The Blogging Blues

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We all go through flat times as we live out the blogging lifestyle.  We feel like we are getting nowhere, we work so hard and it is like our wheels are spinning. We may even get little thoughts that it is just not worth it. We have a case of the blogging blues.

The Blogging Blues

Sorry, I don’t have all the answers it is just nice to recognise that we all go through this from time to time.

I thought this little article from my favorite freelance writer may help us get some perspective and inspiration going forward.

Transcending the Barriers to Speak to the Heart

Patrick Aherne

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is an Australian aboriginal singer/musician. He is from the remote region of Elcho Island off the coast of Arnhem Land in Northern Australia, about 530 km from Darwin. It is a beautiful, yet harsh unforgiving land.

Gurrumul belongs to the Yolngu people group who inhabit the region.  He was born completely blind.

As a small child, he was given an old guitar. There was no one to teach him how to hold it or how to play it. The guitar was a right handed guitar but he turned it around held it in a left handed position. This meant the strings of the instrument were upside down and that is how he learned to play it.  He still plays the guitar in this unorthodox manner how he learned it. Later he learned to play the drums and keyboard. Gurrumul never learned Brail and does not use a cane or guide dog for guidance.

He speaks very little English and much of his singing is in his native tongue. His songs relate mostly to his land, his culture and his people.

Gurrumul has received some of the most outstanding awards for his music and has sung before dignitaries such as the Queen and the Pope. His music and voice have the ability to transcend culture and language and move the emotions, even when the words are not understood. That is a unique gift.

Please take a moment and listen to a little of this song and you will see and feel this gift.


I have researched and written several articles on outstanding disabled musicians. Turlough O’Carolan, Ludwig Von Beethoven, and Django Reinhardt to name a few.  What has been consistently evident is that in spite of their disabilities and hardships, God seems to have given each one that extra measure of giftedness and grace to transcend mediocrity and soar to the heights of their field.

In all of that, it should be remembered that every one of them grasped the opportunity to cultivate their gifts and bring them to full fruition.

I am reminded of the Biblical parable of the talents. Three servants were given specific amounts of money by their master and told to put the money to work during his absence. After a lengthy period of time, the Master returned and questioned the servants.

The first two servants put the money to work and returned double the amount back to the master. They were duly rewarded for their diligence.

The third servant took the money and hid it in the ground because he feared the master. He returned what he had originally received to the master. The master was not impressed and gave his money to one of the other diligent servants who had put their money to work. He was condemned as being lazy and received no reward.


 When it comes to blogging we all have varying degrees of giftedness and in a variety of areas. The blog offers a great place to find your gift, to exercise it, to get the help you need and to challenge and sharpen what you have.

Blogging brings you into contact with folk that can potentially broaden and enlarge your own world and offers the opportunity to bless others with what you have.

Our gifts may be somewhat different to those of Gurrumul Yunupingu, but the ground rules for making the very best of what we have been given remains the same, blogger, musician, artist or writer. (Patrick)

Blogging Blues The happiest people

We all get the Blogging Blues from time to time, we help and support each other, regain our momentum and passion.  We realise that all gifts need cultivation to come to their best.  The answer to the blogging blues will be different for all of us. It could be we need to focus down a little and not be drawn into all those promising headlines, realising that they all have something to offer, but we can’t do them all.   Concentrate on what you have, and as you outgrow them, move on a little at a time.

One thing I try to do is read, watch or listen to something new each day, but only for 15 to 20 minutes.  My downfall is that I sometimes get more involved in it and end up wasting precious time.

How do you deal with the Blogging Blues?

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