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Social Media, as you would know, is huge, vital, essential, confusing and often overwhelming. So many social media platforms. Is it best to join as many as possible? Should I concentrate on just a few? How important are graphics? How much time should I allocate for Social Media? Should I spend from my blogging budget to promote my Blog or Products on Social Media? How do I track my Social Media Analytics? What are the best tools to streamline my Social Media platforms? Where can I go to find answers to all of these questions?

Social Media |All the Helps are Here

Social Media |All the Helps are Here

You will find your Social Media answers on these awesome sites

A review of three important Social Media information and strategy sites by outstanding entrepreneurs.

1. Socially Sorted by Donna Moritz

donna Social Media
(Photo used with permission)

Socially Sorted is the most amazing site, well it is made amazing by Donna Moritz.

I don’t just say that because she comes from the fabulous Sunshine Coast, where I also hang out.

I have been following her for a few months now, and she would have to be the most generous person on the Internet. For example, she has FREE four video training series

How to Create Visual Content that Gets Shared and Drives Traffic

Sign up for her Insider NewsLetter and you will nearly always find free and helpful practical information that she is giving away. She believes in adding value, and that is what she does.

What does Socially Sorted have to offer?

  • 1. Donna will show you how to use visual content in your social media. She shares step by step actionable visuals.
  • 2. Donna generously shares the tools that she uses to make her own social media sites awesome. Many of her individual posts get shared thousands of times.
  • 3. Sign up for her Insider NewsLetter so that you don’t miss anything that she shares. Then go and read her expert blog posts. For example 9 Easy Ways to Take Your Visual Content up a Level.  As if that is not enough, inside this post you will find a link to 27 Ways to Take Your Visual Content to the Next  Level. This is also free. One of Donna’s strategies is to keep adding value. A lesson I want to learn for my own blogging.

You don’t get featured in these places unless you are adding value. Donna has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine;; Yahoo Small Business;  socialfresh; australian anthill; Forbes;; SocialMedia Examiner; MichaelHyatt.  She is a keynote speaker who inspires her audiences with visual social media strategies.

Reading Donna’s Blog is a Social Media gold mine of nuggets just waiting for you to pick them up. Donna has training courses too.

2. RazorSocial founder Ian Cleary

On RazorSocial Ian Cleary has brought together the most useful social media helps, tools and information that will set you in the right direction for success. It does not take long to realize that Ian Cleary is a genuine bloke who wants to help you achieve better results and be more productive using Social Media.

Social Media |All the Helps are Here
(Photo used with Permission)

Some of his helps include –

  • 1. If you are not sure what tools to use to achieve your goals. Try a search through the Social Media Tools Directory. There is even a Form where you can ask a question.
  • 2. Free Marketing Guides and Videos
  • 3. All the helps to understand analytics.  For Example The Ultimate Guide to Google Webmaster Tools; or Website analysis, 7 Questions that need answers today; SEO helps.

This is the most practical and amazing site, you need to subscribe and learn from this wealth of knowledge to take your Blog and Social Media to greater efficiency.

Weekly Tips

3. Social Media Examiner – Founder Michael Stelzner

“The world’s largest online social media magazine, Social Media Examiner® helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social media, blogs and podcasts to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales.” (Source About Page)

Social Media Examiner Social Media |All the Helps are Here
(photo used with permission)

The Social Media Examiner looks at all aspects of Social Media and comments and gives helpful input how to use the platforms. You can see above, a free Marketing Industry Report. You won’t get this type of information anywhere else.

Examples of other helps available on this site –

  • 1. The Social Media Examiner has a podcast everyday on Social Media know-how.
  • 2. Informative interviews with key movers and shakers. One that stands out is an interview with Jared Easley on How to Nurture a Community on Facebook.
  • 3. You can see an article by Ana Gotter, Discover five ways to use social media to improve your search rankings. A most interesting article.

The Social Media Examiner has so much valuable information you need to sign up to it so that you don’t miss any vital information about Social Media and trends. Get your free Marketing Industry Report.

All the Helps are Here

There are other great sites, for this post I have chosen the above three.  I trust that you have an absolute feast searching through these three awesome sites.

What helpful Social Media sites do you use?

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