Socializing with Coffee on a Budget

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I may be with a friend or out with my husband, shopping and doing business in shopping malls or just strolling down the street listening to the surf rolling onto the beach . . .

Socializing with Coffee on a budget

Socializing with Coffee on a Budget

Then something happens; some little thing in the brain says ‘You need a cup of coffee’. It is just the social thing to do, sit down to a lovely cup of coffee with a slice or muffin and continue chatting and enjoying each others company.

For me to socialize with a coffee has been a pleasure that I have valued for many years. I always dreamed that one day I would live in a coffee shop precinct and be able to walk to the coffee shops without any hassle of driving and finding parks.

Well, my dream came true. I now live in a beautiful area with a dozen coffee shops to choose from.
It did not take long living in this ideal situation to realize that it was a bit dumb to go down from my apartment to buy a coffee when I could make it so much cheaper in my own kitchen. Especially as we make very good coffee.

I soon found that going out for coffee was a pleasure for when I am away from home. Even so we are on a tight budget and having coffee out whenever I am at the shopping mall is still not practical, nice as it may be.

For some reason when I drink coffee I like to have something nice to eat with it. That puts the price way up. So a coffee here costs around $4 to $4.50 AUD. That nice little something to eat costs between $5 – $8.AUD. So the bill for two of us will come to around $18 – 20 dollars or more. That is a costly habit to sustain at those prices.

There are cheaper coffee shops but as they say ‘life is too short to drink a bad coffee’.

The Answer to socializing with coffee on a budget –

One of the cheaper places to buy a cup of coffee that has fairly good quality is at McDonalds. Specifically at a McCafé where they have Barista made coffee.

To make this outing special we have an affogato coffee. Not all McCafé advertise that they make affogatos, but you can ask the Barista for one and often you may need to remind them how to make it. They seem to like the challenge to do a good coffee for you. An affogato only costs $3.50 AUD each but because they have ice cream in them there is no need to pay extra for a muffin or slice. You are getting the coffee and dessert all in one. Huge savings on having a treat.

How to make an affogato (in case you need to give the Barista a tutorial) coffee Click To Tweet

Take a glass and half fill it with soft serve ice cream

One or two shots of coffee, no extra water just the espresso

Pour the coffee over the soft serve, sprinkle with chocolate if desired.

Now you are socializing with coffee on a budget and having a real treat.

Not just at McDonalds

Of course, you can order an affogato at other restaurants, and they are still a lot more economical than buying coffee and cake. There are different ways to make them look fancy with elegant glasses and some add liqueur.

Affogato socializing with coffee on a budget

Socializing with Coffee on a budget

For the blogger’s lifestyle, I hear some bloggers write best sitting in a cafe sipping coffee.  McDonalds have free Wi-Fi too.

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