oscars 2018

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It has been four years since I have written a post on jewelry at the Oscars. So here we go with a review of Jewelry Styles on the Red Carpet – Oscars 2018.

Security must have been high with millions of dollars worth of jewelry being worn. Allison Janney’s diamond choker, bracelet and solitaire round earrings were worth $4 million.

I like to watch the beauties of the red carpet to see the jewelry styles, we can learn a lot about style. Not many of us will afford the precious metals and stones that they wore but we can always find a look-alike for a few dollars.

Review of Jewelry Styles on the Red Carpet – Oscars 2018 replacement jewelry

For $15.00 I would be happy to wear this in place of Gal Gadot’s (Wonder Woman)  necklace with over 1000 diamonds.

Review of Jewelry Styles on the Red Carpet – Oscars 2018

This is a survey of 30 of the high profile attendees reviewing earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

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Earrings – I did not see any celebrities without earrings. Of those surveyed six wore stud earrings albeit diamonds.  Four earrings had a short drop, two, were ear cuffs. Only one wore large hoop earrings, some years ago hoop earrings were much more popular. The remainder of the earrings were longer drops, some making quite a statement.

I have a little phobia about seeing the pierce hole in the earlobe (sorry, I don’t know why it bothers me.) I am happy to report that all of the pierced holes on the red carpet were covered with diamonds. At 80 years old, Jane Fonda looked absolutely awesome. A short drop earring from a stud covering the piercing was her only jewelry.  The piercing can permanently stretch when middle-aged and older women wear very heavy earrings.



Bracelets were quite popular with about half of the celebrities wearing them. Although expensive, most were quite modest statements.



Necklaces – around 50% wore necklaces. Some chokers, some longer, Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman wore a necklace with over 1000 diamonds.

Singer, Andra Day wearing jewelry worth over 5 million dollars topped the jewelry stakes. This included necklace – a chocker with a longer string of diamonds, short drop earrings, and several rings. I am sure she needed a security escort to visit the bathroom.

Helen Mirren, always fun and elegant sipped tequila from a shot glass as she walked the red carpet. Her sapphire and diamond necklace and earrings worth $3.8 million.

I will settle for this lovely set $15.00 Review of Jewelry Styles on the Red Carpet – Oscars 2018 look alike jewelry.


We won’t leave the men out who all looked so handsome in their fine suits, Sam Rockwell whose Oscar was for the best supporting actor – wore gold cufflinks valued at $5,500.


With all of this beauty and glam on the red carpet, it is interesting that the UK Telegraph wrote an article stating

“Why the over 50s were the real beauty stars of the Oscars 2018”

Very encouraging for all of us who are over fifty 🙂

We don’t need diamonds to make us sparkle when we are generous with our SMILE.


Review of Jewelry Styles on the Red Carpet – Oscars 2018

Here is a link to see some of this Oscars Jewelry

(Copyright restraints prevent me from showing photos of the Oscars Jewelry.)


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