Superfood for Blogs

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Superfood for Blogs

What is superfood – for blogs? You guessed it, Superfood for blogs is Google Juice. This is health food for blogs.

Google juice is a colloquial term for the value sent to or from links that may influence your search engine optimization.

Superfood for Blogs


Why do we want to influence search engine optimization?  Search engines bring us new readers. It can be hard work going out and finding new readers all the time.

By setting up your internal links and laying a foundation, then getting backlinks with Google juice, you will automatically get new readers, they come to you.

It may sound like it is all too hard and you don’t want to take the time to be bothered about search engines.

The thing is – if you get into the habit of optimizing for search engines whenever you do a new post, it is not overwhelming.

What is overwhelming, is ignoring it, knowing you should take the time to understand it but you keep putting it off. It is like the proverbial elephant in the room that weighs on your mind and unconsciously causes you stress.

I do understand that social bloggers are happy with writing for their friends and they are not interested in expanding. I love that they enjoy their style of blogging.

Readers are what makes the blogosphere go round. Without them we die, that is our blogs die. They would shrivel up and starve to death.


Bring on the superfood for blogs

Superfood for blogsWhere can I get this superfood? How do I get Google juice?


A major part of it is backlinks.  Backlinks are the links that come to your website from another website.  We talked before about DoFollow and NoFollow links, backlinks can be either.

The backlinks that have Google juice are DoFollow links.  The other links have none.

It is said that we should have a balance of dofollow and nofollow links to make sure it looks natural.

Those links all come from a hyperlink, like the colored text above.  The wording of those hyperlinks should also be varied, but relate to your keywords, to make them look natural.

How to check what Backlinks you have

If you want to check your own backlinks get a free demo account of SEO Profiler.  This is by Yoast; I am not sure if you need to be using their plugin or not. The free account only lets you see your backlinks.

My blog/website is 4 months old and my backlink profile is not very pretty.  SEO profiler gives a percentage mark to the influence of your links and the influence of the backlinks coming into your site.



Balance Link profile (1)

I have 9,228 links coming into my site. That sounds impressive after 4 months of work, until I look further and see that 91.8% of those links are NoFollow Links.  That means these links carry no Google Juice, no nutrition for my site at all.  This is a huge imbalance of links.




What can a blogger do to get out of this rut?

I work very hard trying to build content that adds value for my readers.  I could say that trying to optimize is just too hard, I can continue doing what I am doing until I burn out and give up.

OR I can take this and ‘look it in the eye’ and learn more about getting quality backlinks. Another thing about SEO Profiler is all the good articles on their site. Go and learn what you can or wait for me to learn and write a post on it 🙂

How to get Superfood for Blogs – quality backlinks

To be honest, it is not easy. Here are the three easiest ways.

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a great way if you can be posted on a site more influential than your own. My post on Living Well Spending Less gave me a backlink with a 94% influence. They were generous to leave this as a DoFollow link, so it had Google Juice Superfood on it.

I had another feature on a site that was way bigger. They gave me a link that was a NoFollowno helpful influence at all 0%.

Guest posting is a lot of work, it may pay to inquire if they give DoFollow links in your author bio.

For those starting out in Guest Posting, our friend from Debbie in Shape has some excellent posts to learn from.

2. Commenting

Commenting used to be a good way to get backlinks.  More and more bloggers have their comments set to NoFollow which means you get absolutely no value from the backlink.  I use a plugin called Cleantalk, I have no problem with spam. Spam is the main reason that bloggers would put NoFollow on their comments.  Some would say that it does not stop spammers as they don’t stop and see what type of links you have before they spam.  For the big websites, I know that even nice bloggers will go there to make a comment just to get a good backlink.

My thoughts are that NoFollow links are stifling the Internet. We are being starved of this Superfood for blogs.

It does not hurt to use DoFollow and to pass on some Google juice to others.

3. Link Parties

One of the best ways to get DoFollow links is to go to parties where they use DoFollow links for the FEATURES.

Write good quality posts that add value to the reader in an effort to be chosen as a FEATURE and you will get backlinks from each hosts website.

You do need to check them to maximize your efforts.  I will put in a plug for our Blogger’s Pit Stop – we use DoFollow on all FEATURES.

I intentionally leave all my comments as DoFollow.

How to check the links on your own or others websites

There are two very lightweight addons one for Firefox  and one for Chrome  there is a note on Chrome regarding using it on Safari.

Superfood for Blogs


With your own health, it takes time and good habits to build your lifestyle – then you reap the benefits and quality of life.

The same with blogging, build good habits into each post that will make your blog searchable. Seek out DoFollow backlinks that will put you in the searches that millions search for every day.  It is these good habits that will result in new readers that come to you.

DoFollow links = pass on Superfood to grow your blog.

NoFollow links = pass on nothing no credit.

Note that NoFollow links can still be clicked on to take you to where they are pointing, it is just that they do not pass on any credit to you.

These good habits that will result in new readers that come to you. Click To Tweet

I do hope that this has shown you the benefits of seeking out DoFollow backlinks that highlight your blog and increase your reputation.

Don’t stress over this, just try and develop good habits as you write your posts. Be looking for opportunities to get DoFollow backlinks.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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